Inter Campus Italia, so much desire to play!


The second event of the new season for the kids in the “Giocare Aiuta a Guarire Meglio” project who are more motivated than ever!

MILAN - A harmonious group of boys and girls, featuring some new faces and some veterans of the Inter Campus and Comitato Maria Letizia Verga project. They’re all lively and ready to run in the open air on a fine sunny day which turns out to be a pleasant surprise after a rainy week! Small details which made the two hours spent at the Suning Youth Development Centre in Memory of Giacinto Facchetti a joyous morning full of carefree energy.

The children encourage one another to do their best by celebrating all of their teammates’ goals while showing extraordinary and genuine team spirit. 

At pitchside, the parents chat among one another and relax while they watch their kids play, putting in the effort that leaves them sweating while demonstrating how sport can be an excellent form of medicine. 

Inter Campus Italia, so much desire to play! Inter Campus Italia, so much desire to play!

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