Inter Campus Israel and Palestine: comments from Ghetton


Complex, difficult, volatile, often unpredictable: the Israeli-Palestinian project was discussed on Instagram by local coordinators Yasha Maknouz and Jasmine Seror and the Inter Campus psychologist, instructor and coach Silvio Guareschi

Tel Aviv – The strict measures taken to combat the coronavirus are slowly and progressively being relaxed, allowing for some kind of normality to resume in both Israel and Palestine: offices, parks and schools are opening up, while commercial activities are also restarting.

Our training sessions still aren’t allowed: only individual activities are currently permitted. But the hope remains that we’ll be able to return to the pitch soon in safe conditions to play football together.

This crisis, which now seems to be gradually subsiding, has provided an opportunity to smoothen out difficulties resulting from the area’s socio-political situation, as Yasha and Jasmine explained to us.

“Despite the constantly evolving and ever changing economic, political and social situation in this part of the world, Inter Campus Israel and Palestine has continued to follow its course, negotiating difficult and less difficult moments and believing and trusting in the strength and substance of the project. Important resources have been forthcoming, and this can be put down to the following: the help that has been provided by management figures; the close working relationship between local partners and those in charge of the technical side of things; the inclusion of families; the extraordinary support shown by our partners, one of which has provided displaced children in Tel Aviv with PCs during this particularly difficult period. These youngsters have therefore had the opportunity to gather in a virtual manner and play!”

Inter Campus Israel and Palestine: comments from Ghetton Inter Campus Israel and Palestine: comments from Ghetton Inter Campus Israel and Palestine: comments from Ghetton

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