The Academy

Inter Academy is the international expression of our Club’s Academy, which has been very succesful in recent years thanks to a deep know-how on and off the pitch. This success is built on a very clear pillar: we want our kids to become excellent men first and then champions.

The ethical responsibility we have is taken in great consideration not only by the Academy, but also by the Club as a whole. In this respect, the Club adopted a code,“Inter Corporate Policy for Children”, created for the compliance with international and Italian principles on child protection.

Respect for others, active participation in the life of the group, exchanging ideas and sharing in victory or defeat, as an individual and collective learning experience, all play a central role in our Academy. Our kids will become excellent citizens and brothers of the world.

The technical connection between the Academy based in Milan and the other centres is the foundation of the youth sector and what makes Inter unique. Every Academy we have in the world is an extension of the Club and the people who are involved abroad are the same who are part of our Academy based in Milan.

Several activities are undertaken every year to strenghten this relation and to improve our Academies worldwide.


We are confident that our coaching method is of very high standards.
The experience we have in youth football and the success we achieved, have been the reasons why we decided to go abroad and share what we do at our Academy in Milan.

To give every child the exposure to our method is what motivate us and, at the same time, we really want them to grow at their home, which is the natural environment where the kids can thrive.

Participation in sports can help build self-esteem and confidence, can motivate children to excel academically and can help build social skills.
Furthermore, everyone at Inter Academy share love for the game and, through the passion of our people, we want to inspire young generation to do the same and have motivation throughout their lives.

The technical know how transfer has a focus on coaching the coaches, as we believe that to enhance local coaches ability is a crucial step in order to build an excellent football structure at youth level.

All our projects have long term duration and this prove the quality of our ambitions.