2007年5月27日 15:00

22' (2nd half) Figo (PK)
15' (2nd half) Maicon
12' Materazzi (PK)
主審 Daniele Orsato / 副審 Rubino, Altomare / 第4審判 Ciampi
47' Inter lead Torino 1-0 at the break.
47' Inter close to a second goal. Crespo just fails to flick home Maxwell's inswinging cross from the left.
45' 2 minutes of added time.
45' Di Loreto collects a Rosina ball square and crashes his 25-yard shot into the Curva Nord.
43' Good chance for Inter. Crespo's pass for Mariano Gonzalez is a touch too long.
43' It's Mexican wave time at the Meazza as the fans warm up for the party.
41' Di Loreto's low shot from 25 yards takes a slight deflection, but it's still an easy save for Francesco Toldo.
38' Ogbonna makes a clearance from Figo's corner. Maxwell hits the loose ball over Taibi's bar.
38' Figo's cross from the right spins off Balestri. Corner for Inter.
37' The Meazza roars as Maxwell dispossesses Comotto on the left wing.
36' Maxwell tries to chip Taibi from 30 yards but the Brazilian's effort is way off target.
35' Great sliding tackle by Cordoba on Muzzi to deny the Toro striker a diagonal run in from the left.
33' Figo dances his way into the Toro box. His left-foot shot is blocked by Francschini. Taibi catches the Portuguese midfielder's cross from the resulting corner.
30' Mariano Gonzalez dribbles the entire Torino defence but fails to apply the final touch. The visitors clear.
29' Brevi blocks a Maxwell ball in from the left.
26' Muzzi unleashes a right-foot effort from the right angle of the Inter area. It's wide of the far post.
25' Comotto is booked following a scuffle with Materazzi.
24' Mariano Gonzalez miscues his return ball for Maicon after a storming run through the middle by the Brazilian wing-back.
22' Balestri boots behind for a corner after a fast ball into the six-yard box by Maicon. Figo's right-wing cross from the corner flag is cleared with some difficulty by the Torino backline.
21' Free kick to Inter in a central position 30 yards out after a Franceschini foul on Figo.
20' Toro midfielder De Ascentis, making his 400th professional appearance this afternoon, makes an elegant clearance from Maxwell's cross.
18' Back in the Granata half, Brevi blocks and clears a Maicon cross to deny Crespo a clear chance on goal.
17' Free kick to Torino just outside our box, awarded for a foul on Muzzi. Rosina's curling effort is a yard wide of Toldo's right-hand post.
16' Toro fantasista Rosina weaves his way into the Inter area. Cordoba and Materazzi close him down and the Italian defender smashes clear.
15' Maxwell races on to a Figo ball down the left and sends a fast cross into the area from the by-line. There's no team-mate on hand.
14' Maxwell whips in a cross from the left. Headed clearance by Franceschini.
12' Taibi booked for his penalty foul on Gonzalez.
12' Penalty!!!! Maicon plays in Mariano Gonzalez who goes down under a challenge from Taibi. Referee Orsato points to the spot.
12' GOOOOAAAALLL!!!!!!!!!! Materazzi finds the right corner, and we're 1-0 up at the Meazza.
12' With that penalty Materazzi has brought his tally for the season into double figures.
11' Inter are straight back into the Granata half. Figo zips past Balestri and gets a cross in. Taibi makes a diving save.
10' Barone brings the ball out of defence and plays a long low ball forward to Muzzi. Cordoba gets there first and plays calmly back to Toldo.
9' Mariano Gonzalez overhits his through pass for Figo. Taibi collects.
6' Figo sends in a low cross from the right. Franceschini makes a poked clearance. It's all Inter in these opening minutes.
5' Figo does well to control a long ball over to the right wing, but can't stop it from rolling over the line for a Toro goal kick.
3' Great looping cross into the box by Figo from a deep position. Taibi beats Crespo to the ball.
2' Cambiasso heads over Maicon's right-wing cross. A good start by the Nerazzurri.
2' Figo collects a Maxwell pass wide and whips in a cross. Toro keeper Taibi makes a punched clearance.
1' Inter will be officially crowned Italian champions after the final whistle. To follow, a Scudetto party to involve a host of Italian celebrities.
1' You can watch the title celebrations on inter.it from 19:15CET. Visit this page for all the details: http://www.inter.it/aas/news/reader?N=26598&L=en
1' Inter: 1 Toldo; 13 Maicon, 2 Cordoba, 23 Materazzi, 6 Maxwell; 7 Figo, 5 Stankovic, 19 Cambiasso, 4 Zanetti; 91 Mariano Gonzalez, 18 Crespo.
1' Torino: 1 Taibi; 22 Comotto, 4 Brevi, 14 Franceschini, 3 Balestri; 10 Rosina, 15 De Ascentis, 25 Di Loreto, 8 Barone, 18 Ogbonna; 9 Muzzi.
