DG Edoardo Caldara gives his in-depth analysis after a recent visit

“Bosnia is one of those countries that you never really know, particularly when you haven't stepped foot in it.” The truth is that in these places, if you want to tell the whole story, you can understand the complexity when talking to people, listening to their stories and seeing how their faces change. No one speaks about the war, but it's there. Through the countless lives lost and the disfigured buildings. They don't discuss it because they lived it. A disastrous war from 20 years ago, inflicting so much damage that it's now better to forget. Now, they all live together here, at least in Sarajevo: Muslims, Catholics and Orthadox. No one is to blame among the people, according to them.

For this reason, our mission is not integration, but reconciliation. Because when we spoke with the locals about our objectives, we were told that there has always been a striking amount of integration here – it's a city where virtually all major religious denominations are found. Reconciliation is thus the key, so the sound of gun-fire is never heard again.

As for us, we educate local coaches in different contexts. Domanovici in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the hills outside of Mostar and Sarajevo is where we can be found. With respect and humility, we try to impart our specific technical/sports/educational method so it can be used to help local children play and grow together. According to our partners, the results are there for all to see.

In the most isolated areas, they've been unexpected and particularly striking: contrary to before, Catholic communities are now engaging with Muslims living in the same area. Parents learn from their children. If you play together on a football pitch when you're ten years old, you can talk at 40 without a lack of knowledge being a burden.

A great job has been done over the years. Italian coaches and project managers have been involved with the project and especially the locals have displayed foresight, intelligence and huge hearts.

We would like to thank them, because they are what Inter Campus is about.

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