Inter 0
1 Novara

11 (2nd half) Caracciolo

referee Carmine Russo / linesmen Altomare, Giallatini / 4th man Pinzani
Serie A TIM — matchday 23 — Giuseppe Meazza, Milano — 12 February 2012 15:00

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1st half / 2nd half

47' / After two minutes of injury time, the first half between Inter and Novara ends 0-0
45' / The referee signals for two minutes of injury time
44' / Yellow card shown to Radovanovic for a foul on Lucio
42' / Milito is flagged for offside
36' / Alvarez finds Poli in the box. Poli is brought down by Garcia but incredibly Russo fails to award a penalty
31' / A long-distance shot from Stankovic goes high over the crossbar
29' / Julio Cesar comes out to anticipate Caracciolo
28' / Yellow card shown to Porcari for a foul on Poli
25' / A big chance for Inter as Milito nearly latches onto a shot/cross from Sneijder
23' / Rigoni's shot is deflected out by Zanetti for a corner, which is then taken by Jeda
22' / Porcari crosses to Caracciolo whose free header goes straight into the arms of Julio Cesar
21' / Garcia stops a right-footer from Poli
18' / Milito sends a dangerous cross into the box. Cleared by Lisuzzo
14' / Substitution for Novara: Morganella comes on for Dellafiore
12' / A lovely one-two between Stankovic and Alvarez but Dellafiore closes down on the Serb
11' / Chivu shoots from distance. Just wide
9' / Sneijder, served by Alvarez, unleashes a powerful and precise right-footer but Ujkani makes the save
6' / A run from Chivu down the left leads to a cross to the far post for Poli, but Ujkani comes out to claim it
1' / And the Nerazzurri take the opening kick-off
1' / Inter v Novara; a match that hasn't been played in the league since 18 September 1955
1' / In the midfield are Stankovic, Cambiasso and Poli. Alvarez and Sneijder behind Milito
1' / Ranieri has chosen Cordoba and Lucio in central defence ahead of Julio Cesar, with Zanetti and Chivu as full-backs
1' / Welcome to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. Everything is ready for Inter v Novara
48' / After three minutes of injury time, the match ends Inter 0-1 Novara. The Nerazzurri have 36 points in the standings
48' / Pazzini turns and shoots in the box but Ujkani blocks it
47' / Cambiasso shoots wide on the turn
46' / Sneijder's shot to the near post goes just wide
45' / The referee signals for three minutes of injury time
43' / Sneijder hits the crossbar with a rocket of a right-footer
40' / An effort from Sneijder goes just wide
38' / Stankovic shoots high over the bar
36' / Ujkani blocks a shot from Sneijder
35' / Red card shown to Radovanovic (his 2nd yellow). Novara now down to 10 men
35' / Yellow card shown to Radovanovic
34' / Yellow card shown to Morganella
33' / Julio Cesar saves a shot from Morganella
32' / Forlan unleashes a left-footer that goes just over the crossbar
29' / Julio Cesar comes out to gather the cross/shot from Rigoni with Caracciolo waiting to pounce
25' / Substitution for Inter: Nagatomo comes on for Chivu
24' / Sneijder shoots well wide in the box
20' / Substitution for Novara: Paci comes on for Gemiti
19' / Ujkani blocks a shot from Milito
17' / Substitution for Inter: Forlan comes on for Poli
12' / A powerful right-footer from Stankovic goes just wide
11' / GOAL NOVARA: CARACCIOLO scores. Caracciolo controls a ball from Rigoni and curls a shot past Julio Cesar
10' / Ujkani saves from Lucio
8' / Centurioni anticipates Pazzini at the near post
7' / Cambiasso plays in Milito, who feints and then shoots but finds Ujkani
1' / Substitution for Novara: Pesce comes on for Porcari
1' / Substitution for Inter: Pazzini comes on for Alvarez
1' / The second half is now underway between Inter and Novara

total votes 8456

Zanetti 4.6033
Cordoba 3.6862
Stankovic 3.9372
Cambiasso 3.8950
Julio Cesar 4.3043
Chivu 3.0950
Milito 4.3968
Lucio 3.7599
Sneijder 4.8561
Pazzini 3.6702
Nagatomo 5.3423
Alvarez 3.7164
Poli 5.7232
Forlan 3.1953
average rating 4.1558







