Final score

4 April 2004 20:30

2' (2nd half) Stankovic
45' Vieri (P)
6' Martins
48' (2nd half) Di Vaio
26' Kily Gonzalez o.g.
Referee: Pierluigi Collina / Linesmen: Ivaldi, Pisacreta / Fourth official: Palanca
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Minute Text commentary
46' Zambrotta's shot from the distance takes a deflection but Fontana is well-positioned and collects. It's the last move of the half as Collina blows for half time.
45' GOOOAAALLLL!!!! Vieri's fiercely struck spot kick gives Buffon no chance. 2-1 to us.
45' 1 minute of added time to play.
44' Javier Zanetti creates space for himself to the right of the Juve box then sees his low shot blocked by an opponent.
44' Stankovic is sent flying by Zambrotta inside the Juve box. After consulting the linesman, Collina awards Inter a penalty.
42' Martins' floated cross from the left sails over the heads of Vieri and two Bianconeri players.
41' Vieri's free kick comes off the Bianconeri wall.
41' Cristiano Zanetti makes a superb challenge in midfield then plays forward to Vieri, who wins a right-wing corner for the Nerazzurri.
40' Fontana catches Birindelli's right-wing cross then throws to Stankovic, who storms down the right. His cross is handballed by Tacchinardi and we win a free kick 25 yards out.
39' Javier Zanetti makes a great tackle on Appiah to neutralise a Juventus attack.
38' No Bianconeri player is at the far post to connect with Miccoli's right-wing cross. Throw-in to us.
37' Martins is an inch offside as he gets on the end of Stankovic's through ball.
36' From the right Cordoba crosses to Vieri, who passes back to Stankovic. The Serb's return pass to the Inter striker is intercepted by Montero.
35' Fontana punches clear Miccoli's corner, but Juve win another set piece after Zambrotta's long-range shot comes off Javier Zanetti.
34' Cordoba heads out for a corner after Miccoli, Trezeguet and Camoranesi combine for the visitors.
33' Tacchinardi cuts out Cordoba's low ball forward intended for Vieri.
33' Kily brings down Legrottaglie as he aims to reach a ball played down the left.
32' Camoranesi fouls Farinos on the left wing. Free kick to us 30 yards out.
31' Fontana punches clear Miccoli's right-wing cross.
30' Oba receives a superb ball from Farinos but takes too long to decide whether to make a shot or not.
30' Vieri's left-footed volley from Kily's left-wing cross finishes just wide of the right-hand post.
28' Montero cuts out Vieri's forward pass for Martins and Juve come forward.
27' Juve on the break again. Camoranesi receives in space on the right then crosses into the middle. Materazzi plays clear.
25' Kily heads Camoranesi's cross into his own net. 1-1.
24' Cordoba chests down a Juve ball forward to deny Trezeguet a one-on-one with Jimmy Fontana.
23' On the right wing Kily is intercepted by Camoranesi, who plays forward for Miccoli. Carlos Alberto Gamarra gets to the ball first and plays clear.
21' Stankovic's chipped pass for Oba is headed clear by Montero. In the meantime Farinos remains on the ground after a challenge with Appiah and needs medical attention.
20' Tacchinardi chops down Stankovic in the centre circle. Collina awards the Nerazzurri a free kick.
19' Appiah runs into a Nerazzurri sandwich and Farinos intercepts.
18' Oba slips and fails to meet Gamarra's ball forward. Legrottaglie wins possession and plays clear.
16' Farinos' curled effort takes a deflection off the black and white wall. Corner.
16' Materazzi slices Farinos' cross into the Juve box.
14' Javier Zanetti storms down the right then sees his pass for Martins cut out by Montero.
14' Free kick to us in a central position 25 yards out after Vieri is obstructed by Tudor.
13' Vieri takes on Legrottaglie then his left-wing cross spins off the Bianconeri defender's leg and goes into the hand of Buffon.
12' Kily intercepts a crossfield pass. Inter come forward with Oba but the Nigerian's pass to Vieri is intercepted and Juve play out of defence.
11' Oba is obstructed by Montero as he tries to get on the end of Cordoba's forward pass. The Juve defender is shown a yellow card.
10' Tudor cuts out Stankovic's pass and Inter win a left-wing corner. Buffon catches Farinos' corner and sets up a move for the Bianconeri.
8' Obagol beats the offisde trap to latch on to Farinos' through ball then slips before regaining his balance and plays back to Stankovic, whose cross goes out of play at the far side.
6' GOOAALLLL!!!!! Kily passes short to Vieri, who feeds the ball through to Stankovic, The Serb takes on Legrottaglie then passes square to Oba Martins, who from close range shoots home.
5' Legrottaglie brings down Gamarra as he jumps to head wide Fabrizio Miccoli's right-wing corner kick.
4' Farinos is intercepted by Camoranesi and Juve move forward. Miccoli's pass wide for Trezeguet is cut out by Cordoba.
3' Free kick to Inter after Birindelli fouls Kily on the left wing. Buffon and Vieri jump to meet Farinos' inswinger, and Collina gives a foul against the Inter striker.
