Final score

22 May 2011 18:00

18' (2nd half) Nagatomo
3' (2nd half) Pazzini
15' Pazzini
3 - 1
21' (2nd half) Ledesma
Referee: Nicola Pierpaoli / Linesmen: Alessandroni, Barbirati / Fourth official: Ruini
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Minute Text commentary
46' After a minute of added time the first half of Inter v Catania is brought to a close with the score standing at 1-0 to Inter
45' Referee Pierpaoli adds on one minute of injury time
42' Kharja is beaten to the ball by Alvarez as he waits to receive in the area
39' The game is stopped while Chivu receives treatment following a clash with Alvarez
38' Pierpaoli doesn't see a foul on Stankovic and whistles only when Eto'o is in front of goal
37' Another high pass towards Pazzini but Terlizzi is there once again to head clear
36' Chivu tries to find Pazzini with a cross but again it's too deep
35' Nagatomo's cross from the right finds Eto'o who tried to find pazzini on the far post, but his assist takes a deflection and Terlizzi heads the ball clear
33' Pazzini tries to find Kharja in the area but Potenza clears for a corner
30' Another long ball for Schelotto but it is too long and bounces wide
29' Schelotto breaks away on the right and crosses for Bergessio, but Lucio is there to intercept
28' Another right-footed shot by Eto'o but this time it's over the bar
27' Eto'o curls a right-footer from a ball passed by Stankovic but Campagnolo dives to make the ball his
22' Play is brought to a halt as Ledesma receives treatment after a midfield clash with Thiago Motta
21' Kharja is stopped by Ledesma
20' Nagatomo finds space to cross from the right but it's just too long for Pazzini
18' Eto'o makes a run on the left wing and then heads for the centre, Terlizzi clears
15' GOAL INTER: Pazzini gets his name on the scoresheet. Eto'o finds Motta whose back-heel into the centre finds Potenza, but Kharja gets to the ball and finds Pazzini who makes no mistake. Inter 1 - 0 Catania
13' Eto'o crosses but the ball takes a deflection and Campagnolo is there to clear up
12' Carboni makes for goal from the right wing but his left-footed shot from outside the area flies wide on Castellazzi's left
8' Kharja once again tries to find the target from outside the area; his right-footed shot is hard and accurate, but rebounds off the bar
5' A long ball is launched for Schelotto but he can't make it and Castellazzi comes out to catch
4' Kharja tries a shot from the edge of the area but Potenza is there to block
3' Pazzini runs on to a pass into the box from Motta but his shot hits the side-netting
1' Welcome to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza where we are all set up for the kick-off of Inter v Catania, the final game of the season
1' The Nerazzurri kick off
1' To face Catania, Leonardo has picked the Ranocchia-Lucio duo in the centre of defence in front of Castellazzi in goal; they are flanked by Nagatomo and Chivu on the wings. In midfield we have Zanetti, Motta, Stankovic and Kharja and up front the strikers are Pazzini and Eto'o
Minute Text commentary
47' At the end of the two added minutes, the match ends with the score at Inter 3-1 Catania. The Nerazzurri finish this season's campaign in second position with a total of 76 points
45' Referee Pierpaoli allows two minutes of added time
43' Kharja blocks Bergessio's right-footed effort from the edge of the box
42' Another cross tries to make its way through to Milito but Campagnolo is there and drops to the ground to stop the ball
41' Gomez tries to find his way through on the right wing but his cross-cum-shot is stopped by Castellazzi
40' Chivu finds Milito on the left wing, but he is caught offside
38' Nagatomo tries to find Pazzini on the right but Alvarez is there to intercept
37' Bergessio tries to find his way in from the left wing but he watches his shot run wide
36' Milito passes to Pazzini on the edge of the box but Terlizzi gets there first and the danger passes
33' Kharja receives a pass and tries a shot but the ball spins out on Campagnolo's right
32' Samuel manages to get to the ball before Gomez and saves a dangerous situation
31' Nagatomo crosses the ball and Kharja manages to get his head to it but Campagnolo pushes the ball away
27' A ball finds Gomez on the right, but Chivu does well to clear
26' Kharja takes a corner, which Samuels turns onto the near post but Milito doesn't manage to get hold of the ball
25' SUBSTITUTION Inter: Samuel receives an ovation from the stands as he replaces Ranocchia
23' Campagnolo has to dive to keep out Chivu's header
21' GOAL Catania: Ledesma pulls one back. From a corner-kick Lodi picks out Ledesma who scores right-footed
18' GOAL Inter: this time Nagatomo makes the scoresheet. He receives the ball from Lucio and immediately sees a gap and thrashes the ball leaving Campagnolo stranded. Inter 3-0 Catania
16' Gomez gets away down the left wing and centres for Bergessio who is just too late to connect
15' Another high ball heading in the direction of Milito is cut out by Marchese
15' Pazzini picks up a ball from Lucio but decides to shoot rather than pass it and it flies high over the bar
11' SUBSTITUTION Inter: Stankovic makes way for Materazzi
10' SUBSTITUTION Catania: Ricchiuti comes on in place of Capuano
10' SUBSTITUTION Catania: Lodi is brought on in place of Carboni
10' Castellazzi gets his hand to Berfessio's right-footed effort
8' Now it's Stankovic's turn to try the right foot but it takes a deflecrion and goes wide
5' Kharja picks up a rebound from the defence and tries to curl the ball in but it passes Campagnolo's left post
3' GOAL Inter: and it's Pazzini once again. Stankovic sends Milito away on the right wing and he spots Pazzini breaking into the centre. A perfect cross which Pazzini takes volleying the ball right-footed into the net
1' The second half of Inter v Catania gets underway
1' SUBSTITUTION Inter: Eto'o comes off and Milito replaces him
Average rating 7.57
6 shots on target 5
9 shots off target 1
6 fouls committed 8
6 corners 7
2 offsides 2
60% ball possession 40%
Leonardo v Simeone: first time as coaches, Leo unbeaten as a player

