Inter 5
2 Parma

4 Crespo, 18 Stankovic, 19 Stankovic, 23 Cambiasso, 36 Crespo, 27 (2nd half) Motta, 30 (2nd half) Stankovic

referee Antonio Giannoccaro / linesmen Di Fiore, Marzaloni / 4th man Rizzoli
Serie A TIM — matchday 14 — Giuseppe Meazza, Milano — 28 November 2010 12:30

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1st half / 2nd half

45' / After no injury time, the first half ends 3-2 to Inter
44' / Free kick to Inter, Sneijder takes it: deflected by Dzemaili the ball goes wide
40' / Excellent block by Lucio on Angelo, who recieved the ball on the edge of the box
39' / Almost a third goal for Parma. Angelo's cross from the right is met by Crespo's header, Castellazzi get to it
36' / GOAL PARMA: CRESPO scores. Second goal for the Argentine former Nerazzurro, who with his right from the edge of the box beats Castellazzi
33' / Gobbi from the left puts it in the middle for Crespo who sends it wide by 5-6m to Castellazzi's right
32' / Pandev goes for it alone but is blocked on the edge of the box
30' / Biabiany serves Pandev from the right, the ball goes wide
27' / Candreva runs to the right and puts it in the middle for Crespo, anticipated by Lucio
23' / GOAL INTER: CAMBIASSO scores. Corner taken by Sneijder, Cambiasso scores from two yards out with his left foot. 3-1 in five minutes
19' / SECOND GOAL INTER: STANKOVIC scores. Biabiany serves the Serbian from the right, shot from the edge of the box, deflected by Antonelli: ball in the net
18' / GOAL INTER: STANKOVIC scores. With a shot from distance with his right, deflected by Lucarelli, Inter get the equaliser
16' / Candreva puts the ball in the box for Crespo, stopped for offside
14' / Giovinco takes a shot from the edge of the box, only just wide
13' / Candreva shoots from 25m out: the effort is central and doesn't trouble Castellazzi
12' / Shot on target by Candreva, Castellazzi sends it to his left
8' / Left footer by Pandev, served by Sneijder, the ball is blocked by the opposition's defence
6' / Initiative by Biabiany on the right, served by Sneijder, but the ball is cleared
4' / GOAL PARMA: CRESPO scores. The Argentine, served by Angelo from the right, with a back-heel sends the ball to the near post and beats Castellazzi. Parma in the lead with a goal by the former Nerazzurri player
3' / Shot by Crespo, served by Giovinco: ball oveer the bar
2' / Run by Sneijder on the right, there is no teammate next to him to continue the move
1' / Kick off taken by Parma
1' / Against Parma, Castellazzi confirmed in goal, centre-back pair of Lucio-Materazzi, with Cordoba and Zanetti full-backs; midfield dam of Stankovic and Cambiasso; the trio Biabiany-Sneijder-Santon behind Pandev
1' / Welcome to the Giuseppe Meazza stadium: all is ready for Inter-Parma
47' / After two minutes injury time, the game ends Inter-Parma 5-2
46' / Change for PArma: Angelo off, Ze Eduardo on
45' / The referee gives two minutes injury time
43' / Sneijder can no longer go on. As they have used all their substitutions Inter will end the game with 10 men
40' / Great reflex save by Castellazzi on his left against Paletta
36' / Bojinov's cross for the right is met by Crespo who turns and shoots: the ball goes over on Castellazzi's left
35' / Pandev, served by Motta, hits the side netting on a open goal
34' / Sneijder turns and shoots: Mirante leaps to the right to save
33' / Change for Inter: Stankovic off, Nwankwo on. Cheers from all the Meazza for the Serbian
30' / GOAL INTER: STANKOVIC gets his hat-trick. Sneijder with the assist, Stankovic with his right from the edge of the box puts it in. 5-2 for Inter.
29' / Post for Parma. Antonelli's cross from the left for Crespo whose header hits the post after beating Castellazzi
27' / GOAL INTER: THIAGO MOTTA scores. Long free kick by Snejider cleared by Mirante with his fists, Lucio puts it in the middle and Pandev helps it on with his head for Thiago Motta who slots it in from two yards out. 4-2
26' / Change for Parma: Giovinco off, Bojinov on
25' / Cambiasso's effort goes over the bar
22' / Change for Inter: Biabiany off, Thiago Motta on
19' / Vertical ball on the right by Angelo: the ball is to long and goes out of play
17' / Angelo's cross from the right for Giovinco, anticipated by Stankovic
15' / Angelo's cross-shot from the right goes some way over the bar
15' / Giovinco's right footer goes over the bar
12' / From the corner the ball falls to Angelo, his cross from the right is blocked by Castellazzi
11' / Excellent challenge by Lucio on Giovinco in the left of the box sending ball out for a corner
10' / Sneijder for Pandev, stopped for offside
9' / Biabiany to Pandev, stopped for offside
7' / Angelo hits the post, great chance for Parma
7' / Pandev shoots with his left, only just wide
4' / Great effort by Stanbkovic from outside the box with his right
3' / Castelazzi slides into Crepo who'd been served by a vertical ball by Giovinco
2' / Senijder's cross, ball to Cambiasso who shoots with his right, ball only just wide
1' / Change for Parma: Gobbi off, Valiani on
1' / Change for Inter: Santon off, Natalino on
1' / Second half kicks off, one change in each team

