Sep 22nd 2022

On the day of his birthday, let's take a look back at all of his goals in an Inter shirt

Admit it! Every single time you watch them from our feed or sent to you via a chat, your mood is better after watching these images: whatever is happening at that moment, wherever you are.

Be honest, how many times have you watched that goal?

He accelerated away like a train from the middle of the park to receive the ball through from Moriero, and then a one-on-one with Marchegiani; he dummied, a deadly step-over and the goal opened up in front of him. Ronaldo was alone and placed it into the back of the net. Fantasy became reality; the impossible possible, all in one evening. This was how that sumptuous display in the Final ended, with an iconic goal and a UEFA cup lifted high into the skies in his first season as an Inter player.

It was the evening of 6 May, 1998. Milan was getting ready for the summer. The kids were counting down the days for the holidays to start, while the adults were planning their trips after a long working year. The Nerazzurri supporters had just seen that unimaginable goal on TV. That precise moment represented the leitmotif of his footballing life in which he put time itself out of time. He redefined the parameters of speed and technique.

Revolutionising the present makes history and legends of the future. This is what Ronaldo achieved in his time as a Nerazzurri player, drawing an epic line. The scared and the profane intertwined and became reality from his repeated celebrations, that immediately compared him as Christ's saviour of Rio de Janeiro.

What the Fenomeno did in an Inter shirt is the story of a simple guy from Bento Ribeiro who entered the footballing history books through simply using his immense and natural talent.

Today, Ronaldo turns 46 years old and on the day of his birthday, we celebrate once again, observing that photo, all of his goals in an Inter shirt, reliving that magical night in Paris.

Happy Birthday, Ronie!

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