He calls himself 'The peacemaker': Buma Inbar has been by Inter Campus' side since 2013

‘Governments sign treaties, people make peace’. This is something that Buma Inbar, a 72-year-old Israeli of Polish origin, believes in. Together with Ghetton, he has been an active member of the Israel and Palestine Project since 2013. His role is a special one and one which he assigned to himself: ‘The peacemaker’. Since losing his son in the conflict in Lebanon in 1995, this is a mission he has fully dedicated himself to. His tragic loss led to him leaving the world of work in order to watch over the ‘groups of people involved’ – this is how he defines the two different populations that inhabit this area full of conflict and pain – and concern himself with social activities and promoting peace. "I dedicate myself in an independent way, without links to organisations. I collaborate with people like me who want to ensure peace. This is why I’m able to do a range of things such as picking olives in Palestinian territories, providing help to sick Palestinians who seek help in Israeli hospitals and making a contribution to caring for Inter Campus children."

Thanks to Buma, Palestinian children can pass through checkpoints and go on to play with other children in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. He's the one who obtains the permits and takes them by bus to tournaments. When possible, he's the one who takes them to the sea and the zoo. He’s the one who allows the children to do the things they like so much, especially if it's the first time they’re doing them! When we visit, it’s always Buma who accompanies us to the Palestinian village where we work. He explains things to us as he shows us Palestine, looking at aspects in a sometimes critical yet always constructive way. "It is important to do something as we wait and hope for the end of the occupation," he keeps saying to us. "And Inter Campus has done and can do a lot because it’s a third party from Italy. It’s not involved with what is going on and is therefore impartial, and this makes it the perfect instrument through which peace can be achieved. My task is to help you find new Palestinian partners and get more children involved!"

He tells us that he keeps the Inter Campus book on his bedside table: "Inter Campus is a unique project in the world. I know your values well, and although I sometimes might not fully agree with everything you do, I don't think there are adequate words that do justice to what you do here!" Buma says goodbye with a positive message: "A round ball is – and will continue to be – good for this round earth."

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