The trio from Ukraine and Russia attended the #DerbyMilano and the match against Barcelona thanks to Inter Club Brugherio

Anton, Konstantin and Victorya: A Nerazzurri story
Anton, Konstantin and Victorya: A Nerazzurri story
Anton, Konstantin and Victorya: A Nerazzurri story

MILAN – Us Inter fans are #BrothersOfTheWorld. It’s been this way since our Club was founded 110 years ago, and today more than ever this still applies, as Anton, Konstantin and Victorya’s story demonstrates.

Anton is from Ukraine and is a resident of Kiev, while Konstantin and Victorya live in Anapa, a town in the south of Russia with a mild climate that overlooks the Black Sea and is popular with tourists. All three have seen a dream come true after experiencing an unforgettable adventure: not only did they sit in the Primo Anello Verde at San Siro and watch the #DerbyMilano (after observing Inter’s pre-match warm-up from the touchline), they also got to experience Inter’s match at Camp Nou against Barcelona from the away end and spend a few days on holiday.

All this was made possible through Inter Club Brugherio, which came into being eight years ago and which went all out to provide assistance to the trio. This Inter Club gave them a big welcome in Milan the day before the Derby, allowing them to experience the atmosphere in the city on the eve of the match between the Nerazzurri and Rossoneri. Konstantin had this to say about his experience: "I’m crazy about Inter. I fell in love with the club after reading about its history. I feel that this team has a fighting spirit which is similar to the Russian people. A lot of my friends support Barcelona or Real Madrid, but I have fallen under the Nerazzurri spell."

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