Resultado final

16 Mayo 2004 15:00

39' (2ª parte) Rocchi
18' Lucchini
24' (2ª parte) Adriano
20' (2ª parte) Recoba
46' Adriano
árbitro Stefano Farina / líniers Ivaldi, Mitro / Cuarto árbitro Morganti
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Minutos Crónica
46' Free kick to Inter on the left wing.
46' GOAAAALLLL!!! We're level as Adriano's looping header from Kily's left-wing free kick goes in at the top left-hand corner.
46' Half time. Empoli 1-1 Inter
45' 1 minute of additional time to play.
44' Farina has a word with Cordoba and Vannucchi after both players make a kung-fu challenge for the ball.
43' Vargas fouls Adriano ten yards outside the Empoli box. Free kick.
43' The Brazilian's low free kick comes off the Tuscan wall.
42' Adriano smahes high over the bar after beating Lucchini to Kily's pin-point cross. Farina gives a foul against the Brazilian.
42' Empoli come forward on the break and on the edge of the Inter box Vannucchi fires wide.
41' Adriano's shot from the distance is easily caught by Balli.
40' Lucchini heads clear Stankovic's deep cross into the Empoli box to deny Oba Martins.
38' Rocchi is way offside as he runs to meet a high ball over the advanced Nerazzurri defence.
37' Giampieretti is stretchered off.
36' Incredible miss by Kily Gonzalez, who heads wide of the far post after excellent work by Stankovic.
36' From the distance Stankovic sends a blistering shot on target. Balli tips the ball over the bar. Corner.
34' Adriano shows superb ball control as he brings down Stankovic's ball into the Empoli penalty box then smashes his shot high over the crossbar.
33' Martins' right-wing cross to the edge of the Empoli box is headed clear.
33' Kily receives ten yards outside the Empoli box then fires wide of the far post.
32' At the other end Balli comes off his line to beat Adriano to the ball.
31' Empoli close to a second goal. Perotti's men come forward on the counter-attack. Di Natale's shot from Vannucchi's right-wing cross is blocked, then Vannucchi's follow-up shot comes off the near post.
29' Midway inside the Empoli half Adriano plays a one-two with Kily then is dispossessed by an opponent.
29' Lucchini beats Martins to Adriano's left-wing cross. Farina gives Empoli a free kick for a foul by the Nigerian.
27' Javier Zanetti closes down Belleri on the right wing and the Tuscans win an attacking throw-in.
26' Emre wins the ball off Vannucchi but Farina awards Empoli a free kick.
25' Lazio have taken the lead at home to Modena.
24' Di Natale mis-kicks his close-range shot from Rocchi's cut-back.
23' Di Natale is offside as he races on to a ball played to the left wing.
22' With his legs Balli parries Martins's diagonal shot from the left, then an Empoli defender clears. Corner to Inter.
20' Adriano's angled volley has no power in it and Balli collects.
18' Toldo parries Vannucchi's fiercely-strck free kick. Lucchini smashes home his follow-up shot. 1-0 to Empoli.
17' Emre dribbles two opponents then plays wide to Stankovic, whose cross from the left-wing by-line is blocked.
17' Materazzi is yellow-carded for bringing down Rocchi on the edge of the Nerazzurri penalty area.
16' Ficini fouls Kily on the wing. Free kick to us just inside our half.
15' Empoli on the counter-attack. Gamarra closes down Busce' in the Inter penalty area and plays out of defence.
14' Free kick to Inter on the left edge of the Empoli box after Stankovic is fouled.
13' From 35 yards out Stankovic sends a shot just over Balli's crossbar.
12' Inter on the attack. Adriano recievs from Stankovic then from a tight angle plays across the six-yard box. Empoli make a half-clearance then Kily shoots wide from just inside the Tuscan penalty box.
11' Toldo comes off his line to deny Rocchi after a defensive error by Materazzi.
10' Adriano fouls Lucchini after losing the ball on the right wing.
9' Martins gets on the end of Cordoba's long ball forward then sends a weak shot on target which creates few problems for Balli.
8' Materazzi anticipates Rocchi to snuff out a Tuscan attack.
7' Vannucchi receives a cut-back from Rocchi then advances but can't stop the ball from going out for an Inter goal kick.
6' Oba pounces on a loose ball just outside the Empoli box, dribbles an opponent then shoots wide of the right-hand post.
5' Cribari shoves Martins from behind and Farino awards us a free kick inside the Empoli half.
