Final score

3 December 2010 20:45

44' (2nd half) Hernanes
7' (2nd half) Zarate
26' Biava
3 - 1
29' (2nd half) Pandev
Referee: Daniele Orsato / Linesmen: Di Liberatore, Rosi / Fourth official: Romeo
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Minute Text commentary
48' The first half of Lazio-Inter ends 1-0. Biava's goal in the 26' making the difference
45' Three minutes injury time to be played
44' Zarate controls the ball and shots on the volley, but the ball goes high over the crossbar
39' Left footed shot from distance for Thiago Motta, Muslera parries it without much conviction
36' Stankovic is forced to leave the pitch due to a problem with his hamstring. In his place, Thiago Motta comes on
33' Natalino steals the ball from Zarate who was moving rapidly towards the Nerazzurri goal
32' From 32 metres, Sneijder takes the free kick, Muslera responds with his fists; from the clearance, Pandev shoots with his right but sends it wide
31' Foul by Matuzalem on Sneijder, free kick to Inter
27' Quick forward move by Lazio: Mauri gets in front of goal, decisive block by Zanetti
26' Tricky shot from Zarate, important deflection by Cordoba sending it out for a corner
26' LAZIO IN THE LEAD. From the Corner, Hernanes first, and Floccari second get their heads to the ball, Castellazzi somehow parries the shot, and Cambiasso attempts the clearance, but it bounces off Biava's body and ends up in the net
21' Yellow card for Muntari for a foul on Hernanes
19' MIRACLE BY CASTELLAZZI. Zarate serves Floccari who helps the ball on towards the target, only the Nerazzurri goalkeeper's left hand and Zanetti's leg manage to stop Mauri, who was standing on the near post, from slotting it into the goal
16' Change of pace by Biabiany who loses Radu and serves Muntari, the Ghanaian takes a powerful shot, but the shot is deflected and Muslera can collect it with little difficulty
13' Cambiasso works his way into the middle, the ball goes via Pandev and arrives to Muntari, but the disturbance from the Lazio defence sends the ball out for a corner
11' Bad challenge by Radu on Natalino, Orsato lets the Romanian defender off this time
7' Zarate puts the ball in the middle, Hernanes takes a touch and Dias fires a powerful right footer which hits Lucio square in the face
5' Lucio protects the ball from Hernanes' pressing
4' Raised leg by Muntari on Lichsteiner: free kick to Lazio
1' Welcome to the Olimpico stadium in Rome for Lazio-Inter, first game of the 15th round of the Serie A TIM 2010-2011
1' The Nerazzurri kick off
1' Four points separate the Nerazzurri from the Biancocelesti who, this evening, chase their fifth consecutive home win by fielding the Floccari-Zarate pair up front with Hernanes just behind them. Two novelties for Inter: Natalino, at his first start, will play right-back instead of Santon who will start on the bench; also in the starting line-up, returning after a month out for an injury to his right calf, is Sulley Muntari
Minute Text commentary
49' Lazio-Inter ends 3-1. Zarate added to Biava's goal, Pandev got one back for Inter but Hernanes got the definitive strike sending Lazio, therefore, to the top of the league level on points with Milan (30). Awaiting Saturday's and Sunday's games, Inter is now in fifth place with Palermo on 23 points.
46' Raja organises a standing ovation for Hernanes as he comes off for Bresciano
45' Orsato gives 4 minutes injury time
44' THREE FOR LAZIO. From a Hernanes free-kick, Santon gets a touch with his knee and the ball goes into the net for the 3-1
41' INTER REALLY CLOSE TO THE EQUALISER. Corner for Inter. The Lazio defence saves itself on the goal-line, Cordoba gets a touch, but this time it si Muslera to avoid the goal for the 2-2
41' Change for Lazio: Floccari off, Rocchi on
39' Clear holding on Biabiany which costs a yellow card for Radu who will now miss the next game
38' Last change for Inter: Natalino makes way for Santon to come on to the pitch
35' First change for Lazio: Zarate off, Ledesma on
34' One-two between Lucio and Sneijder, followed by a dangerous shot from the Dutchman who comes close to equalising. The ball goes just wide to Muslera's left
32' Foul on Lucio and free-kick to Inter entrusted to Sneijder. Ball goes wide after a Biancocelesti deflection. It's a corner. Once taken, Muslera jumps and catches the ball
31' Inter insists with pressure and gets in front of Muslera with greater confidence
29' GOAL INTER!!!! Sneijder with the cross, Pandev traps the ball and shoots with his left after overcoming Dias' challenge. It's 2-1
28' Lichsteiner turns and shoots with a left footed effort towards the far post, Castellazzi blocks the ball
27' Alibec gets into the box, but just as he's about to cross, Biava stops him
26' Insertion by captain Zanetti who offleads to Biabiany, the Frenchman shoots with his left but the shot is weak
24' Hernanes from distance, Castellazzi saves but doesn't hold on to it; Floccari tries again from the parry, but the ball ends just wide
23' Mauri passes into the box for Floccari, Cordoba gets involved and suffers a foul
19' Inter on the attack: low cross from Biabiany from the right for the move into the middle by Cambiasso, but the pass is to weak
16' Foul by Brocchi on Biabiany, yellow card for the Biancocelesti midfielder
15' Inter in difficulty: this time it is Lucio who anticipates to avoid Zarate trying a shot from inside the box
12' Lazio coming close to a third. Floccari one on one with Castellazzi, but the Nerazzurri goalkeeper stands strong and avoids the 3-0
9' Second change for Inter: Muntari off, Alibec on
7' SECOND FOR LAZIO. Zarate latches on the early cross, gets past Natalino and with a lobbed shot beats Castellazzi for the 2-0.
2' Pandev goes for it alone, but is closed off on the edge of the box by the Lazio defence
1' Same twenty-two on the pitch, Lazio-Inter resumes
Average rating 4.61
9 shots on target 5
2 shots off target 5
14 fouls committed 11
4 corners 3
1 offsides 1
41% ball possession 59%
The Reja-Inter challenge