2' Birindelli plays to Tacchinardi on the right. The midfielder tries a backheeled pass for Trezeguet but Gamarra has read the move and intercepts.
1' Welcome to a jam-packed San Siro for tonight's big match between Inter and Juventus. Pierluigi Collina blows his whistle, and the Bianconeri get the match underway.
1' Miccoli feeds the ball through to Appiah on the left. Cordoba makes the tackle but Collina blows for a foul on the Colombia captain.
Minute Text commentary
48' Di Vaio pulls one back for Juventus with a header into the bottom left-hand corner from Birindelli's free kick.
48' Full time. Inter 3-2 Juventus.
47' Zambrotta fouls Cordoba as both players race to meet a Juve pass to the left wing.
46' Cristiano Zanetti's shot from Karagounis' cut-back is off-target.
45' Inside the Juve penalty box Karagounis dribbles two then is tackled by Zambrotta.
45' There will be 3 minutes of added time.
44' Marco Di Vaio's ambitious shot from the distance is blocked by Cordoba.
43' Maresca's right-wing cross goes out of play at the far side. Throw-in.
41' Oba Martins tries to take on Zambrotta on the right but is dispossessed.
37' Zaccheroni makes his third and final switch. Standing ovation for Kily is as he is replaced by Thomas Helveg.
34' Giorgos is fouled by Di Vaio on the right wing. Free kick to us.
33' Ooooohhhh! The Nerazzurri build up a move and Karagounis' fierce strike from the distance is deflected out for a corner.
32' Di Vaio takes the ball to the right-wing by-line and Gamarra concedes a corner. Maresca takes, Materazzi heads clear at the far side.
31' Free kick to us 25 yards out after Kily is fouled. Almeyda's curled effort is cleared.
30' Great defending by Marco Materazzi, who at full stretch cuts out Di Vaio's headed pass intended for Maresca.
29' Oba Martins receives from Cristiano Zanetti, makes a diagonal run on goal then blasts his shot over the bar.
28' On the right wing Birindelli makes a sliding tackle to win the ball off Bobo Vieri.
27' Vieri handballs Martins' right-wing cross. Free kick to Juventus.
27' Lippi brings on veteran midfielder Antonio Conte for Camoranesi.
24' Giorgos Karagounis replaces Stankovic, who comes off to applause from the fans.
23' Vier's 25-yarder comes of Tudor's head and into the hands of Buffon.
22' Kily nutmegs Birindelli on the left then sees his cross come off Legrottaglie. Superb play by the Argentine and corner to us.
22' Legrottaglie's clearance from the corner falls to Vieri, whose shot is parried by Buffon. Materazzi has a chance from the loose ball but fires wide.
21' At the other end Fontana denies an onrushing Di Vaio.
20' Vieri lets Javier Zanetti's pass square roll on for Martins, but Tacchinardi is there and intercepts.
20' Buffon anticipates Vieri to Javier Zanetti's right-wing cross.
18' In space to the right of the Juve goal Oba Martins slices his shot. Goal kick.
17' Montero trips Martins on the right-wing and is yellow-carded.
17' It's his second card and the Uruguayan is forced to leave the pitch. Bianconeri down to ten men.
15' Vieri's first-time shot from Stankovic's left-wing centre is way over the bar.
14' Buffon does well to anticipate Martins to a return pass from Bobo Vieri.
13' Fontana comes off his line to deny Di Vaio.
12' Montero fouls Martins in the centre circle. Free kick.
11' Miccoli's thunderous shot from the distance goes inches over Fontana's bar.
11' It's the diminutive forward's last kick of the match as he is replaced with Marco Di Vaio.
10' Farinos, who has had an excellent game for Inter, is replaced by Almeyda. The Spaniard is applauded by the Meazza.
9' Martins tries to turn Legrottaglie after receiving a forward pass from Farinos but the Bari-born defender is well-positioned and makes the tackle.
9' Farinos is yellow-carded for pulling Camoranesi off the ball.
9' At the far post Legrottaglie heads wide Miccoli's right-wing cross.
8' Matias Almeyda is warming up on the touchline.
7' Buffon jumps to catch Kily's floated left-wing cross.
6' Inside the opposing penalty box Vieri barges his way past three Juve players but Collina spots a foul on Zambrotta. Free kick to the visitors.
5' Camoranesi's cross from the right goes out of play. Goal kick.
3' Inspirational save by Fontana, who parries Zambrotta's shot from just inside the box. But in any case the Bianconeri wing-back was offside.
2' 3-1!!!! The Spaniard's corner kick is flicked on by Cordoba then at the far post Stankovic stabs home from close range.
1' Inter kick off the second half of this fascinating Italy derby. FORZA NERAZZURRI!!!
1' Juventus bring on Maresca for Appiah at the start of the second period.
1' Bobo latches on to Farinos' cross at the far side then wins a right-wing corner.
Kily Gonzalez
Average rating 7.57
6 shots on target 1
6 shots off target 2
16 fouls committed 16
7 corners 5
6 offsides 5
39:08 ball possession 29:02
Disciplinary situation

