The Nerazzurri defender spoke exclusively to Inter TV: "We want to show everyone that we're back in the big time"

APPIANO GENTILE - Henrique Dalbert was exclusively interviewed by Inter Tv at the start of the second week of pre-season. "The first week is always a bit tough because you’re starting again but I’m working well alongside my teammates. We’re always adapting to the Coach’s style of play, we’re in good shape and we’ll improve a lot. I feel good, I’m certain that the future will be very positive." 

"The first match went well, it was an important win. The team was able to play well and take to the pitch in the right manner. It was a good match, difficult because of the conditions but it was useful so that we could get back up to match tempo and play again. I’m sure that the next match will be even better than the first even though we won that one. The future will be positive for the team." 

"My first year was difficult but I’m sure that this year will go much better. I’m working hard, I’m very motivated. I want to improve for myself, for my family and I’m convinced that the team will have a great league season and Champions League campaign, showing to all that we’re strong and a big club and not just because of the history. We want to show everyone that we’re back in the big time." 

"The first year wasn’t easy, it didn’t go as I would have hoped. I hoped for something better but I’m sure that this year will be better. I’m improving a lot, I learnt a lot in my first year. I feel very motivated and more mature, I therefore know that this year will be better."


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