Final score

7 December 2003 15:00

35' (2nd half) Vieri
25' Vieri
43' (2nd half) Tedesco
referee Stefano Farina / linesmen Farneti, Lanciano / 4th man Cruciani
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Minutes Text commentary
47' Inter lead Perugia by a goal to nil after the first half.
46' Javier Zanetti is cautioned for a foul on Berrettoni.
45' Berrettoni is deservedly booked for a dangerous two-footed challenge on Emre.
45' 2 minutes of additional time to play.
43' Farina gives a free kick against Tedesco. Kily is set to take the set piece from 30 metres.
43' He finds his fellow countryman Cruz in the box, but the striker is immediately surrounded by three red shirts and Perugia clear.
42' Perugia bring on Gatti for Ignoffo.
41' Fabio Grosso shoots well wide from 20 metres.
38' Another chance for Vieri. He fires a low shot on target but Tardioli gets down well to make the save at the far post.
37' From a central position just outside our penalty area Obodo shoots straight at Toldo.
36' Kily goes down in the Perugia box, but according to Farina there is no penalty.
34' Cosmi brings on Berrettini for Bothroyd.
33' Daniele Adani shoots inches wide of the far post after a move inside the Perugia box involving our two strikers.
29' From the right wing Vieri plays a high ball over to Cruz at the far post. The Argentine is anticipated by Diamoutene, who heads clear.
27' Inter miss a good chance to increase their lead. Julio Cruz receives from Vieri inside the Perugia area then shoots across the face of the goal.
24' Great move by Bobo Vieri, who unselfishly lays the ball off to Emre, who shoots straight at Tardioli.
24' BOBOGOOOOL!!!!. Vieri fires into the bottom right-hand corner after a move involving Emre and Cruz.
23' Fusani requires treatment after an aerial duel in the centre circle with Cristiano Zanetti.
21' Fusani creates space for himself then crosses over to the far post. Pasquale beats an onrushing opponent with a headed clearance.
20' Zac replaces Cordoba with Brechet.
20' From the distance, Cristiano Zanetti fires over Tardioli's crossbar.
19' Kily plays another ball towards the Perugia box. Nastos beats Vieri and clears.
19' Free kick to us 40 metres out after Emre is fouled by Tedesco.
17' Kily looks for Cruz with a pass to the edge of the Perugia area. Diamoutene intercepts.
17' From the left wing Pasquale passes to Vieri, who chests the ball to Cruz. The Argentine striker is intercepted.
15' Free kick to us as Cristiano is fouled in midfield. He takes it quickly, finding Vieri, and Inter mount an attack.
14' Cordoba's headed clearance goes as far as Fusani, who ventures into our box but finds Gamarra, who after two good challenges clears from danger.
13' After a quick check-up on the sideline, The Hammer comes back on.
12' The medical staff come on the pitch after C.Zanetti remains on the ground following a clash of heads with Obodo in midfield.
11' Emre receives a short pass back from Vieri then fires wide.
10' Matias Almeyda replaces The Hammer, who is stretchered off.
9' Ze Maria's cross-cum-shot from the right wing is tipped over the bar by Toldo.
9' Cristiano Zanetti pulls up as he chases Fusani in midfield. The medical staff have come on and it looks serious.
8' Farina awards Perugia a free kick after Cordoba makes a sliding tackle on Bothroyd just inside the Nerazzurri half.
8' Great skill and power by Emre, who storms past two opponents down the middle. The Turkish midfielder then loses his balance and Perugia gain possession.
6' Perugia captain Tedesco intercepts Adani's ball forward for Vieri and the visitors move forward.
5' Kily shoots over the far post after getting on the end of a Vieri pass.
4' Diamoutene gets the better of Cruz just outside the Perugia box with an acrobatic clearance.
3' Pasquale takes the ball to the left-wing by-line and crosses out of play.
2' Inter come forward. Vieri plays to Kily on the right wing then the Argentine's cross is blocked by the Umbrian defence.
1' Former Nerazzurri legend Ivan Zamorano saluted the fans in the minutes leading up to kick-off. Perugia get the match underway.
1' Perugia win a free kick ten metres inside our half as Emre fouls Obobo.
Minutes Text commentary
48' After 3 minutes of additional time Farina blows his whistle. 2-1 to the Nerazzurri.
43' Perugia pull one back through Tedesco, who pokes home from two metres.
42' Perugia bring on Gatti for Ignoffo.
35' BOBOGOLLLLLL!!!!! Vieri races onto Cruz's through ball, runs for 20 metres then slots coolly past Tardioli with a low shot in at the bottom left-hand corner.
31' Bobo shoots wide of the left-hand post after shaking off a challenge from Nastos.
30' Perugia are gaining in confidence when moving forward but can't get shots on target.
27' Tedesco misses a clear chance for the Umbrians, shooting wide of the far post from near range.
27' Lamouchi comes on for Emre.
22' Free kick to us ten yards outside the Perugia box as Cruz is fouled once again by Ignoffo. The Argentin's curled effort whizzes just wide of the left-hand post.
19' Ignoffo is booed by the fans and booked by Farina for a foul on Cruz.
17' Bobo Vieri races on goal then Diamoutene makes a tackle just outside the six-yard box. Tardioli collects.
15' It's one-way traffic at the Meazza as Inter maintain the initiative in attack.
10' Matias Almeyda replace The Hammer, who is stretchered off.
9' Cristiano Zanetti pulls up as he chases Fusani in midfield. The medical staff have come on and it looks serious.
5' Cruz receives short from Emre, turns his marker then plays to Vieri, who hasn't read the move. Perugia clear.
4' Diamoutene anticipates Cruz and heads clear from Kily's right-wing cross over to the far side.
2' Bobo beats the offside trap and races onto Julio Cruz's pass. Tardioli comes out of his penalty area to deny the Italy international.
1' Inter kick off the second half. FORZA RAGAZZI!
1' Ze Maria tries a one-two with Tedesco on the right wing but Pasquale intercepts and heads clear.
Kily Gonzalez
Average rating 7.19
7 shots on target 6
6 shots off target 6
25 fouls committed 19
0 corners 7
3 offsides 3
30:49 ball possession 27:48
Cosmi v Inter

