Resultado final

7 Marzo 2004 20:30

48' (2ª parte) Mancini
44' (2ª parte) Totti (R)
18' (2ª parte) Mancini
45' Cassano
28' (2ª parte) Vieri
árbitro Roberto Rosetti / líniers Babini, Farneti / Cuarto árbitro Rocchi
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Minutos Crónica
46' Rosetti sends the teams into the changing rooms. Roma 1-0 Inter.
45' Roma take the lead through Antonio Cassano, who gets on the end of Totti's weighted pass after shaking off challenges from two Nerazzurri then coolly places his shot past Toldo.
45' 1 minute of additional time.
43' Roma have another goal disallowed. Samuel fouls Toldo as he jumps to meet Totti's floated free kick before slamming home from less than a metre out.
42' Adriano shakes off wins a duel with Samuel but can't stop the ball from going out of play. Goal kick to Roma.
42' Adani is cautioned for fouling Cassano. Roma win a free kick 40 metres out.
40' Dacourt pulls Vieri off the ball. Free kick to us 35 yards out.
39' Inter back on the attack. Vieri's shot finishes high and wide.
38' Roma have a second goal disallowed for offside. Totti is in an irregular position when he slots into an open net.
37' Helveg receives wide on the right then commits a foul on Lima after losing the ball.
35' Inter win a free kick 30 metres out. Farinos plays into the box, where Adriano is anticipated.
34' Farinos plays a beautifully weighted pass over the Roma defence to set up Vieri. With just Pelizzoli to beat, Bobo pulls his low shot wide.
33' Toldo palms Cassano's right-wing cross over the bar.
32' Roma win a free kick 30 yards out on the left. Totti's effort is powerful but well off-target and finishes over the bar.
31' Rosetti cautions Helveg for a foul on Dacourt.
29' Inspriational play by captain Zanetti, who intercepts Emerson then dribbles four opponents as he brings the ball out of defence.
28' Roma break and Totti receives just outside the Nerazzurri box then shoots at Toldo with Cassano in space to his right.
27' Adriano's left-footed free kick comes off the red and yellow wall.
26' Dacourt plays wide to Cassano, who advances several metres before curling a right-foot shot at Toldo.
26' Panucci fouls Vieri in a central position 30 metres out.
24' Cassano's ambitious shot from 25 metres is well over the Inter bar.
23' Kily fires over the Giallorossi bar after receiving a short pass back from Vieri.
21' Cannavaro's 25-metre free kick is headed clear by Samuel, who anticipates Adriano.
20' Cassano plays a spectacular back-heeled pass to Totti. Adani intercepts and heads out of defence.
19' Kily Gonzalez crosses from the left, Mancini clears.
19' From Cassano's cut-back Totti pulls his low, 20-yard shot well off-target.
18' Vieri makes a diagonal run then from inches inside the Roma box centres for Adriano. Pelizzoli collects.
17' Cassano chests down Dacourt's pass, beats the offside trap then with just Toldo to beat shoots straight at the Nerazzurri keeper.
16' Closed down by Adriano, Samuel concedes a left-wing throw-in level with the edge of the Roma box.
15' At full stretch Pelizzoli denies Adriano a shot from Vieri's assist.
13' Toldo makes a good save at the near post from Dacourt's long-distance strike.
12' Roma win a left-wing corner after Lima's cross from Totti's back-heeled pass takes a deflection.
11' Cristiano Zanetti plays forward to Kily, whose pass to Vieri is wayward and Roma intercept.
9' Roma come forward. Toldo beats two Giallorossi to Totti's ball over the Inter defence.
8' Great chance for Inter. At the near post Adriano brings down Helveg's pass then sees his powerful, low shot come off the far post.
6' Inter on the attack. From a tight angle on the left Vieri's shot ricochets off Samuel. Corner.
5' Cristiano Zanetti receives a cut-back from Vieri then is intercepted by Zebina.
5' Emerson's shot through Toldo's legs from Cassano's pass is ruled out for offside.
4' Candela intercepts Farinos' ball to Thomas Helveg on the right wing. The Dane fouls the Frenchman and Rosetti awards the Giallorossi a free kick.
3' Cassano makes a ten-yard run then plays wide to Mancini, who is offside.
3' Cannavaro cuts out a through ball for Cassano.
2' At the other end Candela intercepts a ball forward for Adriano.
1' Welcome to our live commentary of Roma v Inter. The Nerazzurri kick off.