12 February 2012 0-1 58' Caracciolo Vai alla partita
18 September 1955 2-0 9' Celio, 77' Armano
19 June 1955 3-0 25' Armano, 46' De Giovanni (Aut), 61' Lorenzi
2 May 1954 3-1 2' Armano (Rig), 4' Lorenzi, 27' Renica, 38' Vincenzi
31 May 1953 0-1 38' Feccia
9 December 1951 3-1 30' Broccini, 37' Skoglund, 41' Rosen, 89' Skoglund
27 May 1951 5-0 15' Wilkes, 34' Skoglund, 78' Nyers, 84' Blason, 89' Skoglund
12 March 1950 1-1 25' Spadavecchia, 74' Lorenzi
26 September 1948 5-0 60' Della Frera (Aut), 63' Nyers (Rig), 67' Amadei, 75' Lorenzi, 89' Lorenzi
23 March 1941 0-0
7 January 1940 1-0 84' Guarnieri
5 February 1939 3-1 12' Candiani, 54' Barsanti, 59' Romano, 83' Ferraris II
24 January 1937 3-1 70' Rovelli, 78' Ferrari, 82' Aut. Bonati, 88' Torri
12 February 1928 3-0 2 Bernardini, Meazza
29 November 1925 5-4 2 Schoenfeld, E.Rivolta, L.Cevenini III, Conti
23 March 1924 2-1 E.Rivolta, Agradi
29 February 1920 5-2 3 Agradi, L.Cevenini III, Aebi
7 December 1913 1-3 L.Cevenini III


7 shots on target 4
13 shots off target 1
8 fouls committed 20
8 corners 7
1 offsides 3
32:43 ball possession 19:34



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MILAN – Inter suffered a 1-0 home defeat against Novara in their Week 23 match of the 2011/12 Serie A season played this afternoon at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza.

Few emotions and many fouls made up the ingredients that characterised a first half that ended with a penalty kick not awarded to Inter (for Porcari's foul on Poli) and two hard challenges from Centurioni; first on Cambiasso (again in the box) and then on Stankovic. In the second half, Lucio came close to opening the scoring, but instead Novara took the honours thanks to a goal from Caracciolo in the 56th minute. In the 80th minute the visitors went a man down following the expulsion of Radovanovic for his second yellow card, allowing the Nerazzurri to press even harder. But it was to no avail, despite the crossbar hit by Sneijder and the last big chance for Pazzini in injury time.

FIRST HALF - With Maicon suspended and Samuel injured, Ranieri relied on Zanetti in the right-back role and Chivu on the left with Cordoba and Lucio in central defence. Alvarez and Sneijder played behind centre forward Milito. With Mascara out for Novara, Jeda played alongside Caracciolo.

It was in the 6th minute that Inter created their first dangerous action in front of the opponent's goal; Chivu sent a cross into the box looking for Poli, but Ujkani confidently came out to claim the ball. Sneijder did not fare much better when, after some good work between Cambiasso and Alvarez, the Novara keeper closed the door on his shot. Alvarez and Stankovic combined in the opposition's half but Ujkani's defence did well to clear for a corner on 13 minutes, followed by a strong and determined run from a super Stankovic who served Milito, only to see El Principe's low cross in the box cleared by Lisuzzo with Alvarez lurking. Novara made their presence felt in the 22nd minute with a centrally placed header from Caracciolo that Julio Cesar handled without problems. Then Chivu and Sneijder created the best opportunity yet to put Inter ahead when the Romanian set up the Dutchman with a diagonal shot that Ujkani stretched to keep out of his net in the 25th minute. Then Novara responded with a rapid counterattack when Caracciolo beat Cordoba and Julio Cesar but only won a corner for his efforts. In the 35th minute a foul by Porcari (already on a yellow) on Sneijder gave a free kick to Inter; the Dutchman stepped up to take it himself but saw his effort blocked by Caracciolo in the wall.

