Inter Campus Lebanon: A great restart, all female!


After many months of closures and limitations, the children of Inter Campus Lebanon finally resume regular attendance at the pitch in Shatila

Beirut – Activities restarted with a special occasion for our young Inter Campus members who participated in an all-female tournament organised by a network of local organisations.

In addition to the Inter Campus delegation, girls from the Palestinian refugee camp of Mar Elias, mostly inhabited by the Palestinian Christian community, and girls from the Dbayeh refugee camp, located north of Beirut, took to the pitch.

“We’re finally able to return to the pitch and guarantee the boys and girls of Shatila a safe space to play...”, our local coach Othman told us, who then continued: “We are particularly proud to have been able to organise this first tournament dedicated entirely to young girls. We have maintained relationships with them and their parents in recent months, trying to keep their motivation high to resume sporting activities and to practice, which is by no means taken for granted here”.

A small step towards a long-awaited return to normality, with the desire to soon return to the pitch with our young friends from Shatila.

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