Brescia 2
2 Inter

21 Baggio, 4 (2nd half) Caracciolo, 17 (2nd half) Cruz, 42 (2nd half) Vieri (PK)

主審 Tiziano Pieri / 副審 Pisacreta, Copelli / 第4審判 Castellani
セリエA — DAY 6 — "Rigamonti", Brescia — 2003年10月18日 18:00

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45' / Pieri blows for half time.
44' / Inter build up a move on the right wing. Captain Zanetti wins a corner. Saja punches clear Recoba's corner kick.
42' / Vieri gets on the end of high ball into the Brescia are and volleys over the bar.
41' / Helveg loses the ball in defence then wins it back again after a challenge on Baggio.
40' / Vieri looks to get on the end of of ball into the Brescia six-yard box but Saja gets there first.
39' / The Nerazzurri maintain possession of the ball and start showing some good football.
38' / Filippini intercepts Materazzi's long ball foward and sets up a counter-attack.
36' / Brescia win a free kick in their own box after Kily fouls Martinez.
33' / Recoba picks up the ball in the Brescia box then cuts back for Kily Gonzalez. The Argentine fails to make clean contact with the ball.
32' / Cristiano Zanetti sends a left-wing cross into the Brescia box. Dainelli clears.
30' / Javier Zanetti plays the ball through to Vieri, who is anticipated.
28' / Matuzalem shakes off a challenge from Almeyda on the left wing then cuts the ball back to Baggio, who plays a one-two with Caracciolo then shoots off-target from just outside the six-yard box. Pieri gives a foul against Il Divin Codino.
26' / Di Biagio combines with Baggio and Matuzalem, but the latter's final pass is intercepted by the Nerazzurri defence.
23' / Caracciolo twists and turns on the right but can't find a way past Brechet and Materazzi.
21' / Playing his 430th Serie A match, Roberto Baggio capitalises on a goalkeeping error by Toldo and shoots into an open goal. It's his 195th Serie A goal.
20' / Spectacular shot by Kily, who picks up a ball from Cristianoi Zanetti and volleys at the near post with the outside of his left foot.
18' / Cristiano Zanetti links up with Kily on the left wing then crosses into the box. Mareco clears.
15' / On the right wing Matrix tackles Carraciolo to clear from danger.
13' / Di Biagio strikes the free kick on target, Toldo gets down well and saves.
12' / Di Biagio beats Vieri to a ball and makes a run down the middle. Almeyda brings down his former team-mate from behind. Free kick to the Swallows.
10' / Vieri sprints onto a ball played into the Brescia box, but Dainelli gets the better of the Inter striker and plays the ball out of defence.
9' / Cordoba anticipates Baggio in the Inter box and blasts clear.
8' / Inter win a right-wing corner. Recoba plays the ball over to the far post where Cordoba heads over the crossbar.
7' / Brechet goes on a run down the left then crosses into the Brescia box. Petruzzi heads clear.
5' / Materazzi snuffs out a Brescia attack and plays the ball to Recoba. The Uruguayan is stopped in midfield.
3' / Carraciolo combines with Baggio on the right wing then passes to Matuzalem, who brings the best out of Toldo with a well-struck shot from outside the area.
2' / Inter slowly build up a move from the back and come forward. Mareco intercepts the ball in midfield.
1' / The Nerazzurri, playing in their yellow away strip, get the match underway.
52' / Vieri heads Recoba's right-wing corner well off target. It's the last action of the match as Pieri blows for full time. Brescia 2-2 Inter.
50' / Free kick to Inter on the left wing as Emre is fouled. Recoba's cross is cleared by the Brescia defence. Seconds later El Chino whips the ball into the box. Cruz' header is too weak.
48' / Baggio sets up Caracciolo with a chipped pass forward. But Cordoba is right on his man and wins the ball.
45' / There will be 7 minutes of additional time.
43' / Brighi replaces former Nerazzurri player Di Biagio.
42' / We're level! Bobogol smashes the ball into the back of the net. FORZA RAGAZZI!
41' / Penalty to Inter as Cruz is brought down in the area by Dainelli.
38' / Brescia come forward on the break with Baggio. The veteran striker lays the ball off for Caracciolo who is fouled by Cordoba.
35' / Javier Zanetti receives a blow to the head during a challenge and requires attention from the medics.
34' / Caracciolo remains on the ground following a tackle by Materazzi. Free kick to Brescia 35 yards out.
33' / Emre dribbles an opponent then tries to weave his way into the box. Pieri blows for a foul by the Turk on Schopp.
32' / Inter mount a sustained attack but the Brescia defence holds up well. The ball is eventually played forward to Baggio, who counter-attacks.
30' / Recoba receives on the left wing from Brechet then unleashes a left-footed shot which Saja tips round for a corner.
27' / Mauri attempts a shot with the outside of his right foot but it's way off target.
26' / De Biasi brings on Mauri for Bachini.
23' / Cuper replaces Helveg with Emre.
22' / Brescia substitution: Schopp replaces Filippini.
19' / Helveg crosses in from the right wing. Cruz fouls Filippini in his attempt to win the ball.
17' / GOAL! Cruz reduces the deficit with a diving header from Recoba's free kick.
16' / Recoba chests the ball down then from 25 yards sends a low, angled shot wide of the far post.
15' / Julio 'El Jardinero' Cruz comes on for Kily Gonzalez.
14' / Vieri heads Brechet's left-wing cross off-target.
10' / Caracciolo is stretchered off after Materazzi commits a foul on the Brescia striker.
9' / Dainelli requires attention following an aerial clash with Recoba.
7' / Caracciolo creates more danger for Inter but Cordoba is well-positioned and makes a good challenge inside the Inter penalty area.
6' / Materazzi heads Recoba's left-wing corner down for Vieri, who fails to beat Saja from close range.
5' / Cruz is warming up on the touchline.
4' / Young talent Caracciolo outjumps the Inter defence to head Baggio's right-wing cross past Toldo from six yards.
2' / Recoba's right-wing corner kick is headed inches wide by Brechet.
1' / Matulazem fires a ferocious shot just wide of Toldo's right-hand post after a good move by Brescia.
1' / No changes have been made to either teams as Brescia kick off the second half.