1' Adani shakes off a challenge from Mancini then is fouled outside the Inter penalty area.
Minutos Crónica
49' Full time. Roma beat Inter 4-1.
48' Adani's header from inside the Roma area is saved by Pelizzoli.
48' The Giallorossi break and score a fourth. On the left Cassano dribbles Helveg after bringing down a high ball over from the right wing then centres for Mancini who nets his second.
47' Emerson fouls Karagounis. Free kick to us and a booking for the Brazilian.
45' 4 minutes of additional time.
44' Vieri is booked for protesting.
44' Totti makes no mistake from the spot and Rome take a 3-1 lead.
42' Penalty to Roma after Cordoba brings down Cassano in the box.
42' The Colombian, already booked, is shown a straight red card.
40' Cordoba's right-wing cross is smashed clear by Panucci.
40' Emerson fouls Helveg during an aerial duel in midfield. Free kick to us.
38' Zac replaces Farinos with Andy van der Meyde.
36' Farinos loses the ball as he moves out of defence. Totti's shot is blocked by Cannavaro, then Mancini has a shot blocked.
35' Vieri is dispossessed as he tries to turn an opponent on the edge of the Roma box.
31' Roma bring on Damiano Tommasi for Dacourt.
30' With renewed belief Inter come forward looking for the equaliser. Karagounis has made the difference since coming on and wins a left-wing corner for the Nerazzurri.
30' Cristiano Zanetti recieves on the right wing then crosses out of play at the far post.
28' GOOAAALLL!!!! Christian Vieri smashes home at the far post after Martins's shot is takes a deflection.
27' Karagounis sends a ferocious long-distance right-foot shot inches wide of the right-hand post.
26' Panucci shoves Karagounis off the ball. Free kick to us.
24' Karagounis' left-wing corner is headed down by Cannavaro at the far post. Panucci heads out for another corner.
24' Vieri heads over Pelizzoli's crossbar.
23' Pelizzoli pulls off a good save from Martins who races on goal then shoots after receiving from Cristiano Zanetti.
22' Cassano is stretchered off after being sent flying by Cordoba.
22' It's Karagounis time. The Greek midfielder comes on for Kily Gonzalez.
18' Mancini redoubles for the Giallorossi. The Brazilian turns Adani inside the Inter box then shoots left-footed past Toldo.
17' Pelizzoli comes out of his area and clears to deny Martins.
16' Former Giallorossi midfielder Cristiano Zanetti is booked for a sliding tackle on Dacourt.
14' Inter bring on Martins for Adriano.
14' Oba is straight into the action. The Nigerian sprints down the left then crosses out of play.
13' Farinos is booked for a foul from behind on Mancini.
12' Adriano is offside as he jumps to meet Kily's forward pass.
10' With his chest Candela blocks Helveg's cross from the right.
10' Great defending by Javier Zanetti, who cuts out Cassano's short pass for Mancini after the Bari-born forward goes on a mazy run.
9' On the right channel Samuel cuts out a through ball for Adriano.
8' Totti blocks Helveg's right-wing cross.
8' Adriano is dispossessed as he tries to weave his way into the Roma box.
7' Great play by Vieri, who sets up Adriano inside the Roma box with a splendid back-heel. The Brazilian's shot is blocked by Lima.
5' Helveg and Cristiano Zanetti foul Lima in midfield. Free kick to the Giallorossi.
5' Totti curls a right-footed cross from the left straight into the hands of Toldo.
4' Cordoba marks tightly Cassano, who is forced into making an error after receiving a high ball played into the Nerazzurri area.
3' Lima's high cross from the left is headed clear by Javier Zanetti.
1' Roma get the second half going.
1' Dacourt fouls Cristiano Zanetti in midfield. Free kick to us.
1' Inter come forward with The Hammer, who from the distance sends a low shot not far wide of the left post.
Van Der Meyde
Kily Gonzalez
Media equipo 4.9
8 tiros a puerta 6
4 tiros fuera 6
20 faltas cometidas 18
6 corner 2
6 fuera de juego 2
24:45 posesión del balón 26:23
victorias(29) empates(26) derrotas(36)

en campo

Pelizzoli 1 Toldo
Panucci 2 Cordoba
Zebina 4 Zanetti
Lima 6 Zanetti
Totti 10 Adriano
Emerson 13 Helveg
Dacourt 14 Farinos
Cassano 15 Adani
Samuel 17 Cannavaro
Mancini 18 Kily Gonzalez
Candela 32 Vieri


Zotti 7 Van Der Meyde
Tommasi 8 Lamouchi
D'Agostino 9 Cruz
Carew 19 Karagounis
Delvecchio 26 Pasquale
De Rossi 30 Martins