APPIANO GENTILE - Inter general manager Massimo Moretti spoke to journalists on Friday following Hector Cuper's press conference.

Moretti: "After president Moratti spoke yesterday and coach Cuper today, this is something you have asked for but which wasn't planned. You're asking yourselves whether we were a club that argues or works. We have had a meeting to evaluate all the transfer market strategies which will accompany us over the next two months. We have spoken about the transfer market and we have singled out the players we're looking for and that we want to buy. Marco Branca is here as the person responsible for the technical area. Everyone now has a responsibility. There are different areas: commercial, communication, technical. Branca is responsible for the technical area and as such will work on strategies with Oriali's experience by his side. Up to now we have always been criticised for the existence of double roles, but this is no longer the case. We have a person responsible for the technical area and it's Marco Branca. He has been given this position in recognition for what he has done in his previous role. Before there was a technical director, Oriali, and a sports director, Terraneo. The latter has a new post outside, while Oriali remains within the structure, but with the role of transfer market consultant and reference point for strategies. The titles don't count for much. Let's say that Branca, as the person responsible for the technical area, will take care of player transfers and the medical set-up. Bartolozzi will remain in Appiano Gentile as organisational director and will manage the whole structure."

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