Resultado final

29 Septiembre 2002 20:30

33' (2ª parte) Vieri (R)
15' Vieri
2' Marazzina
árbitro Salvatore Racalbuto / líniers Ivaldi, Camerota / Cuarto árbitro Farina
Minutos Crónica
45' Moro, already on one yellow card, strikes Almeyda in the face. The Argentine falls to the ground, but gets up again.
44' 1 minute of injury time added on at the end of the first half.
43' Marazzina goes down after an aerial challenge with Materazzi. The Chievo goalscorer has an open wound on his head.
42' Recoba looks for Vieri with a cross from the left, but Bobo is caught offside.
39' Corini goes down after a challenge. Angered, he gets up again as soon as the referee approaches him.
37' Sweeping Inter move on the break. Recoba to Dalmat, Dalmat to Vieri, but the final pass is too long. Lupatelli easily collects the ball.
34' Dalmat beats two Chievo defenders down the right, then crosses into the middle for Recoba. Il Chino shoots agonisingly wide with his left foot from eight metres out.
32' Chievo free kick midway inside the Inter half. Biefhoff heads the cross out for a goal kick.
30' Two corners in quick succession for Inter. Lupatelli punches both clear, Recoba's final pass into the area is met by Almeyda, but the Argentine doesn't connect properly. Goal kick.
28' Incredible miss by Vieri, who after receiving an assist from Recoba blasts wide with just Lupatelli to beat.
27' Long ball from Cannavaro to Vieri, the ball bounces awkwardly in the six-yard box and Bobo can't control it. Goal kick.
25' Moro (Chievo) cautioned for bringing down Coco.
23' Javier Zanetti defuses a potentially dangerous situation down the left wing. Corner for Chievo.
22' Di Biago beats Moro to a Recoba cross from the right into the middle of the Chievo box. Gigi's header finishes wide of Lupatelli's left-hand post. At the other end, Corini blazes a free kick over the bar for the visitors.
20' Free kick to Inter outside the Chievo box (left-hand side) for foul on Coco.
18' Cossato tries from a position to the left of the six-yard box. No problems for Toldo, who saves.
17' Bierhoff tries to surprise Toldo with a header, but the Nerazzurro keeper gets down well to make the save.
16' Di Biagio yellow-carded for a foul on the halfway line.
15' GOOAAAL!!! Vieri equalises for Inter. After a one-two with Recoba, Bobo strokes the ball in at the far post.
13' Dalmat slips when trying from the distance. The ball goes out for a goal kick.
11' A Recoba shot comes off Legrottaglie's body. Lupatelli stops the ball from going out for a corner.
10' The linesman flags an offside, but then lowers his flag and apologises to the referee for his mistake, which clearly denies the Nerazzurri a goalscoring chance.
9' Lupatelli anticipates Recoba using his head just outside of the Chievo penalty area.
6' Vieri is fouled by Legrottaglie just outside the Chievo box. Recoba curls a 25-metre free kick wide of Lupatelli's left-hand post.
2' Marazzina beats the Inter defence to a Passoni cross and heads past Toldo. 1-0 to Chievo.
1' Vieri and Recoba kick off Inter vs. Chievo.
Minutos Crónica
49' Full time. Inter have beaten Chievo 2-1.
47' Conceiçao sent off for protesting after challenge with Lanna.
45' 4 minutes of extra time. Inter substitution - defender Adani replaces Recoba.
42' Chievo substitution. Pellissier on for Cossato.
40' Inter substitution - Dalmat replaced by Conceiçao.
39' Almeyda cautioned for challenge on an opponent.
33' GOOOAAL!!! Bobo takes the penalty himself (Inter's first in twenty-one Serie A matches) and strikes the ball in at Lupatelli's left-hand post. 2-1 to Inter.
32' Inter win a penalty after Vieri is choppped down by Legrottaglie.
30' Vieri misses yet again! This time his short-range shot from inside the six-yard box is blocked by Moro. Corner for Inter.
28' Toldo pulls off an inspirational save to deny Perrotta's left-footed shot from inside the Inter penalty area. But even if the ball had gone in it wouldn't have counted. Two Chievo players are caught offside.
21' Vieri yellow-carded for a careless foul on Cossato.
17' Vieri wastes the easiest of chances, mis-timing his close-range header from Zanetti's precision cross from the right.
15' Zanetti beats Chievo captain Corini and D'Anna on the right channel, then sends in a cross to the middle. Coco sends his shot over the bar.
14' Chievo substitution - Nikola Lazetiic on for Dario Passoni
11' Recoba shoots from 40 metres out and it's not far off. The ball whistles inches over Lupatelli's bar.
10' Zanetti storms down the right channel. Cossato brings him down and is subsequently booked.
8' On the turn, Dalmat sends a shot over the bar from a position inside the Chievo box.
6' Vieri is pushed by Moro to the left of the Chievo six-yard box and falls to the ground. Bobo calls for a penalty, but referee Racalbuto says "get up."
3' Di Biagio passes to Dalmat just inside the Inter half. The French midfielder feeds the ball to Vieri down the right wing. Bobo crosses to the edge of the Chievo box but Recoba is anticipated by Lupatelli.
2' The start of the second half is delayed by a few minutes because there's a "hole" in the Chievo net (see PHOTOS). Chievo get the second half underway after the hole is stitched up.
1' End of part one... Inter 1-1 Chievo.
Di Biagio
Media equipo 6.9
3 tiros a puerta 4
7 tiros fuera 4
21 faltas cometidas 12
4 corner 2
10 fuera de juego 12
23:57 posesión del balón 23:20
victorias(12) empates(4) derrotas(1)

en campo

Toldo 1 Lupatelli
Cordoba 2 Lanna
Zanetti 4 Legrottaglie
Cannavaro 13 D'Anna
Di Biagio 14 Moro
Dalmat 18 Passoni
Recoba 20 Corini
Materazzi 23 Perrotta
Almeyda 25 Cossato
Vieri 32 Bierhoff
Coco 77 Marazzina


Fontana 12 Ambrosio
Conceiçao 7 Mensah
Morfeo 10 Andersson
Adani 15 D'Angelo
Okan 22 Beghetto
Pasquale 26 Lazetic
Vivas 31 Pellissier