Suspended: Kallon
Cautioned: Almeyda, Pasquale, Stankovic, Vieri
Former players: Vieri (37 apps, 14 goals in official matches in 1996/97)

Suspended: -
Cautioned: Birindelli, Camoranesi, Del Piero, Montero, Zambrotta
Former players/coaches: Lippi (25 wins, 11 draws and 15 defeats in 51 official matches from July 1999 to October 2000)

Zaccheroni v Lippi

The current Juventus and Inter coaches have met in 21 official matches. Lippi has the edge with 7 victories to 6, with the other 9 games ending in draws.

In detail:

1991/92 C. Italia Venezia-Lucchese 0-0 1-3
1991/92 Serie B Venezia-Lucchese 0-0 1-1
1992/93 C. Italia Venezia-Atalanta 1-2 2-0
1995/96 Serie A Udinese-Juventus 1-0 1-2
1996/97 Serie A Udinese-Juventus 1-4 3-0
1997/98 Serie A Udinese-Juventus 1-1 1-4
1998/99 Serie A AC Milan-Juventus 1-1 ----
1999/00 Serie A AC Milan-Inter 1-2 2-1
1999/00 C. Italia AC Milan-Inter 2-3 1-1
2001/02 Serie A Lazio-Juventus 1-0 1-1
2003/04 C. Italia Inter-Juventus 2-2 2-2
2003/04 Serie A Inter-Juventus ---- 3-1

Zaccheroni v Juventus

In official matches against Juventus, Zaccheroni has notched 6 victories, 6 draws and 5 defeats.

In detail:

1995/96 Serie A Udinese-Juventus 1-0 1-2
1996/97 Serie A Udinese-Juventus 1-4 3-0
1997/98 Serie A Udinese-Juventus 1-1 1-4
1998/99 Serie A AC Milan-Juventus 1-1 2-0
1999/00 Serie A AC Milan-Juventus 2-0 1-3
2000/01 Serie A AC Milan-Juventus 2-2 0-3
2001/02 Serie A Lazio-Juventus 1-0 1-1
2003/04 C. Italia Inter-Juventus 2-2 2-2
2003/04 Serie A Inter-Juventus ---- 3-1

Lippi v Inter

In 25 official matches against Inter, Marcello Lippi (Nerazzurri coach from July 1999 until October 2000) has won 6, drawn 13 and lost 6.

In detail:

1989/90 Serie A Cesena-Inter 2-3 1-1
1990/91 Serie A Cesena-Inter 1-5 ----
1992/93 Serie A Atalanta-Inter 1-1 0-1
1993/94 Serie A Napoli-Inter 0-0 0-0
1994/95 Serie A Juventus-Inter 0-0 0-0
1995/96 Serie A Juventus-Inter 1-0 2-1
1996/97 Serie A Juventus-Inter 2-0 0-0
1996/97 C. Italia Juventus-Inter 0-3 1-1
1997/98 Serie A Juventus-Inter 1-0 0-1
1998/99 Serie A Juventus-Inter 1-0 ----
2001/02 Serie A Juventus-Inter 0-0 2-2
2002/03 Serie A Juventus-Inter 3-0 1-1
2003/04 C. Italia Juventus-Inter 2-2 2-2
2003/04 Serie A Juventus-Inter 1-3 ----



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in Turin


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Inter victories




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Juventus victories




Inter goals




Juventus goals




Inter: no goal conceded for 270’

The Nerazzurri haven't let in a goal in the Serie A for 270 minutes. Mancini was the last player to score against Inter with a 90th-minute strike in Roma's 4-1 win at the Olimpico on 7 March. Since then, Inter have kept clean sheets against ChievoVerona, Ancona and Reggina.

Lamouchi v Juve

Sabri Lamouchi, who has scored 9 goals in official matches since coming to Italy, counts Buffon as his favourite target. The French midfielder has scored 2 goals against the Juventus keeper, one in each match between Parma and the Bianconeri in the 2001/02 season.

