Udinese 0
0 Inter

主審 Paolo Dondarini / 副審 Consolo, Baglioni / 第4審判 Romeo
セリエA — DAY 4 — "Friuli", Udine — 2003年9月27日 20:30

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48' / Pizarro is set to take the free kick but Dondarini blows for half time. Udinese 0-0 Inter.
47' / Free kick to Udinese on the right as Bertotto is brought down by Cordoba.
46' / There will be three minutes of additional time.
45' / Lele Adani replaces Materazzi who has suffered an injury.
44' / It's two against two as Udinese advance. Iaquinta's pass for Jorgensen is intercepted by Cordoba.
43' / Kroldrup mis-cues his shot at the far post after beating the Inter defence to a right-wing cross. Goal kick to us.
42' / Pizarro aims for the top right-hand corner of the net with a curled shot from outside the Inter box. It's just over.
41' / Inter come forward as Brechet receives a long ball forward from Materazzi, who clears from Iaquinta. The move comes to nothing.
39' / Inter win a free kick on the right after Javier Zanetti is fouled. Materazzi plays the set-piece over to the far side of the area, but there's no Nerazzurri player in position to slam the ball home.
37' / Kallon curls a left-wing cross into the box for Cruz. Sensini wins the aerial battle with his fellow countryman and gives away a corner.
36' / Pizarro combines with Jorgensen as Udinese exploit the numerical advantage. Cannavaro makes an acrobatic clearance.
35' / At the far post Toldo palms the ball round for a corner to prevent Jorgensen from making contact with Castroman's right-wing cross.
32' / Kallon is booked for kicking De Sanctis after the Udinese keeper gets down to make a save. Play stops for at least a minute as the Sierra Leone forward is surrounded by black and white shirts.
31' / Castroman is yellow-carded for shoulder barging Cordoba, who is in full flight down the left. The Colombian is sent crashing to the ground.
30' / Iaquinta gets on the end of a short left-wing cross and sends a header wide of Toldo's left-hand post.
29' / Cruz tries to turn Bertotto and make a run on goal but is dispossessed by the Udinese defender.
28' / Pizarro looks for Jorgensen with a chipped pass into the Nerazzurri box. Toldo comes off his line to deny the Dane.
27' / Brechet wins a free kick for Inter after Castroman pushes him off the ball on the left wing.
25' / Jeremie Brechet plays the ball out of defence to deny Castroman at the far post.
24' / Francesco Toldo catches a near-range header from Sensini.
23' / Corner to the home side after Pizarro's long-range right-footed shot takes a deflection off Kallon.
20' / At the far post Cordoba anticipates Jankulovski to Jorgensen's left-wing cross and heads round for a corner.
19' / With Inter down to ten men, Hector Cuper has moved Emre to the right wing.
17' / Luciano gets a straight red card for a foul from behind on Jankulovski. A throng of yellow shirts surround the ref.
16' / Mirko Pieri is booked for a foul on Luciano.
15' / Inter win a right-wing corner. Iaquinta anticipates Cruz and clears.
14' / Castroman turns Brechet on the right channel and whips a cross into the middle. Materazzi makes an authoritative headed clearance.
12' / Cannavaro becomes the first player to find his way into Dondarini's book.
12' / Luciano makes a run down the right wing then plays the ball forward to Zanetti. The ball is intercepted and the Brazilian winger has to get back and cover for the Inter captain as Udinese come forward.
11' / Materazzi strikes a low shot which goes under the Bianconeri wall. De Sanctis gets down to make the save.
10' / Cruz is brought down by Kroldrup and Inter win a free kick 25 yards out to the right of the Udine penalty area.
9' / Jankulovski's long-range shot is blocked by Fabio Cannavaro.
7' / Sensini anticipates Cruz to clear Luciano's long right-wing throw-in into the middle of the Bianconeri box.
6' / Pizarro picks out Pieri on the left. Unmarked, the Udinese striker plays a shot-cum-cross into the middle which is caught by Toldo.
3' / Pizarro plays to Iaquinta, Cannavaro makes the challenge and clears.
2' / Almeyda receives from Javier Zanetti and runs across the midfield. Castroman gets a tackle in and sets up a counter-attack for Udinese.
1' / Inter, playing in their all-yellow strip, kick off tonight's match at Friuli Stadium.
49' / Free kick in extremis as Martins is brought down three metres outside the Udine box. But Dondarini blows for full time before the free kick can be taken. Udinese 0-0 Inter.
48' / Zanetti takes on an opponent then mis-kicks his shot from 18 yards.
46' / Four minutes are added on at the end of the second half.
45' / Zanetti plays square to Almeyda, who blasts his 25-yard shot way over.
44' / Kallon's shot from the set piece comes off the Udinese wall.
43' / Il Capitano makes another run down the middle and is brought down by Kroldrup, who sees red.
42' / Oooohhhhh!!!! Javier Zanetti makes a run down the middle then strikes a fierce shot which rebounds off the left-hand post.
41' / Udinese win a free kick on the right. Toldo catches Pizarro's set piece.
40' / Adani makes another clearance, this time from Jorgensen who crosses in from the left.
39' / Jancker is booked following a scuffle with Toldo.
36' / Daniele Adani makes an excellent tackle on the edge of the Inter box then brings the ball out of defence to neutralise danger.
34' / Brechet takes on three Udinese players on the left wing then crosses into the box. The Bianconeri clear.
33' / Jancker commits a foul on Cannavaro as he attempts to head Fava's cross on target.
32' / Spalletti brings on German centre-forward Jancker for Iaquinta.
31' / Cordoba makes a spectacular clearance after Fava heads across the face of the Inter goal.
28' / Kallon combinese with Martins on the edge of the Udine area then sends his shot wide.
28' / Udinese substitution: Gemiti replaces Jankulovski.
27' / Inter come alive as Brechets strikes a hard shot from outside the box, forcing De Sanctis to punch clear.
26' / Martins tries to dribble two Udinese defenders on the left of the box but is dispossessed.
24' / Oba Martins comes on for Julio Cruz.
21' / Pizarro shoots his penalty kick wide of Toldo's left-hand post.
20' / Inter's Danish defender is booked for protesting.
19' / Penalty to Udinese as Helveg brings down Fava.
17' / Cordoba interrupts an Udinese attack with a classy back-heel pass to Brechet. The Frenchman is intercepted as he tries to run down the left wing.
16' / Pinzi turns then strikes a shot at the far post. Toldo makes a one-handed save.
15' / Inter win a right-wing free kick. At the far post Adani fails to make contact with Kallon's curled cross.
14' / In space just outside the Inter box Fava makes a right-footed shot. His attempt is blocked by three Nerazzurri.
10' / Inter maintain ball possession at the back then move forward. Cruz receives the ball and is promptly brought down by Bertotto 35 yards out. Free kick to us.
7' / The pace has dropped slightly with repsect to the first half, with Udinese happy to build up moves from the back and exploit the extra space.
6' / Fava shoots wide of Toldo's left-hand post after beating four Inter players to a pass forward.
5' / Pinzi's low shot from a central position is well saved by Toldo.
5' / Jorgensen takes on Helveg on the left-wing by-line, then Cannavaro smashes the ball out for a corner.
4' / Kroldrup's pass forward for Jorgensen is cleared by the Nerazzurri defence.
3' / Inter win a free kick as Iaquinta pushes Cordoba in the Inter box.
2' / Cruz attempts to win the ball off Sensini and commits a foul on the Argentine veteran.
1' / Udinese kick off the second half. Cuper has brought on Helveg for Emre, while Spalletti has replaced Castroman with Fava.