total votes 10558

Zanetti 7.2761
Cordoba 6.7483
Materazzi 4.6821
Stankovic 9.4274
Cambiasso 8.1815
Biabiany 7.8537
Santon 5.6919
Motta 7.9492
Lucio 7.0058
Sneijder 6.4624
Pandev 4.7735
Castellazzi 6.9803
Nwankwo 6.4271
Natalino 7.0939
average rating 6.8966







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6 shots on target 9
6 shots off target 5
0 fouls committed 0
5 corners 7
2 offsides 6
58% ball possession 42%



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MILAN - The game Inter-Parma ends 5-2, the first of Sunday's fixtures in the 14th round of the Serie A TIM 2010-2011.

Inter start chasing the game from the early stages, falling behind after just 4 minutes to a goal by former Inter man Hernan Crespo. But even less time is needed by Stankovic who turned it around in 60 seconds by scoring twice, aided by the perfect services from Biabiany (18th and 19th). And it was again the Frenchman to help the ball on for the Nerazzurri's third goal which was a great touch by Super Cambiasso (23rd). Crespo got his second and got Parma back int eh game in the 36th, but in the second half there was the return on the field and more importantly the goal for Thiago Motta just before the fantastic Stankovic got his hat-trick (75th).

FIRST HALF - With Eto'o banned for three games, Benitez relies on Goran Pandev for the Nerazzurri attack, with Biabiany, Sneijder and Santon in support to the Macedonian. On the bench three players from Inter's under 19 squad: Alibec, Biraghi and Benedetti. For Parma, there are Angelo with Crespo and Giovinco.
After the warm welcome by the Nerazzurri fans, Hernan Crespo immediately gets one over his former club and puts Parma ahead: from Angelo's cross, the Argentine aimed for the near post and with a back-heel he put the ball in net for the 0-1. The Nerazzurri tried to reply wiht a Sneijder cross for Pandev, the Macedonian controls well and goes for the goal, but his shot is deflected for a corner kick. Castellazzi denies Candreva's shot from distance (12'), whilst in the 14' Giovinco's right footed shot goes marginally over the bar. Inter's equaliser arrived in the 18th with a powerful and precise shot by Stankovic from outside the box which is deflected by Lucarelli for the 1-1. The Dragon doesn't give in and on Biabiany's perfect assist, a cut back fot the Serbian, another deflection - this time by Antonelli - the Nerazzurri turned the game around. An unstoppable Inter clinched the third goal. In the 23rd, from a Sneijder corner, Biabiany helped it on with his head and Cambiasso's winning touch was enough from two yards out to make it 3-1. In the 32nd, Pandev, could have got the fourth, but Lucarelli blocked him before Mirante collected the ball. Crespo gets Parma back in the game in the 36th: a poor clearance by Materazzi fell to Gobbi who first time served the Argentine, 3-2. But in the 39th - again with Crespo - Parma came close to a third. On Angelo's cross, in fact, the former Inter man headed the ball, but Castellazzi was ready to save the result. In the 43rd, Lucarelli clashed with Paletta and Inter earned a free kick from 23m, taken by Sneijder, the ball hit the wall and Dzemaili's header sent it out for a corner. After no injury time, Giannoccaro blew for the end of the first half.

