Inter 0
1 Udinese

28 (2nd half) Isla

referee Andrea Gervasoni / linesmen Maggiani, Manzaloni / 4th man Giannoccaro
Serie A TIM — matchday 14 — Giuseppe Meazza, Milano — 3 December 2011 20:45

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1st half / 2nd half

47' / The first half between Inter and Udinese ends 0-0
45' / Gervasoni awards 2 minutes of added time
44' / Chivu puts in a dangerous cross, Ferronetti hooks clear acrobatically then Zanetti stabs goalwards, the ball going wide after taking a deflection
38' / Alvarez finds Faraoni, who crosses for Pazzini but the striker gets his timing wrong and misses the ball
33' / Chivu messes up a backpass, Di Natale and then Torje take advantage, but Cambiasso knocks it out of play
32' / Faraoni whips in a great cross for Milito but Danilo is well positioned and puts behind for a corner to cut out the threat from El Principe
30' / Milito plays a one-two with Thiago Motta and the midfielder goes for goal with the tip of his boot; Handanovic gets down to block his effort
28' / Benatia fouls Chivu outside the box giving the Nerazzurri a free kick... Milito takes it and fires over the bar
26' / Milito is flagged for offside from Pazzini's through ball, but the replay shows the linesman got that one wrong
22' / Isla has a chance for a shot and goes for the near post, Ranocchia puts him off and the ball goes wide
16' / Zanetti lays off for Milito and the Prince tries to curl one in from the edge of the box. Just over the bar
12' / Torje shoots on the turn from the edge of the box, Julio Cesar saves
11' / Torje collects the ball and goes into the box by himself before firing in a cross-shot - too far ahead of Di Natale
8' / Pazzini's long ball finds Milito, who from a wide angle goes for the top corner. Too high
5' / Isla crosses into the centre of the box, Asamoah can't reach it, the ball runs to Armero on the far post, but the Colombian slips and can't get his shot away
1' / Ranieri has made a few changes to his team: Faraoni starts on the right of midfield with Alvarez moving to the left wing. Pazzini and Milito partner each other up front
1' / Guidolin opts for Torje behind Di Natale, Floro Flores drops to the bench
1' / The Nerazzurri take the kick-off and Inter v Udinese is under way. FORZA INTER!!!
1' / Faraoni's cross is deflected behind for a corner. Ranocchia gets his head to it then Udinese clear their lines
1' / Welcome to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, where Inter's Week 14 match of the 2011/12 season against Udinese is almost upon us
49' / The Nerazzurri remain on 14 points. They will be back at the Meazza in the Champions League against CSKA Moscow on Wednesday
49' / Inter v Udinese ends 0-1 (Isla). Penalties missed by both teams: Julio Cesar's save and Pazzini's miss. Zanetti and Ferronetti sent off
48' / A final chance for Inter falls to Stankovic, who powers his shot over the bar
46' / Di Natale comes off as Guidolin looks to shore up by bringing on another defender: Ekstrand
45' / Ferronetti is sent off for protesting
44' / Pazzini has the chance to equalise from the spot but slips at the last moment and skies his effort
43' / Ferronetti brings Milito down in the box and is booked
41' / Gervasoni gives Udinese a penalty: Di Natale steps up... but is denied by Julio Cesar
40' / Zanetti fouls Asamoah in the box. It's his second yellow so he's off
39' / Pinzi fouls Stankovic and is shown a yellow
38' / Udinese twice go close with crosses from Isla: Zanetti stops the first, Julio Cesar the second
36' / Thiago Motta is booked for dangerous play
35' / Ranieri makes his final substitution: Chivu is replaced by Stankovic
29' / Inter go looking for an equaliser: Milito is blocked inside the box and wins a corner. Handanovic punches it clear
28' / GOAL FOR UDINESE. A long ball is pumped forward, Di Natale finds Floro Flores, who lays off for Isla to fire past Julio Cesar. 0-1
24' / Great chance for Udinese, Isla and Di Natale break forward and the Chilean passes to his team-mate: offside
20' / From a corner, Basta controls the ball but is unable to get his shot in on the turn
18' / Armero is the first Udinese player to go into the referee's book for a foul on Zanetti
17' / Udinese freshen up their front line: Torje makes way for Floro Flores
17' / Inter make another change as Zarate comes on for Faraoni
13' / Isla looks for Di Natale, Zanetti blocks the ball but unwittingly plays the striker in again; he shoots over
13' / Di Natale tries to shoot straight from Armero's throw-in: Julio Cesar makes it his at the second attempt
9' / Armero crosses for Torje, the Romanian goes for a header but Julio Cesar saves centrally
6' / Armero dinks a ball in for Torje; Julio Cesar comes out with this fists and catches Chivu in the face; the Romanian defender remains down for a while
2' / Zanetti fouls Asamoah and is shown a yellow card
1' / The second half begins
1' / Inter make one change at half time: Nagatomo replaces Alvarez