This is the first time Leonardo and Simeone have met in their coaching careers, though they faced each other 4 times on the pitch as players: Leonardo (playing for AC Milan) never lost to Simeone (playing for Inter and Lazio), with 1 win for the Brazilian and 3 draws. Over the course of those 4 matches, Leonardo scored 2 goals and Simeone one.

Leonardo unbeaten against Catania

This is the fourth competitive fixture for Leonardo against the Sicilian outfit. The previous matches have resulted in 2 wins for the Brazilian (both in Catania) and 1 draw; his teams scored 2 goals in each of the 3 games. Leonardo never faced Catania in his playing days.

Simeone facing his ex-side for first time as a coach

This is the first time Diego Simeone, the coach, has faced Inter - the team he played for in the 1997/98 and 1998/99 seasons, making 85 appearances and netting 14 goals. During his time at the club he also won the 1997/98 UEFA Cup. On the pitch, Simeone has come up against the Nerazzurri on 12 occasions, with 4 wins, 6 draws and 2 defeats, scoring 2 goals in the process.

Inter's European record: no other Italian club in Champions League for 10 consecutive seasons

In 2011/12 Inter will be competing in the Champions Leagu for the tenth year in a row, having qualified every year since 2002/03. It is the longest run of consecutive appearances by any Italian club in the history of the Champions League/European Cup.

Eto’o: 100 times a Nerazzurri player

If he plays today, Samuel Eto’o will make his 100th appearance in competitive fixture sin Italy - all in Nerazzurri colours. His 99 appearances to date are divided as follows: 66 in Serie A, 5 in Coppa Italia, 23 in European competitions and 5 in other tournaments. Eto'o made his competitive debut for Inter on 8 August 2009, in the Italian Super Cup played in Beijing (Inter 1-2 Lazio).

Catania's record Serie A wins in 2010/11

Catania have won 12 of their 37 matches played in Serie A 2010/11, equalling the second highest number of wins the Sicilians have ever achieved in a season. They did better only in 1960/61 (15 wins), while they also won 12 games in 1964/65 and 2008/09. In Serie A 2010/11 Catania won 11 of their 19 home games, thereby equalling their highest number of home wins in a single season. That record that was set in 1960/61, then equalled in 1964/65 and 2008/09.

100% appearance record for Andujar

Mariano Andujar is one of 5 players to have stayed on the pitch for all 3330 minutes of the 37 Serie A matches played so far this season. The other 4 players with this record are also goalkeepers: Antonioli (Cesena), De Sanctis (Napoli), Eduardo (Genoa) and Rosati (Lecce).

Catania's record 3 Serie A wins on the bounce

Catania have won their last 3 league games, against Cagliari (2-0 at home), Brescia (2-1 away) and Roma (2-1 at home). If they were to beat the Nerazzurri today, the Sicilian outfit would set a new club record for consecutive Serie A wins. Their current 3-match winning run equals the one they achieved in 1960/61 between Week 13 and Week 15, when they beat Napoli (1-0 away), Padova (2-0 at home) and Bari (3-1 at home).

wins(14) draws(3) defeats(0)

starting lineups

Castellazzi 12 Campagnolo
Nagatomo 55 Potenza
Ranocchia 15 Carboni
Lucio 6 Schelotto
Chivu 26 Ledesma
Zanetti 4 Bergessio
Motta 8 Marchese
Stankovic 5 Gomez
Kharja 14 Alvarez
Pazzini 7 Terlizzi
Eto'o 9 Capuano


Orlandoni 21 Kosicky
Mariga 17 Lodi
Milito 22 Izco
Materazzi 23 Morimoto
Samuel 25 Augustyn
Pandev 27 Ricchiuti
Coutinho 29 Martinho