The visit just gone provided an important chance for all local coaches to meet, many of whom came through the project themselves

DorRivaldo, Beni, Lukeni, Luis, Deyris, Carlos, Alberto, Ino, Songue and many more are the coaches and teachers who were previously Inter Campus kids before deciding to continue their journey thanks to passion and love for the project and its children.

15 Angolan coaches out of 47 grew up in the project, playing on its pitches in their tender years. Who could be better than at demonstrating the various skills, ones they once learnt themselves, to the kids from the districts of Luanda, Dondo and Calulo in Lixeira. Their guidance helps children during the difficult stages of their development as they grow up in complicated sanitary and social conditions. Rather than spending time on the road, they go to the pitches at Salesian-run schools which help create vital lifelines and improve future prospects. Football plays a massive role with the children learning basic technical skills that become part of who they are. It’s much more than a game, almost a way of providing social identity and a sense of belonging.

Inter Campus’ visit to Angola called in at all the active bases across the country, meeting all of the coaches and almost all of the 600 children. Training sessions, development courses, meetings with families and discussions allow us to always be alert to the kids’ needs and learn how to be more effective. This is how we spent the week, beginning in Sao Josè, visiting Mota and Lixeira Luandese where there was a final meeting with all of the coaches. It was a significant moment where they all had the chance to realise how their previous participation in the project is a privilege and how the project can offer continuity after the age of 14, an age when challenges become more pronounced and the work of a coach becomes a true calling. 


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