Resultado final

1 Diciembre 2002 15:00

39' (2ª parte) Vieri
11' (2ª parte) Vieri
13' Vieri
3' Vieri
árbitro Emilio Pellegrino / líniers Griselli, Ricci / Cuarto árbitro Calcagno
Minutos Crónica
45' Di Biagio is cautioned for a foul from behind on Bachini.
45' 3 minutes added on.
44' Appiah shoots from the edge of the box, Toldo saves.
43' Crespo crosses for Conceicao, who connects but the final shot is over the bar
42' J. Zanetti back on the pitch
40' Petruzzi cautioned for fouling Crespo from behind.
39' J.Zanetti receives treatment on the side of the pitch after a cut on his left hand.
37' Inter substitution - Giovanni Pasquale on for Coco.
34' Coco on the ground in pain, Pasquale warms-up on the side-line.
33' Toldo slips when taking a goal kick, but the Nerazzurri midfield is alert and Brescia don't capitalise.
31' Di Biagio through ball for Conceiçao, who is unable to connect.
30' Baggio on the edge of the box, called offside
29' Free kick for Brescia, Toldo puches the ball out of the box.
28' Zanetti passes to Vieri who one -time pass to Crespo who shoots but Brescia keeper is well placed
25' Okan from the right by-line crosses for Crespo, heading over the bar.
24' Zanetti anticipates Brescia striker Tare, and clears the danger
23' Brescia midfielder crosses into the box, Inter custodian collects
21' Zanetti takes the ball to the by-line, then crosses into the middle of the area for Vieri, who fails to connect
20' Inter's formation remains the same. Conceiçao on the left wing, Okan on the right and Emre and Di Biagio in the middle.
20' Bachini brought down in the Inter box by Zanetti. No call.
19' Morfeo leaves the pitch with muscle problems.
18' Inter substitution - Conceiçao on for Morfeo.
17' Di Biagio's free kick is deflected for a corner.
15' Bachini elbows Okan, who falls to the ground.
14' Crespo is sent through, but the pass is long and the Brescia keeper collects.
13' GOAALL!!! From close range, Vieri heads home an Emre corner. 2-0 to Inter.
12' Emre crosses to Crespo, who is anticipated by Martinez.
11' Emre plays a long ball forward for Vieri, who connects, but the final shot is high.
10' Back pass by Cordoba to Toldo.
6' Cordoba clears with a header in the Inter box.
4' Sereni clears danger from Crespo's cross.
3' GOAL!!!!!! Vieri puts Inter into the lead. Okan gives a through ball for Vieri, who places it into the back of the net.
2' Crespo crosses for Vieri, deflection, corner for Inter.
1' It's e beatiful sunny day here at San Siro. There isn't a cloud in the sky.
1' The teams are on the pitch for today's Serie A clash between Inter and Brescia.
1' Brescia kick off today’s match against Inter.
Minutos Crónica
49' End of part two. Inter beat Brescia 4-0.
48' Fair play - Dalmat kicks the ball out of play after Appiah sustains an injury.
47' Emre picks out Vieri on the right. Bobo advances into the Brescia box then passes square to Crespo, who is caught in possession after taking on an opponent.
45' Conceiçao strikes a free kick hard and low that is well-saved by Sereni.
45' 3 minutes added on.
43' Baggio strikes a left-footed shot on goal. The ball goes wide.
42' Conceiçao misses an incredible chance to score Inter's fifth. The Portuguese international does everything right, then hesitates in the area and is intercepted by Sereni.
39' 4-0!!!!! Guess who scored? Vieri, of course. Bobo continues a fine performance for the Nerazzurri with a shot that takes a lucky bounce and finishes in the net. Dalmat and Crespo were also involved in the move.
36' A Baggio free kick from a position to the left of the Inter box is headed clear by Vieri.
35' Dalmat fouls Baggio.
31' Double substitution for the visitors - Alberti and Stankevicius for Mareco and Tare.
31' Cuper brings on Dalmat for Okan Buruk.
30' Bachini runs through the Nerazzurri midfield before unleashing a 30-yard shot that ends up in the Curva Sud.
28' Filippini shoots from the edge of the Inter box. Toldo collects.
27' A Baggio free kick from a central position just outside the Inter box takes a deflection. Corner to Brescia.
25' Baggio takes a free kick a few yards from the edge of the Inter box. The ball goes wide.
25' Stephane Dalmat is warming up on the touchline.
23' Bobo latches onto a through ball into the Inter box but falls to the ground after a challenge by an opponent. No penalty given.
21' Bachini tries from the distance, but no problem for Francesco Toldo.
20' Cannavaro anticipates Tare and the Azzurri captain gets an ovation from the fans.
18' Conceiçao plays on for Pasquale, the ball is then fed through to Vieri, but he doesn't manage to make the cross.
15' Crespo fails to make it 4-0 after his attempt from inside the area is blocked by Martinez. Full marks to Vieri for taking on two opponents down the right wing before crossing in for the Argentine.
11' HAT-TRICK FOR VIERI!!!!!! Bobo scores his and Inter's third with a delightful header over Sereni after connecting with a long ball upfield from Di Biagio.
10' Pasquale crosses into the middle. Sereni controls the ball but it goes out for a corner.
9' Cordoba is on the ground after a challenge with Petruzzi. The Colombian then gets back up without any problems.
8' Pasquale blocks a Baggio free kick. Corner.
7' Filippini is cautioned by Pellegrino for a challenge on Conceiçao.
6' Baggio passes to Filippini in the Inter area. Emre anticipates.
6' Di Biagio makes a long pass forward for Vieri. Bobo controls the ball then crosses for Crespo, who is anticipated by Martinez. The Brescia player heads clear.
5' The Nerazzurri kick off the second half.
5' Brescia substitution - Guana on for Schopp.
4' End of part one. Inter 2 Brescia 0.
3' Roberto Baggio gives a through ball for Schopp who shoots over Toldo's bar.
2' Conceiçao on the by-line crosses, deflected for a corner.
Di Biagio
Media equipo 7.6
7 tiros a puerta 4
5 tiros fuera 2
15 faltas cometidas 16
6 corner 5
2 fuera de juego 4
30:32 posesión del balón 27:53
victorias(25) empates(5) derrotas(1)

en campo

Toldo 1 Sereni
Cordoba 2 Martinez
Zanetti 4 Appiah
Emre 5 Petruzzi
Crespo 9 Seric
Morfeo 10 Baggio
Cannavaro 13 Bachini
Di Biagio 14 Mareco
Okan 22 Filippini
Vieri 32 Schopp
Coco 77 Tare


Fontana 12 Micillo
Conceiçao 7 Stankevicius
Dalmat 18 Guana
Recoba 20 Correa
Gamarra 24 Del Nero
Almeyda 25 Pisano
Pasquale 26 Alberti