Young women grow with Inter Campus


Continuity is one of the project’s most important values, allowing the kids to grow and keep enjoying themselves

Krakow - Located in a large house surrounded by a magnificent park in the small village of Seborowice, a few kilometres from the city, Inter Campus has been in operation since 2012. Specifically, their aim is to help kids who’ve been taken away from their families following decisions made by the family court.

A situation that tugs at the heart strings but gives back a lot. Here you’re welcomed like family. You play out on the pitch, you chat, you all sit together and have lunch. Trying local dishes that are prepared by the kids that have grown up over the years, becoming increasingly independent and mature.

Ala is one of them. Growing up here with her twin sister Ella, they’re still enjoying themselves out on the pitch and when we meet during the last visit, she’s enthusiastic about showing us what she’s recently purchased with her savings – a new Reflex camera and a pc bought with her savings from work. The difficulties that life has thrown at them hasn’t stopped them from dreaming and pursuing their dreams.

Young women grow with Inter Campus Young women grow with Inter Campus Young women grow with Inter Campus

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