Apr 9th 2019

Zanetti, Handanovic and Toldo met the students involved in the contest to give the Nerazzurri's bus a new design

MILAN – Milan’s Design Week is now in full flow. The Nerazzurri colours are there for all to see in the centre of Milan at via Felice Casati, where the headquarters of the RM Institute for Fashion and Design are located. And it was here where the Design for Sport initiative, which has been launched by Inter together with the RM Institute for Fashion and Design for Design Week, was inaugurated this evening. This initiative will see students from different local schools take part in an original contest where they’ll give a new design to the bus Inter will use during the 2019/20 season. The jury will be made up of an exceptional group of people, with key figures from the Nerazzurri getting involved.

Luca Danovaro, Chief Marketing Officer of FC Internazionale Milano, spoke at the launch: "We’re delighted to be here in this black and blue building. The city is demonstrating just how innovative it is: you just need to walk through Milan’s streets to know how alive and international every corner of this city is. We are Inter, we’re Made of Milano, and you can find us at all international events. Inter is characterised by innovation, both from a sports and entertainment point of view, through the content we can offer: through us, you’re able to experience emotions and passion. We have a close bond to those who love sport. And this is why we’re extremely happy to be able to take this opportunity to put the talent of the young people from the schools taking part in this initiative to the test. The challenge of designing Inter’s bus has a deep meaning. It doesn’t just concern a means of transport, it’s our home. You’ll be designing our DNA. Inter’s bus needs to generate emotions and passion, while the fans need to feel a bond with the team. It needs to get the fans fired up and leave the opposition feeling a sense of awe."

College Director of the RM Institute for Fashion and Design Pasquale Volpe explained the philosophy behind Design for Sport: "We are the youngest design school in Milan and are linked to Inter in more than one way: we look to help young people, with new designers being educated here. What’s more, we work for people, and we do it with passion."

Inter vice-president Javier Zanetti, captain Samir Handanovic and Inter Forever Head Francesco Toldo greeted the secondary school pupils who will take part in the contest over the next few days. These are days which will see important conferences take place relating to design and its links to sport (click here for the complete programme and to receive information about registering for the various events).

Javier Zanetti: "Design Week is something which profoundly characterises Milan. There’s a buzz about the city as it comes to life. It’s wonderful and a great honour to be here. The jury is characterised by the Nerazzurri colours, and we want those taking part to express themselves to the full extent possible, without any limits being in place. The team’s bus is something unique, both for the players and for the fans. For the players, it’s similar to the changing room: there’s a unique family-like atmosphere where you’re together as a group. When the fans see the bus on the streets of Italy, it creates a sense of joy. In that moment, they feel close to the team. The bus is used to bring you to games, but it also takes you back home after matches have been played: you might feel happy after a win or angry after a defeat, but you’ll always feel like a family in there. The bus needs to be elegant so as to reflect Inter’s philosophy. Our colours are recognised throughout the world – they are wonderful."

Samir Handanovic: "I’m happy to be part of the jury for this initiative. I’m sure that we’ll discover a lot of talented youngsters who will star in the world of design in the future. The bus is a special place and almost sacred. It’s where the pre-match atmosphere can be felt. Every player has their own rituals, but everyone knows that they are on their way towards a new challenge. Arriving in cities or towns far away and finding your bus waiting for you is fantastic when you play away. You feel at home. The design of the new bus needs to be able to unite people, it needs to appeal to Inter fans belonging to all generations. The values of the Club need to come to the fore in addition to the colours which make us unique."

Francesco Toldo: "The link between Inter and Design Week was consolidated during the initiatives last year, and it’s an honour to be part of the work that is being done. Seeing so many young people together is a great feeling, we strongly believe in the projects that will be undertaken. The bus is much more than a means of transport, it’s a symbol of the Club that manages to generate incredible emotions. It doesn’t just transport players and staff from one place to another, but through the bus Inter’s logo and colours are displayed on the streets of Italy. Players’ dreams can be found inside. What’s more, Inter has always stood out from other Italian clubs, we are different from everyone else and stress this emphatically. Our bus must have elements which, in line with our tradition, make it unique."

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