The mothers of our children at Inter Campus Bolivia are kitted out in traditional Andean attire and football boots


COCHABAMBA - With their wide colourful skirts, long black braids and unique bowler hats, these are the cholitas - a symbol of Bolivia.

Once ostracised and deemed to be socially inferior, something which has fortunately changed today, these women have successfully passed down Andean indigenous traditions. This includes wearing typical clothing from the Quechua and Aymara peoples, as well as speaking their own native tongue.

The cholitas that are part of our Inter Campus world are the mothers of our children. As like mothers all around the world, they support their children and accompany them to training sessions and matches, cheering from the stands. At times, for festive occasions, they even prepare snacks and local delicacies for everyone.

However, there is also something more to these Bolivian mothers… In fact, it was both surprising and fun to discover during our latest trip that these mothers also share the same passion as their children: Football.

Cholitas futbolistas, which was what we called them, played with the grit and determination that can be seen in these photos, making life difficult for our coaches during a practice match at the Casari Foundation. This is an experience that we’re certainly keen to repeat, so much so that we’re already planning for our next trip.

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