The following foul, in the 36th minute, was committed by Garcia on Poli; the Argentine was looking for the ball in his own box but his tackle found the left leg of the Nerazzurri midfielder and brought him crashing to the ground. Russo failed to whistle for a penalty and allowed the game to play on. Ten minutes later Centurioni committed two more fouls – one on Cambiasso and then another on Stankovic in the same sequence – and still managed to escape going into the referee's book. Sneijder took the ensuing free kick but saw it blocked just before Russo whistled to end the half.

SECOND HALF – The second half began with Pazzini on in the place of Alvarez. In the 52nd minute a lovely touch from Cambiasso for Milito allowed the Argentine striker to jink past Morganella and send in a right-footed shot, only to find Ujkani ready with his response. Three minutes later Lucio had the opportunity to put the Nerazzurri ahead when he gathered Sneijder's ball in front of goal, but he found the Novara keeper again up to the task. All it took was one chance – a chance not exploited by Inter – to put Novara in the driver's seat; a pass from Jeda for Caracciolo saw the 'Airone' control the ball and beat Julio Cesar with a left-footer in the 56th minute with a curling shot.

Inter tried to respond through Stankovic, who gathered a rebound and attempted a right-footer from distance, but saw his effort go just wide of Ujkani's post. In the 62nd minute a recovered Forlan came on for Poli. Then Novara came dangerously close to doubling their advantage when Rigoni's low cross in Inter's box was just missed by a streaking Caracciolo. Forlan attempted to level the score with two long-distance efforts but without much luck. On 79 minutes Morganella tested Julio Cesar with his left-footer from outside the box and won a corner for the visitors. A minute later Novara found themselves down to ten men due to the expulsion of Radovanovic. In sequence, Stankovic and then Sneijder looked to put one past Ujkani for the Nerazzurri but things simply did not go their way, not even when a powerful shot from Sneijder smacked off the crossbar in the 88th minute, nor in stoppage time when Pazzini's shot on the turn could only find the Novara keeper. After three minutes of injury time the match finished at 0-1; Inter remain stuck at 36 points in the standings.

Inter 0-1 Novara (HT: 0-0)
Scorer: Caracciolo 56.

Inter: 1 Julio Cesar; 4 Zanetti, 2 Cordoba, 6 Lucio, 26 Chivu (Nagatomo 70); 5 Stankovic, 19 Cambiasso, 18 Poli (Forlan 62); 11 Alvarez (Pazzini 46), 10 Sneijder; 22 Milito.
Unused subs: 12 Castellazzi, 17 Palombo, 20 Obi, 23 Ranocchia.
Coach: Claudio Ranieri.

Novara: 1 Ujkani; 4 Lisuzzo, 30 Centurioni, 28 Garcia; 15 Dellafiore (Morganella 14), 17 Porcari (Pesce 46), 23 Radovanovic, 10 Rigoni, 3 Gemiti (Paci 65); 27 Jeda; 29 Caracciolo.
Unused subs: 31 Fontana, 9 Rubino, 12 Gabriel Silva, 77 Rinaudo.
Coach: Emiliano Mondonico.

Referee: Carmine Russo (Nola).
Booked: Porcari 28, Ranovanovic 44, 80, Morganella 79.
Sent off: Radovanovic 80.
Added time: 2+3 minutes.
Attendance: 21,703.

Inter vs Novara

starting lineups

Julio Cesar 1 Ujkani
Zanetti 4 Gemiti
Cordoba 2 Lisuzzo
Lucio 6 Rigoni
Chivu 26 Dellafiore
Stankovic 5 Porcari
Cambiasso 19 Radovanovic
Poli 18 Jeda
Alvarez 11 Garcia
Sneijder 10 Caracciolo
Milito 22 Centurioni


Castellazzi 12 Fontana
Ranocchia 23 Rubino
Nagatomo 55 Gabriel
Palombo 17 Morganella
Obi 20 Pesce
Pazzini 7 Paci
Forlan 9 Rinaudo

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