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Inter Clubs represent the organised support of F.C. Internazionale with the aim of supporting the club in a fair and loyal manner.
The Inter Club family allows members to share their passion for the Nerazzurri wherever they are in the world and take a front-row seat in the Inter universe.

It takes just three simple steps to open an Inter Club:

  • Register on the Inter Club Coordination Centre, under REGISTRAZIONE section - insert email, login, name and surname; then click INVIA; you will receive automatically a password
  • Fill and sign the Inter Club Statute and Constitutive Act (documents can be found on CCIC portal). If setting up an Inter Club abroad, you must send copy of your passport
  • Have a minimum of 50 senior members (over 14 years old); 25 members only if Inter Club is based outside Europe

Before opening a new Inter Club, please contact the Inter Club Coordination Centre


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