1' Inter's brand new away shirt for the 2007/08 season was unveiled in a press conference ahead of today's game. Read about it here: http://www.inter.it/aas/news/reader?N=26601&L=en
1' Inter president Massimo Moratti will watch today's match sat next to Roberto Mancini on the Inter bench instead of in his usual seat in the Tribune of Honour.
1' After a minute's silence in memory of Serie B side Rimini's president Vincenzo Bellavista, Inter kick off.
1' Welcome to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milan's San Siro district for our final game of the season.
48' The Scudetto prize-giving ceremony will take place shortly. Stay tuned to inter.it for all the photos. You can watch the title celebrations on the site from 19:15CET. Visit this page for all the details: http://www.inter.it/aas/news/reader?N=26598&L=en.
47' Full time. Inter beat Torino 3-0.
46' Fontana saves Solari's header from Crespo's beautiful flicked pass, but the flag goes up for offside.
45' There will be 2 minutes of added time.
45' Abbruscato's angled shot is saved by Toldo.
43' At the other end, Toldo keeps out Muzzi's 20-yard effort.
42' Fontana gets down to save a low, long-range effort from Stankovic.
42' Recoba has one of his left-foot specials saved by Fontana. Corner for Inter.
40' Toro make their final change. Abbruscato comes on for Di Loreto.
40' Dejan Stankovic has a low shot blocked by Franceschini.
39' Choutos, who seems desperate to score today, makes a darting run on goal but slips as he arrives at the edge of the area.
38' Rosina cracks one on target from 20 yards. Once again, Materazzi blocks.
37' Roberto Muzzi's shot from distance is deflected behind for a corner.
36' Choutos pokes home after latching on to a Solari pass, but the flag goes up for offside.
34' Inter make their third change. Greek striker Lambros Choutos is on for Mariano Gonzalez.
31' Mariano takes the corner himself. Martinelli makes the clearance.
30' Gonzalez' left-wing cross comes off Brevi and goes behind for a corner.
29' Inter bring on Santiago Solari for Luis Figo. The Portuguese midfielder is given a standing ovation.
27' Rosina has a go from distance. Materazzi blocks the shot.
25' Comotto hits a low shot a yard wide of Toldo's left-hand post.
23' Torino replace Taibi with Fontana.
22' Figo scores from the spot, and San Siro goes wild. Inter 3-0 Torino.
21' The fans call for Figo to take the penalty. And Luis steps up to the spot.
20' Another penalty!!!! Toro captain Brevi trips Mariano Gonzalez in the box.
19' Figo fires wide from 25 yards. Good attempt by the Portuguese ace.
19' Maicon goes on another rampaging run down the right. He crosses in for Recoba, but Franceschini gets there first and makes a headed clearance.
17' Maicon booked for protests after having a penalty claim turned down.
15' That was Maicon's third of the season after his goals against Sampdoria and Valencia.
15' GOOOAALLLL!!!!! Maicon dances past three during a run from the right and then fires left-footed past Taibi and into the far corner. What a splendid goal by the Brazilian! Inter 2-0 Torino.
13' Recoba looks to feed through to Stankovic after receiving from the Serbian, but the Uruguayan fluffs his return pass.
12' Rosina floats one into the box but it's too long for Barone.
11' Materazzi's back post header from Figo's corner is deflected out for a another corner. Nothing comes of it
10' Figo plays a one-two with Maicon and goes down in the box after contact with De Ascentis. No penalty, but a corner instead.
9' Rosina's curling free kick is just wide of the upright.
8' Toro awarded a free kick in a central position 25 yards out after a Materazzi foul from behind on Rosina.
7' Muzzi combines with Rosina, who is promptly tackled by the ever watchful Ivan Cordoba.
5' Mariano Gonzalez tries a one-two with Figo but Brevi moves quickly to intercept the return ball.
4' The pace has dropped considerably in the opening minutes of the second half.
1' Torino kick off the second half. FORZA INTER!!!!
1' And Inter have brought on Recoba for Maxwell.
1' The visitors have replaced Ogbonna with Martinelli.
チーム<br>平均点 8.4
5 枠内シュート 3
3 枠外シュート 7
7 ファウル 13
7 CK 1
3 オフサイド 0
00 ポゼッション 00
勝(47) 分(29) 敗(17)


Toldo 1 Taibi
Maicon 13 Comotto
Cordoba 2 Brevi
Materazzi 23 Franceschini
Maxwell 6 Balestra
Figo 7 Rosina
Stankovic 5 De Ascentis
Cambiasso 19 Di Loreto
Zanetti 4 Barone
Gonzalez 91 Obgonna
Crespo 18 Muzzi


Carini 79 Fontana
Ibrahimovic 8 Cioffi
Grosso 11 Oguro
Burdisso 16 Abbruscato
Recoba 20 Predko
Solari 21 Martinelli
Choutos 99 Schiattarella