採点者 5192

Recoba 6.0378
Vieri 5.5485
Zanetti 5.3907
Zanetti 5.9446
Cordoba 5.1649
Materazzi 5.4559
Emre 6.5592
Toldo 4.3164
Almeyda 4.5453
Helveg 4.3048
Kily Gonzalez 5.6842
Brechet 4.7162
Cruz 7.0396




2011年3月11日 1-1 18' Eto'o , 85' Caracciolo Vai alla partita
2005年5月8日 0-3 57' Martins, 69' Martins, 94' Vieri Vai alla partita
2003年10月18日 2-2 21' Baggio, 49' Caracciolo, 62' Cruz, 87' Vieri (R) Vai alla partita
2003年4月19日 0-1 93' Crespo Vai alla partita
2001年12月9日 1-3 18' Ronaldo, 20' Tare, 64' Vieri, 70' Vieri Vai alla partita
2001年4月29日 1-0 11' Baggio (R) Vai alla partita
1998年2月1日 0-1 75' Ronaldo Vai alla partita
1994年9月18日 0-0
1993年4月18日 1-3 53' Sabau, 56' e 61' Sosa, 81' Schillaci
1987年2月1日 0-1 13' Passarella
1980年12月14日 0-0
1970年2月8日 1-1 31' Menichelli, 83' Rig. Boninsegna
1967年11月12日 2-0 3' Fumagalli, 63' Salvi
1967年3月5日 0-3 48' Domenghini 67' Mazzola, 82' Mazzola
1965年10月24日 2-2 38' Landini (Aut), 47' Domenghini, 48' De Paoli, 71' Guarneri
1947年3月9日 2-2 37' Messora (Rig), 59' Muci, 65' Penzo, 86' Gallea (Aut)
1945年12月9日 1-2 50' Fabbri, 59' Quario, 90' Penzo
1935年9月22日 1-0 60' Schiavetta
1935年5月5日 1-1 28' Chiecchi, 88' Mascheroni
1933年12月31日 1-1 42' Reggiani (BR), 45' Levratto
1931年10月4日 0-2 63' Demaria, 68' Meazza
1931年3月1日 0-0
1930年1月12日 0-0
1929年2月24日 0-0
1926年11月21日 0-3 2 Powolny, E.Rivolta
1926年3月28日 0-1 Tornabuoni
1924年10月5日 1-0
1923年12月30日 1-1 Agradi
1921年11月27日 3-1 Carozzi
1919年10月19日 1-1 Asti
1914年11月22日 0-2 L.Cevenini III, Agradi


4 枠内シュート 6
2 枠外シュート 4
12 ファウル 17
1 CK 10
3 オフサイド 1
25:38 ポゼッション 28:31



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Brescia vs Inter


Saja 1 Toldo
Dainelli 2 Cordoba
Petruzzi 4 Zanetti
Martinez 6 Zanetti
Matuzalem 13 Helveg
Baggio 18 Kily Gonzalez
Mareco 20 Recoba
Filippini 23 Materazzi
Bachini 25 Almeyda
Caracciolo 31 Brechet
Di Biagio 32 Vieri


Agliardi 12 Fontana
Mauri 5 Emre
Brighi 9 Cruz
Maniero 15 Adani
Correa 17 Cannavaro
Schopp 22 Okan
Gonzalez 30 Martins

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