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It’s not a Right, but having access to the Internet is of utmost importance in this day and age

In certain parts of the world, Internet access is rare. But during a period where many are being forced to stay at home, thoughts turn to just how important it is to have a web connection.

Sport is the lifeblood of Inter Campus, but it’s not the only integral aspect. We educate our children, also transmitting the values of football to them: being together, helping each other, feeling part of a family. And precisely because of this, the project has not stopped despite activities on the pitch being interrupted. Every week, interactive video conferences involving youngsters and coaches are held. Because although we are separated by distance, we remain close on a social level.

However, not everyone is able to take part: there are those who don’t have the technology (computers, phones, smartphones) and those who don’t have access to the web. And while our chats are wonderful and relaxing, it’s clear to see that many fundamental Rights depend on having Internet connection: freedom of information and expression, the Right to education and health to name just a few. Web connection might seem trivial where there’s a lack of basic necessities, but perhaps that’s no longer the case. Through partnerships with civil society and the private sector, the United Nations has stressed the importance of this issue and is actively working on it.

Inter Campus has always protected the Right to Play. But everything that children need to grow up with a smile on their faces is important to us too. We continue to look forward with caution as we eagerly anticipate a return to the football pitch!

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