4' The Hammer is fouled by Ficini in the centre circle. Free kick to the Nerazzurri.
3' Lucchini's ball forward is too long for Rocchi and Toldo collects.
3' At the other end Balli collects after Materazzi's 50-metre pass is too long for Oba Martins.
2' Balli comes off his line and outjumps Kily to deny the Agrentine a chance from eight yards.
2' Emre fouls Busce' in the centre circle and the home side win a free kick.
1' Welcome to live commentary of Empoli v Inter. The Tuscans kick off. FORZA NERAZZURRI!!!
1' Di Natale is offside as he controls Rocchi's pass to the left wing.
Minutos Crónica
54' Full time. Inter beat Empoli 3-2 and finish the season in fourth place.
53' Parma 4-3 Udinese.
50' After several minutes, Adani replaces Materazzi.
47' Materazzi remains on the ground after a challenge by Vargas.
46' Cristiano Zanetti is booked for foul play.
46' Kily is replaced by Thomas Helveg.
45' 4 minutes of added time to play.
44' An inspired Adriano dribbles two opponents on the right then sees his shot blocked by Ficini.
43' Recoba comes forward on the break, takes on one but can't get past a second opponent and Empoli gain possession.
42' Empoli have renewed belief but need two goals to stay in the Serie A.
39' Rocchi takes the ball past Gamarra and Cordoba then fires home. 3-2.
36' Recoba's shot from way out comes off an opponent.
35' Empoli seem to have given up as the Nerazzurri move the ball around in the Tuscan half.
34' Parma 3-2 Udinese, Lazio 2-0 Modena.
33' Foggia's left-foot strike from the distance is way over.
31' Empoli substitution: Tavano comes on for Belleri.
30' At the Tardini it's Parma 2-2 Udinese.
26' Free kick to Inter 25 yards out. Adriano shoots over the Empoli crossbar.
24' Rocchi's shot from just inside the Nerazzurri penalty area is over the bar at the far post.
24' SUPERB goal by Adriano, who takes the ball past three opponents then sidesteps Balli before slotting into an open goal. 3-1 to Inter and a brace for the Brazilian.
21' Empoli bring on Foggia for Giampieretti.
20' GOOOAAAALLLL!!!!! Recoba's curled free kick goes over the Empoli wall and in at the near post.
19' Free kick to us 20 yards out after Vargas fouls Adriano.
18' On the left wing Cordoba pushes Di Natale off the ball and is booked.
17' Inter substitution: Recoba on, Martins off.
16' Parma equalise at home to Udinese.
15' Rocchi turns an opponent on the left wing then sends a low shot wide of the near post.
14' Rocchi's cross from the left-wing by-line is calmly played back to Toldo by Materazzi.
13' Busce's right-wing cross goes out of play at the left-wing touchline.
11' Udinese take the lead away to Parma.
11' Adriano's diagonal shot is easily saved by Balli.
9' Empoli head clear from the corner, Cristiano Zanetti's shot from the distance is over the crossbar.
9' The home side win a left-wing corner kick.
8' Adriano is tripped by Ficini as he runs on goal. Free kick to us 20 yards out.
8' Stankovic's free kick takes a deflection. Left-wing corner to us.
7' Empoli on the attack. Vannuchi squares to Busce' who shoots over the bar from a position just inside the Inter box.
5' Another free kick. It goes Empoli's way after Stankovic goes in feet high on an opponent.
5' Inter win a left-wing corner kick after Belleri kicks the ball out of play. The ball is played short to Emre, whose cross is headed clear.
3' Free kick to Inter on the right wing after Martins is fouled.
3' At the far post Balli beats Adriano to Kily's cross. Farinos awards Empoli a free kick.
2' At the far post Materazzi commits a foul as he jumps to meet Kily Gonzalez' corner kick.
2' At the other end Di Natale fouls Gamarra.
1' Inter get the second half underway.
1' The Nerazzurri are straight into attack and win a left-wing corner.
Kily Gonzalez
Media equipo 7.16
5 tiros a puerta 9
2 tiros fuera 12
21 faltas cometidas 22
1 corner 6
5 fuera de juego 0
25:51 posesión del balón 26:53
victorias(9) empates(3) derrotas(2)

en campo

Balli 1 Toldo
Cribari 2 Cordoba
Belleri 4 Zanetti
Di Natale 5 Emre
Giampieretti 6 Zanetti
Rocchi 10 Adriano
Lucchini 11 Stankovic
Ficini 18 Kily Gonzalez
Vargas 23 Materazzi
Buscè 24 Gamarra
Vannucchi 30 Martins


Cassano 12 Fontana
Pratali 3 Kallon
Tavano 13 Helveg
Gasparetto 14 Farinos
Grella 15 Adani
Foggia 19 Karagounis
Cappellini 20 Recoba