total votes 7034

Zanetti 5.1114
Stankovic 3.7676
Cambiasso 4.2279
Julio Cesar 7.2738
Samuel 5.2330
Chivu 4.0728
Milito 3.5689
Motta 4.4441
Ranocchia 4.4544
Pazzini 3.5231
Nagatomo 3.5958
Faraoni 6.4968
Alvarez 3.5536
Zarate 3.3209
average rating 4.4745







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2 shots on target 5
11 shots off target 2
11 fouls committed 12
6 corners 4
1 offsides 12
28:56 ball possession 21:54



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MILAN - The Nerazzurri were beaten by Udinese at the Stadio Meazza this evening as Isla grabbed the only goal on 73 minutes. The first half was a fairly tame affair but things picked up after the interval before it all went off in the last five minutes. First there was a penalty for Udinese, which Di Natale took and Julio Cesar saved, then four minutes later there was a spot kick for Inter, which Pazzini incredibly hit into the stands after slipping at the crucial moment.

FIRST HALF – For the Udinese match Claudio Ranieri picked Ranocchia and Samuel in the centre of defence in front of Julio Cesar, with Zanetti and Chivu playing wide of them; Faraoni started the match for the first time, on the right wing, with Alvarez on the left. The rest of the midfield was made up of Motta and Cambiasso; with Pazzini and Milito up front.

Inter got off to a good start and put pressure on the Udinese defence but in the 6th minute Armero was the first with a chance at the far post; fortunately he slipped. In the space of a minute Milito bravely had a go at the other end but was off target. In the 12th minute Torje tried a right-footed shot which was looking good until Julio Cesar claimed the ball. On 16 minutes a nicely worked Inter move saw Milito pass to Faraoni, who found Zanetti with a back-heel and he, in turn, sent the ball back to El Principe whose shot flew high over the far post. In the 20th minute Isla broke away on a counter-attack and his pass found Di Natale, who sprinted towards Julio Cesar but he had been caught offside. Two minutes later the Udinese striker tried again, but was unlucky. There was another offside call in the 26th minute, but down the other end of the pitch: Milito, like Di Natale before him, was wrongly flagged. On 29 minutes Milito's free-kick flew just over the bar and soon after then a perfect one-two between Motta and Milito saw the midfielder slide in to beat Ferronetti and unleash as shot, but Handanovic was there to save. Alvarez put Faraoni through in the 38th minute and he crossed from the right wing looking for Pazzini, but Ferronetti made sure it didn't reach him. On 44 minutes Chivu crossed in Pazzini's direction but was beaten to the ball, Zanetti had a go from the centre of the penalty area but his shot was deflected. At the other end Pinzi set up Torje in the area but he was whistled for offside. A minute later the captain tried another shot but his right foot sent the ball high. Two minutes later the referee blew for half time and the teams went into the dressing rooms with the score at Inter 0-0 Udinese.

