Care and attention at the heart of things in Italy


Dr. Jankovic and Dr. Lanfranconi guided us through two important Inter Campus projects at the Maria Letizia Verga Centre of the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza

MONZA - Born with the international aim of expressing our Nerazzurri Club’s ethical values, Inter Campus is a project in continuous growth and evolution, which adapts itself to the realities it meets and all of the difficulties and demands that come with different situations. For some years, the project has also been operating on Italian soil and in the Milan area, aiming to help with the delicate situation of children suffering from haematological diseases through the game of football.

We found out more about the projects on an Instagram live stream, speaking to Dr. Jankovic, former head of the Paediatric Haematology Department at the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza and promoter of the Inter Campus project “Playing helps you heal”. The project began in 2013 and has now been passed down to Dr. Marco Spinelli, along with the philosophy of smiles and kindness: vital elements to restore a bit of normality to the small patients and their parents, shocked by the news of a serious illness and scared of the possible consequences. “The game of football, on Inter’s mini pitches, togethers with their little brothers and sisters and their parents watching, is a fundamental factor in helping children both mentally and physically, giving them a break from therapy and treatment and allowing them to run around and enjoy themselves, all while forgetting about their sacrifices and returning to normality,” said the doctor.

Meanwhile, 2017 saw the start of Inter Campus-Sport Therapy, a scientific project for children in the Paediatric Haematology Department. Dr. Lanfranconi, a Sports Physician at the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza and our point of contact for the facility, told us about how the project helps children newly admitted to the ward right from their diagnosis, through sporting activities and specific technical skills from these sports, including football. Dr. Lanfranconi also emphasised the importance of a human touch alongside Inter Campus’ technical skills, with Coach Roberto Redaelli organising specific sessions tailored to the needs of the children each week.

Despite the critical situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic right now, activities in the ward and gym have continued, much in thanks to the safety measures already in place, giving the boys and girls a chance to continue their exercise and hold on to a vital source of entertainment and normality in this difficult time.

Care and attention at the heart of things in Italy Care and attention at the heart of things in Italy

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