FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I am partially disabled. Can I still register on the site and request free accreditation?
No, only fully disabled persons can register on the site and request accreditation.
I am fully disabled and I would like to bring my minor child with me to the stadium along with my chaperone. Is that possible?
Only disabled persons and their adult chaperones can access the disabled section. Anyone else – if a minor, accompanied by an adult – must buy a ticket in a nearby section.
I registered on the site on behalf of the disabled youngster’s father and I was told the registration had been rejected because it wasn’t in the name of the disabled person. Why is this?
You must register on the site using the details of the disabled person. The registration details must match those on the disability certificate uploaded.
If a disabled person who has received accreditation for a game is unable to attend, can the chaperone come without the disabled person?
No, accreditation is for the disabled person. If he/she is unable to attend the game, the accreditation cannot be used by the chaperone.
I have registered on the Inter site and sent the disability certificate but I haven’t received confirmation of accreditation. Can I come to the stadium?
Registering on the site and sending a disability certificate is not the same as requesting accreditation. To request accreditation, you must select the game in question and insert the chaperone’s details.
I made a mistake when registering on the site and didn’t do it using the disabled person’s name. How can I change it?
It is not possible to modify an existing registration, so you must repeat the registration process.
I made a mistake with the date of birth and/or status (wheelchair user or non-wheelchair user). How can I change it?
You must send an email to [email protected] explaining the changes to be made, together with a copy of an ID document.
I run an association for disabled persons and I would like to bring some of them to the stadium with their chaperones. Can I make a single registration and upload all the disability certificates?
No, each disabled person must be registered individually.
I have received accreditation for the game. Is there a car park near the entrance for disabled persons?
Accredited disabled persons can park in car park H (entrance in Via Tesio) free of charge by showing the accreditation confirmation sent by email.
I don’t have accreditation but I have a disabled parking badge. Can I park in car park H free of charge?
No, free parking in the designated car park is only for disabled persons with accreditation.
I am partially disabled. Am I entitled to any benefits?
For this and other ticketing information, please contact our Customer Services by phone (+39 02 82942000) or email ([email protected])
I am a season-ticket holder and currently in a wheelchair due to an accident. Can I access the disabled section?
The disabled section is reserved for people who are fully disabled. Please contact Customer Services for further information.
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