Per accedere allo stadio con una tessera federale Coni, Figc e Aia è necessario un titolo d'accesso, che viene rilasciato gratuitamente previa presentazioni delle credenziali.

I posti riservati sono contingentati e le richieste saranno evase sino ad esaurimento dei posti disponibili.

Le richieste accettazioni degli accrediti federali sono gestite interamente online, per richiedere l’accredito è necessario compilare i dati richiesti e allegare tessera FIGC del 2018 FRONTE e RETRO e il FRONTE di un documento (passaporto/carta d’identità/patente – dove ci sono i dati personali)

A partire da Inter-Spal del 10.03.2019 è possibile effettuare una richiesta di accredito solo se si è già iscritti ad


Entra in Gestione Accrediti FIGC AIA e CONI




Informazioni importanti



What changes?

The new rules for stadium accreditations

We have decided to make the procedure simpler and more efficient: you won't have to top up your documents every time!


How to request a credit?

Activation of the FIGC-AIA-CONI profile

  • 0. Take some pictures of your FIGC-AIA-CONI card with your mobile phone. You will also need an image of your identity card.
  • 1.Log in on
    by clicking on "Log in" on the right of the site (the Inter app does not allow it)

2. From the menu at the top right open the contextual menu, choosing "Accredit FIGC"


  • FIGC accreditations
  • 3. Now enter the FIGC dashboard and click on "edit data"

    FIGC accreditations

  • 4. Upload 4 photos, readable and clear, front and back: your personal card and your identity card

    FIGC accreditations

  • 5. Wait for a confirmation email from Inter on the document verification response.



  • 5.1 If everything is OK you have completed the procedure, and you can request credits when opened.

    FIGC accreditations



Important warnings

  • With the new portal it will be possible to request accreditation starting at 10:00 on the Monday of the week of the match (if played during the weekend) or 7 days before the midweek competition .
  • Once you carried out the registration and received our validation account no longer need to insert the documents at every single request; just click on the game to request accreditation.
  • You can monitor yourself the availability during the request thanks to the presence of the " traffic lights " ( RED seats sold out - YELLOW exhaustion seats - GREEN seats still available) .
  • It will be possible to cancel the accreditation request made only up to the moment in which the procedure will be closed (weekend match: 12:00 on Friday - midweek match: 12:00 on the 2nd day before the race). It will no longer be possible to send an email to for non-withdrawals: if the credit has not been canceled within the time indicated above, it will no longer be possible to cancel it and no mail will be accepted for any missed withdrawals.
  • Until the end of the current season, the maximum number allowed for missed collection is 2 . If the limit is exceeded, it will no longer be possible to request accreditation for the remaining races of the season.
  • If the request by a cardholder is canceled within the terms indicated above, the place will automatically be available again for new credit requests, although availability has previously been exhausted

Collection must be made regularly on the day of the match at the "ACCREDITES FIGC" desk of the West ticket office (at the entrance at entrance 8) presenting the FIGC card and identity document. No delegation will be accepted at the time of ticket collection.