Nerazzurri looking to avoid negative record

The last time Inter beat Juve at the San Siro in an official match was on 4 January 1998 when Djorkaeff gave the Nerazzurri a 1-0 victory. Since then there have been six Inter v Juventus matches at the San Siro, with five draws and one Bianconeri victory. Should Inter not win Sunday's Italy derby, they will equal the negative series of seven matches without a win against Juventus in Milan (two draws and five Juve wins from 1954/55 to 1959/60 - six Serie A matches and one Coppa Italia fixture).

Inter: no home win since 1 Feb

The Nerazzurri's last Serie A home victory was the 4-0 thrashing of Siena on 1 February. Since then Inter have lost two matches and drawn one. In their last five championship matches last term Inter recorded four draws and a defeat.

Lippi and the month of April

August aside, the month of April is Marcello Lippi's most fortunate period of the year. In the fourth calendar month, the current Juventus boss has won 29 matches, with 15 draws and 12 defeats (a points average of 1.82 per match).

Vieri v Buffon

Along with Francesco Totti, Christian Vieri is the player that has scored the most goals against Gianluigi Buffon (6). The Inter striker has put a goal past the Juve keeper in each of the following matches: Parma 1-3 Lazio (1998/99 Serie A), Inter 5-1 Parma (1999/00 Serie A), Parma 1-1 Inter (1999/00 Serie A), Inter 1-1 Parma (2000/01 Serie A), Parma 3-1 Inter (2000/01 Serie A) and Inter 1-1 Juventus 1-1 (2002/03 Serie A).

wins(44) draws(33) defeats(25)
MILAN - Inter remain in the running for fourth place in the championship with a highly convincing 3-2 win over arch rivals Juventus at the San Siro on Sunday evening.

Firing on all cylinders and roared on by the fans, the Nerazzurri got off to a flier. In the 6th minute Obafemi Martins lifted the ball over Buffon to finish off a superb move started by Kily. The Argentina winger played forward to Vieri, who in turn passed to Stankovic. The Serb wizard, playing in a more advanced midfield role, took on Legrottaglie to set up the Nigerian for his finish.

Juventus rallied and on 25 minutes drew level from a counter-attack when Kily Gonzalez headed Camoranesi's right-wing cross into his own net at the near post.

But Inter recovered quickly and went into the break with a psychologically important 2-1 lead. On the stroke of half time Stankovic was tripped by Zambrotta and after consulting the linesman Collina pointed to the spot. Vieri stepped up and beat Buffon with a fiercely struck penalty kick, his 106th goal in black and blue.

It took the Nerazzurri just two minutes of the second half to increase their lead. Dejan Stankovic poked home at the far post after Cordoba's flicked header from Farinos' right-wing corner.

Keeping the two-goal advantage was facilitated when Uruguayan defender Montero was shown a second yellow for a foul on Martins in the 62nd minute, and the Nerazzurri proceeded to dominate.

In the last minute of added time Juve reduced the deficit when Di Vaio powered home a header from Maresca's free kick, but it was too little, too late for the Bianconeri.

Inter are in action again this coming Thursday as the focus switches to the Uefa Cup and the quarter-final first leg away to Marseille.

Match facts:


Scorers: Martins 6', Kily Gonzalez (o.g.) 25', Vieri (pen) 45', Stankovic 47', Di Vaio 90'+3'

INTER: 12 Fontana, 2 Cordoba, 4 J. Zanetti, 6 C. Zanetti, 11 Stankovic (19 Karagounis 69'), 14 Farinos (25 Almeyda 55'), 18 Kily Gonzalez (13 Helveg 82') , 23 Materazzi, 24 Gamarra, 30' Martins, 32 Vieri
Subs not used: 71 Cordaz, 9 Cruz, 10 Adriano, 17 Cannavaro
Coach: Alberto Zaccheroni

JUVENTUS: 1 Buffon, 3 Tacchinardi, 4 Montero, 5 Tudor, 9 Miccoli (20 Di Vaio 56'), 15 Birindelli, 16 Camoranesi (8 Conte 72'), 17 Trezeguet, 18 Appiah (14 Maresca 46'), 19 Zambrotta, 23 Legrottaglie
Subs not used: 22 Mirante, 7 Pessotto, 13 Iuliano, 34 Chiumiento
Coach: Marcello Lippi

Referee: Collina (Viareggio)

Booked: Montero 11', Farinos 54'

Sent-off: Montero 62' (second bookable offence)

starting lineups

Fontana 12 Buffon
Cordoba 2 Tacchinardi
Zanetti 4 Montero
Zanetti 6 Tudor
Stankovic 11 Miccoli
Farinos 14 Birindelli
Kily Gonzalez 18 Camoranesi
Materazzi 23 Trezeguet
Gamarra 24 Appiah
Martins 30 Zambrotta
Vieri 32 Legrottaglie


Cruz 9 Mirante
Adriano 10 Pessotto
Helveg 13 Conte
Cannavaro 17 Iuliano
Karagounis 19 Maresca
Almeyda 25 Di Vaio