SECOND HALF – Nagatomo replaced Alvarez during the interval. In the 52nd minute Julio Cesar clashed with Torje and Chivu as the Udinese forward was played in by Asamoah; the Romanian defender stayed on the deck for a few moments but was able to continue. Two minutes later Torje headed goalwards from Armero's cross – easy for Julio Cesar. Down the other end, Pazzini tried a header of his own from Samuel's ball, but couldn't get it on target. Di Natale fired wide with his left foot in the 57th minute, then had another go a minute later with a swerving effort on the turn that almost caught out Julio Cesar. On the hour mark Zanetti cut out a pass that would have put Di Natale clean through on goal, before Udinese missed a fantastic chance to take the lead (69th minute) as Isla burst forward towards Julio Cesar's goal accompanied by Di Natale, only for the Chilean to make the mistake of laying off for his captain, who was offside. Motta skimmed the crossbar in the 71st minute before Pazzini, with his back to goal, freed himself of Benatia and got his shot in but the game was stopped for handball. Udinese took the lead in the 73rd minute. Di Natale played into the path of the approaching Floro Flores, who then fed Isla on the overlap, and the midfielder blasted past Julio Cesar. The Nerazzurri tried to react immediately but Handanovic was commanding in the air. In the 82nd minute Zanetti and Julio Cesar cut out dangerous crosses from Isla in quick succession. With five minutes of normal time remaining the visitors were awarded a penalty: Asamoah ran onto a ball threaded into the box, Zanetti fouled him and the ref pointed to the spot and booked the captain, whose second yellow meant he had to leave the pitch. It was the first time Zanetti had been sent off in Serie A; his only previous red card for Inter was in the Coppa Italia, for protesting (Inter 0-2 Parma, semi-final 1999). Julio Cesar then pulled off a minor miracle to save Di Natale's low spot kick. Two minutes later a similar scene took place down the other end: Ferronetti fouled Milito and Gervasoni gave Inter a penalty: Pazzini took it but incredibly slipped and skied his attempt. Immediately afterwards Udinese also went down to 10 men because Ferronetti received his second booking for protesting. There was one chance left for Inter and it came in the third minute of stoppage time: Stankovic hooked his foot around but not over the ball and his effort from the edge of the box flew over. After four minutes of injury time, Inter v Udinese ended 0-1. The Nerazzurri remain on 14 points.

Inter 0-1 Udinese (HT: 0-0)
Scorer: Isla 73.

Inter: 1 Julio Cesar; 4 Zanetti, 23 Ranocchia, 25 Samuel, 26 Chivu (Stankovic 80); 37 Faraoni (Zarate 62), 8 Thiago Motta, 19 Cambiasso, 11 Alvarez (Nagatomo 46); 7 Pazzini, 22 Milito.
Unused subs: 12 Castellazzi, 2 Cordoba, 18 Poli, 30 Castaignos.
Allenatore: Claudio Ranieri.

Udinese: 1 Handanovic; 17 Benatia, 5 Danilo, 32 Ferronetti; 8 Basta, 3 Isla, 66 Pinzi, 20 Asamoah, 27 Armero; 25 Torje (Floro Flores 62); 10 Di Natale (Ekstrand 90+1).
Unused subs: 21 Padelli, 7 Badu, 26 Pasquale, 30 Doubai, 31 Fabbrini.
Coach: Francesco Guidolin.

Referee: Andrea Gervasoni (Mantova).
Booked: Zanetti 47 + 85, Armero 63, Motta 81, Pinzi 84, Ferronetti 88 + 90.
Sent off: Zanetti 85, Ferronetti 90.
Added time: 2 + 4 minutes.
Attendance: 42,122.

Inter vs Udinese

starting lineups

Julio Cesar 1 Handanovic
Zanetti 4 Benatia
Ranocchia 23 Danilo
Samuel 25 Ferronetti
Chivu 26 Basta
Faraoni 37 Isla
Motta 8 Pinzi
Cambiasso 19 Asamoah
Alvarez 11 Armero
Pazzini 7 Torje
Milito 22 Di Natale


Castellazzi 12 Padelli
Cordoba 2 Badu
Nagatomo 55 Ekstrand
Stankovic 5 Pasquale
Poli 18 Doubai
Zarate 28 Fabbrini
Castaignos 30 Floro Flores

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