Inter 2
0 Modena

41 (2nd half) Vieri, 49 (2nd half) Materazzi

referee Stefano Farina / linesmen ivaldi, camerota / 4th man saccani
Serie A TIM — matchday 1 — Giuseppe Meazza, Milano — 31 August 2003 15:00

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1st half / 2nd half

47' / It's 0-0 at the Meazza after the first half.
46' / 2 minutes of additional time to play.
45' / Free kick to Inter as Marasco, who is already on a caution, brings Luciano down in midfield.
43' / Luciano finds Cordoba with a long throw-in. The Colombian heads straight at Ballotta.
42' / Emre plays the corner short to Martins, then from the return pass sets up Luciano, whose cross over to the other side of the area is too long for Vieri.
41' / Javier 'Tractor' Zanetti wins a right-wing corner for Inter after a trademark run.
38' / Good chance for the visitors. Kamara outjumps the Inter defence and heads an inch-perfect left-wing cross just wide.
37' / Modena play some nice one-touch football down the left wing, then Fabio Cannavaro comes in to sort things out, whacking the ball out for a throw-in.
36' / Javier Zanetti heads out of defence, but his clearance goes as far as Allegretti, who from 25 yards shoots wide.
33' / Luciano and Ungari remain on the ground after a aerial challenge. Both players come back on the pitch after a quick check by the medical staff.
32' / Modena substitution: Vignaroli replaces the injured Taldo.
31' / The Nerazzurri maintain ball possession but fail to break through the Emilian defence.
29' / Play is momentarily stopped as Modena forward Taldo requires treatment. He is subsequently stretchered off.
27' / Modena win a free kick on the right wing. Allegretti plays the ball into the middle. Materazzi heads clear then Milanetto shoots over.
25' / Allegretti's free kick is on target but it's a 40-yard effort which creates few problems for Toldo.
24' / Emre is cautioned for a foul from behind on Kamara.
23' / Oba's through on goal as the offside flag stays down after Vieri plays the ball forward. But Ballotta is well positioned and beats the Nigerian to the ball.
22' / Bobo heads wide after outjumping Mayer in the Modena box.
20' / Free kick to Inter after Marasco obstructs Emre. Yellow card for the Modena midfielder.
18' / Van der Meyde plays a crossfield pass to Emre, who shoots on goal. His shot is too central and too weak. No problem for Ballotta.
17' / Martins outjumps to Modena defence and heads van der Meyde's left-wing free kick over the bar.
16' / Oba again. This time his pace is too much for Modena but his pass to Vieri is inaccurate. The crowd have really got going now.
14' / Inter's first real chance falls to Obafemi Martins, who makes a diagonal run on goal but shoots perhaps a little too early. It finishes wide of Ballotta's left-hand post.
12' / Inter win a free kick on the left. Van der Meyde's set piece is headed round for a corner.
12' / After the surreal quiet of the opening ten minutes, the San Siro explodes as captain Javier Zanetti makes a crunching tackle on Allegretti.
10' / Van der Meyde comes forward, plays a one-two with Obafemi Martins. The Ducthman picks up the return pass, advances on goal but is shoved off the ball by an opponent.
9' / Luciano combines with Javier Zanetti on the right wing but slices his cross out of play.
6' / Balestri takes the ball to the by-line then sends a cross into the middle. Cordoba clears, then Marasco shoots over the bar from 20 yards.
5' / Vieri superbly opens up play for van der Meyde with a first-time pass from midfield. The Dutchman runs down the left and is dispossessed.
3' / Inter on the attack. J. Zanetti plays a one-two with Oba then passes to Vieri in the area. The flag goes up for offside.
2' / Javier Zanetti clears after Allegretti whips in a free kick from the left.
1' / Game on. The visitors kick off. FORZA RAGAZZI!!!!
50' / Full time. INTER 2-0 MODENA
49' / GOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!!! Materazzi fires the 25-yard free kick into the top left-hand corner.
47' / Free kick to us after Oba Martins is repeatedly obstructed. Ungaro is deservedly booked.
45' / There will be 4 minutes of additional time.
41' / BOBOGOL!!!!!!!!!! In the nick of time, Vieri fires home to give Inter the lead. THE GOAL: Bobo picks up Helveg's through ball on the edge of the box, shakes off his marker then rifles his shot past Ballotta.
40' / Van der Meyde crosses in from the right. Ballotta beats Vieri to the ball, but only just...
39' / Farina cautions Modena keeper Ballotta for time-wasting.
38' / Kily Gonzalez fires wide from 20 yards after receiving from captain Zanetti.
35' / Modena win a corner after good work on the right wing by Campedelli. Cordoba gets the tackle in.
33' / Hector Cuper makes his third and final substitution: Helveg replaces Emre.
32' / Cordoba heads van der Meyde's free kick over the bar.
31' / Free kick to us on the left channel as Javier Zanetti in full flight is sent crahsing to the ground by Balestri.
27' / Superb move by the Nerazzurri. Lamouchi waltzes past three Modena players then plays the ball forward to Martins. Obagol zips past his marker and crosses into the middle. The ball is cleared as far as Andy van der Meyde, who fires over the bar.
24' / Kily plays a high ball to Vieri, but Milanetto gets there first and heads round for a corner. From van der Meyde's corner Ballotta pulls off a superb save to deny Cordoba whose header at the far post is on target.
23' / Van der Meyde outpaces an opponent on the right and crosses over the the far side, where Kily picks up the ball. The Argentine's pass back into the middle is blocked and cleared.
21' / Modena bring on Corrent for Allegretti.
20' / Cuper makes a double substitution: Lamouchi for C. Zanetti, Kily for Luciano. With Kily Gonzalez on, van der Meyde moves to the right wing.
19' / Luciano picks up the ball on the right wing, beats Ungari then sends in a low cross. Cevoli clears, corner for Inter.
17' / Vieri passes to van der Meyde, who takes the ball into the area but fails to find Martins with a weak pass with the outside of his right foot.
13' / Incredible miss by Vieri, who turns his marker beautifully and shoots, only to see his left-footed effort from eight yards hit the inside of the post.
11' / Our flying Dutchman takes on three opponents down the middle then plays a diagonal pass to his right. Luciano crosses over for Vieri but it's too long.
10' / From the right flank Luciano crosses over to van der Meyde, who from eight yards out shoots wide. The Dutchman falls awkwardly and requires treatment, but there's no serious problem.
9' / Materazzi finds Oba with a long pass upfield. But Ballotta is in form today and pounces on the Nigerian as he turns.
8' / Emre plays the ball through to Martins, who gets to the by-line then crosses into the middle. The pass is weak and Ballotta beats Vieri to the ball.
5' / Emre puts Oba Martins through on goal, but the Nigerian shoots wide. Inter claim a corner as the shot seems to have taken a deflection but Farina gives a goal kick.
3' / Kily Gonzalez and Kallon have begun warming up.
2' / Campedelli requires treatment after a challenge by Materazzi.
1' / Inter get the second period underway.