SECOND HALF - The second half starts with Natalino on for Santon, Valiani for Gobbi in Parma and two great chances for each team, Inter first, with Cambiasso almost scoring from a Sneijder free kick (2nd); at the other end, from Giovinco's vertical ball, Crespo's effort was dealt with really well by Castellazzi who sent it wide with his left foot. In the 7th Parma again, Crespo's pass lands to Angelo and it was the post that saved the Nerazzurri. From the 22nd, after the injury against Cagliari, Thiago Motta finally returns to the field, Biabiany makes way, whilst in the 4th there was a change for Parma's front line: Giovinco off, Bojinov on. Motta came back and did so in the best way possible , with a great goal , which took the score to 4-2 thanks to Sneijder's cross and Materazzi's help. Parma tried to respond, hitting the crossbar when Crespo latched on the Antonelli's cross (29th), but Stankovic was in great vein and got his hat-trick: Sneijder's assist was followed by a powerful shot by the Serbian who made it five. Standing ovation for Stankovic as he made way for Nwankwo in the 33rd minute. In the 35th, an unlucky Pandev missed a chance after Thiago Motta's creation as he sent the ball into the side netting, whilst Castellazzi, 5 minutes later, was instrumental in a double save on Paletta's effort. In the 43rd  minute Inter were down to ten men: Sneijder was forced to leave the pitch after taking a knock to his ankle. After two minutes of injury time, Giannoccaro called an end to the game. The Nerazzurri returned to winning ways at the Meazza and reach 23pts in the table.

Goal scorers: Crespo 4, 36, Stankovic 18, 19 and 75, Cambiasso 23, Thiago Motta 72.

Inter: 12 Castellazzi; 2 Cordoba, 6 Lucio, 23 Materazzi, 4 Zanetti; 5 Stankovic (40 Nwankwo 78) 19 Cambiasso; 88 Biabiany (8 Thiago Motta 67) 10 Sneijder, 39 Santon (57 Natalino 46); 27 Pandev.

Unused Subs: 21 Orlandoni, 31 Alibec, 34 Biraghi, 36 Benedetti.

Coach: Rafael Benitez

Parma: 83 Mirante; 5 Zaccardo, 29 Paletta, 6 Lucarelli, 3 Antonelli; 7 Candreva, 10 Dzemaili, 18 Gobbi (46' 80 Valiani); 21 Giovinco (86 Bojinov 71), 9 Crespo, 13 Angelo (22 Ze Eduardo 90+1),
Unused Subs: 1 Pavarini, 24 Paci, 26 Pisano, 51 Della Fiore.
Coach: Pasquale Marino

Referee: Antonio Giannoccaro of Lecce
Notes: Injury times: 0-2'

Att: 49,787

Inter vs Parma

starting lineups

Castellazzi 12 Mirante
Cordoba 2 Zaccardo
Lucio 6 Paletta
Materazzi 23 Lucarelli
Zanetti 4 Antonelli
Stankovic 5 Candreva
Cambiasso 19 Dzemaili
Biabiany 88 Gobbi
Sneijder 10 Giovinco
Santon 39 Crespo
Pandev 27 Angelo


Orlandoni 21 Pavarini
Motta 8 Ze Eduardo
Alibec 31 Paci
Biraghi 34 Pisano
Benedetti 36 Della Fiore
Nwankwo 40 Valiani
Natalino 57 Bojinov

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