8 - Inter Xmas Advent Calendar: Diego Godin


The eighth edition of our advent calendar is dedicated to Diego Godin

“Experience is not a right, you have to earn it. I’ve always said: either you win or you learn. Football is not mathematics.”

Time is essential, and Diego Godin knows that all too well, with the Uruguayan veteran saying: “Only by being 100% focused can you get to the ball a millisecond before your opponent, that millisecond can be decisive for victory.” That’s why Godin has always fought to be the first to every ball throughout his career. Time can be limited, you have to give your all every 90 minutes, or in all aspects of life just like the Nerazzurri defender does in training.

It’s with this outlook that Godin has become the man and the player that he is today, thanks to all of the experience gained throughout the years, from the youth teams in Montevideo all the way to Atletico Madrid. Godin has always had the ambition of aiming higher, both on and off the pitch.

8 - Inter Xmas Advent Calendar: Diego Godin

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