total votes 6657

Vieri 8.1720
Zanetti 5.9666
Zanetti 7.7557
Cordoba 7.0051
Materazzi 8.1423
Emre 6.6970
Toldo 7.0554
Cannavaro 7.1195
Martins 7.0117
Lamouchi 6.7704
Luciano 5.5177
Van Der Meyde 7.2737
Helveg 7.0829
Kily Gonzalez 6.8277
average rating 7.0284







31 August 2003 2-0 89' Vieri, 96' Materazzi Vai alla partita
12 January 2003 2-0 6' Recoba, 22' Crespo Vai alla partita
15 September 1963 2-1 16' Di Giacomo, 23' Conti, 69' Di Giacomo
19 May 1963 0-0
7 November 1948 2-0 29' Nyers (Rig), 75' Fattori
14 September 1947 1-1 38' Neri, 63' Pernigo
22 June 1947 1-0 34' Muci
31 March 1946 2-0 76' Candiani, 89' Candiani
26 April 1942 1-0 82' Cominelli
5 November 1939 2-1 30' Ferraris II, 35' Montanari, 82' Rig. Demaria
19 March 1939 4-2 18' Frossi, 38' Bazan, 74' Frossi, 78' Frossi, 82' Ferraris II, 83' Bazan
27 March 1932 4-2 18' Ferrero, 20' Morselli, 32' Scarone, 42' Demaria, 81' Carnevali, 86' Demaria
9 November 1930 0-0
16 February 1930 5-1 28' Blasevich, 30' Serantoni, 54' Visentin, 71' Rivolta, 78' Blasevich, 84' Piccaluga
16 October 1927 2-1 Bernardini, E.Rivolta
10 October 1926 2-1 Bernardini, L.Cevenini III
4 July 1926 2-1 D.Bellini, Conti
7 December 1924 4-1 L.Cevenini III, Conti, Lanfritto, Tornabuoni
23 December 1923 1-1 Conti
23 October 1921 1-2 Scheidler
11 October 1914 8-0 3 L.Cevenini III, 2 Aebi, 2 Agradi, V.Fossati I


7 shots on target 1
11 shots off target 6
17 fouls committed 15
8 corners 1
4 offsides 1
34:57 ball possession 23:24



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Inter vs Modena

starting lineups

Zanetti 4 MAYER
Cannavaro 17 CEVOLI
Materazzi 23 UNGARI
Luciano 11 MARASCO
Van Der Meyde 7 KAMARA
Martins 30 TALDO


Fontana 12 ZANCOPE'
Adani 15 PIVOTTO
Helveg 13 STELLINI
Lamouchi 8 CORRENT
Kily Gonzalez 18 PONZO
Kallon 3 SCOPONI

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