採点者 3333

Zanetti 8.6310
Cordoba 7.6398
Materazzi 6.8640
Emre 6.4173
Toldo 7.4755
Kallon 5.7831
Almeyda 6.4369
Adani 6.2597
Cannavaro 7.4502
Martins 6.4361
Luciano 5.4521
Helveg 5.6245
Brechet 6.6845
Cruz 5.5981




2015年12月12日 0-4 23' Icardi, 31' Jovetic, 84' Icardi, 87' Brozovic, Vai alla partita
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1990年4月29日 4-3 5' Balbo, 15' Branca, 18' Serena A., 60' Balbo, 71' Matthaus, 79' Mandorlini, 90' Branca
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1985年9月29日 1-1 1' Rumenigge, 52' Carnevale
1985年3月31日 2-1 3' Altobelli, 36' Zico, 69' Miano
1983年10月23日 2-2 5' Rig. Zico, 48' Beccalossi, 75' Bagni, 80' De Agostini
1983年1月2日 0-0
1981年11月8日 1-1 37' Bacchin, 54' Altobelli
1980年9月14日 0-4 13' Pasinato, 28' Bini, 54' Muraro, 73' Altobelli
1979年9月23日 1-1 28' Altobelli, 89' Vagheggi
1961年10月8日 0-1 4' Hitchens
1960年10月9日 0-6 24' Angelillo, 37' Lindskog, 43' Angelillo, 44' Lindskog, 56' Zaglio, 61' Firmani
1960年5月22日 1-1 34' Fontanesi, 79' Firmani
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1958年4月13日 1-1 43' Pentrelli, 53' Bicicli
1956年12月30日 1-0 19' Menegotti
1954年9月19日 0-2 70' Lorenzi, 75' Lorenzi
1954年4月25日 0-2 60' Lorenzi, 68' Lorenzi
1953年4月12日 0-0
1951年12月16日 2-1 2' Rinaldi, 71' Rinaldi, 77' Armano
1950年10月29日 1-3 17' Miglioli, 33' Soerensen, 72' Wilkes, 79' Wilkes
1925年10月4日 3-4 2 T.Moretti, Giustacchini, Conti


4 枠内シュート 5
8 枠外シュート 4
23 ファウル 14
7 CK 4
3 オフサイド 0
29:18 ポゼッション 22:10



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Udinese vs Inter


KROLDRUP 2 Cordoba
JORGENSEN 11 Luciano
PINZI 17 Cannavaro
SENSINI 23 Materazzi
PIERI 25 Almeyda
IAQUINTA 31 Brechet


JANCKER 6 Zanetti
FAVA 7 Van Der Meyde
GEMITI 8 Lamouchi
PAZIENZA 12 Fontana
PIERINI 13 Helveg
MUNTARI 15 Adani
RENARD 30 Martins

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