Sunday's Week 12 clash is Serse Cosmi's seventh official match against the Nerazzurri. So far, the Perugia boss has registered 1 win, 1 draw and 4 defeats, and has never won at the San Siro. Cosmi's sides have let in at least one goal in each match, for a total of 14.

In detail:

2000/01 Serie A Perugia-Inter 2-3 1-2
2001/02 Serie A Perugia-Inter 0-2 1-4
2002/03 Serie A Perugia-Inter 4-1 2-2

Zac v Perugia

Zac has faced Perugia on 10 occasions, with 6 victories to his credit. Both draws finished 0-0, while the Umbrians have twice won 2-1.

In detail:

1994/95 Serie B Cosenza-Perugia 0-0 0-0
1996/97 Serie A Udinese-Perugia 2-1 1-2
1998/99 Serie A AC Milan-Perugia 2-1 2-1
1999/00 Serie A AC Milan-Perugia 3-1 3-0
2000/01 Serie A AC Milan-Perugia 1-2 ----
2001/02 Serie A Lazio-Perugia 5-0 ----

Zac v Cosmi

It's 1-1 between the current Nerazzurri and Perugia coaches, with Zac at home on both occasions.

In detail:

2000/01 Serie A AC Milan-Perugia 1-2 ----
2001/02 Serie A Lazio-Perugia 5-0 ----

Zac's black December

Alberto Zaccheroni's points average in the last calendar month of the year is 1.38, with 14 wins, 20 draws and 11 defeats from 45 matches.

No goal against Inter at San Siro for 283'

Inter haven't let in a goal in Serie A home matches since the 77th minute of the Week 5 Milan derby when Shevchenko scored for the Rossoneri. Since then the remaining 13 minutes of that game have passed plus the entire matches at home to Roma, Ancona and Reggina.

Vieri and Perugia

Currently on 96 goals for the Nerazzurri, Christian Vieri has put 10 past Perugia during his playing career in Italy. Verona are the other team Bobogol has scored double-figures against.

Second-half goals

Inter have scored 20 goals in the championship this season, with 12 of those coming in the last half hours of matches: 7 from 61' to 75' and 5 from 76' to 90' (incl. additional time). Expressed as a percentage, 60% of the Nerazzurri's goals have come in the last 30 minutes of matches.

Vryzas and Toldo

If Perugia are Vieri 's favourite target, Zisis Vryzas likes scoring against Toldo. Out of 28 goals for the Griffins (25 in the Serie A), the Greek striker has put 6 past the Inter goalkeeper.

Perugia close to negative Serie A record

The Umbrians have yet to win in this year's domestic championship. Their last victory was a 1-0 win at home to Atalanta on 19 April 2003. Since then, Perugia have managed 10 draws and 6 defeats to equal their record negative run of top- flight form set in 1980/81: 8 draws and 8 defeats from Weeks 7 to 22.

Top offenders

With 5 sendings-off in the first 11 matches of the season, Perugia have had more players red-carded than any other 2003/04 Serie A team.

Perugia and points thrown away

Sunday's Serie A opponents have dropped more points in second halves of matches than any other team this season. The Umbrians have given away 5 points in 11 restarts.

wins(9) draws(4) defeats(0)

starting lineups

Toldo 1 Tardioli
Adani 15 Zè Maria
Gamarra 24 Diamoutene
Cordoba 2 Ignoffo
Zanetti 4 Nastos
Zanetti 6 Grosso
Emre 5 Tedesco
Pasquale 26 Obodo
Kily Gonzalez 18 Fusani
Cruz 9 Margiotta
Vieri 32 Bothroyd


Fontana 12 Pardini
Brechet 31 Alioui
Almeyda 25 Coly
Lamouchi 8 Loumpoutis
Luciano 11 Genevier
Karagounis 19 Gatti
Martins 30 Berrettoni