Sport for fun, to train the mind and to improve every day

HOLGUÍN - "Sport educates, it disciplines and strengthens character," reads the text on the wall by the Feliu Leyva pitch in Holguín. The same words can be found in the baseball stadium, in the athletics arenas and by the boxing rings. The shape of the ball and the sports themselves don’t matter much, philosophy and the idea of sport as a tool for development and education are what count.

Despite the lack of modern facilities, sport occupies a central role in Cuban culture. It’s a form of relief but that's not all. A kind of social gel, it aids with physical and mental health. We discuss it with the coaches, parents and children who all agree with the ethos of focusing on having fun before winning.

Because of this, the final match which is usually a greatly-anticipated event takes a back seat. As Ignacio in the group for the older children tells us, the main challenge is with yourself, in every drill as you look to improve. The skill drills at different stations that he really enjoyed include individual and group work with a focus on coordination and collaboration. Inter Campus trains all of these every day but the kids are too often having too much fun to realise. Just as it should be.

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