There have been 7 official games between Reja and Inter and so far the tally is of 1 victory for the Lazio coach, 3 draws and 3 Nerazzurri wins.

Rafael Benitez-Lazio

Rafael Benitez faces Lazio for the first time in an official game.

Lazio hasn't scored against Inter in the league for 391'...

The last goal scored by Lazio in the Serie A against Inter, in both home and away games, dates back the March the 29th 2008 when it ended 1-1 in Rome. Author of the Lazio goal back then was Rocchi in the 59th and since then the remaining 31' in that game and the following 4 whole games won by Inter, make for a total of 391' without a goal for the Biancocelesti.

...and for 301' in home games

The aforementioned Rocchi goal on that 29th of March 2008 was also the last official goal scored by Lazio at home to the Nerazzurri: since then the remaining 31' in that game, plus 3 whole games ending in defeat (0-2 in the Coppa Italia, 0-3 and 0-2 in the 2009/09 and 2009/10 Serie A), make for a total of 301' without a home goal for the Biancocelesti.

Lazio-Inter: match between the fair-play sides and the best defences of the Serie A 2010/11

Lazio-Inter is also the fair play game of the Serie A 2010/11, the two teams, after 14 rounds, have collected the least number of yellow cards: the bookings are just 18 for Inter (top of the league), whilst Lazio is just behind on 19. The sides are also two of the best defences of the competition: 11 goals conceded by Reja's and Benitez's teams, the same as Chievo Verona.

Lazio hasn't beaten Inter in the Serie A since December 2003

Lazio hasn't beaten Inter, in the Serie A, in either home or away games, since the 21st of December 2003 when the Biancocelesti won at the Olimpico by 2-1: in the following 13 games in the league the tally is of 5 draws and 8 Inter wins (of which 4 have come in the last 4 games).

Lazio's second half form in 2010/11

Lazio is one of two 2010/11 Serie A teams, along with Chievo Verona, to have earned the most number of points in the second half of their games, compared to their results in the first 45': +6.

Teams under the microscope: Lazio +14 against 2009/10

Lazio is the team that has most improved their record in the first 14 games of this season compared to the same number of games 12 months ago: +14

Lazio-Inter: match between the two most prolific sides during the middle of the second half

Inter is the team in the Serie A 2010/11 to have scored the most amount of goals in the middle phase of the second half: from the 61st to the 75th it has been 7 goals so far. The second most prolific team in this mini-period of the game is Lazio, with 6 goals.

Inter, team with the least defeats in the Serie A in 2010

Inter, with 5 defeats in the 35 league games played in the 2010 solar year, is one of two the teams with the least number of defeats in the Serie A from January 2010 to today.

wins(22) draws(29) defeats(30)

starting lineups

Muslera 12 Castellazzi
Lichsteiner 57 Natalino
Biava 6 Lucio
Dias 2 Cordoba
Radu 4 Zanetti
Brocchi 5 Stankovic
Matuzalem 19 Cambiasso
Mauri 11 Muntari
Hernanes 88 Biabiany
Floccari 10 Sneijder
Zarate 27 Pandev


Berni 21 Orlandoni
Rocchi 8 Motta
Kozaic 23 Materazzi
Diakite' 31 Alibec
Bresciano 36 Benedetti
Ledesma 39 Santon
Cavanda 40 Nwankwo