Longo: "Determination and hard work are this group's ingredients


The striker from the camp in Lugano: "I'm trying to make the most of this opportunity"

LUGANO – The Nerazzurri are putting in the hard work during their training camp in Lugano. This time it was Samuele Longo’s turn to speak to Inter TV, and he gave his first impressions on the start made so far: "We’ve worked with great intensity over these first few days. The Coach is asking a lot of us, but we’re happy about this. We want to continue in this way.

"The fact I’m here and am able to train with the team is a source of pride for me. I’m doing a lot of learning: I’m really happy and trying to give my all to make the most of the opportunity and I’ll also do the same in the match against Lugano on Sunday.

"The years pass by, every experience gives you something new. I’ve been fortunate to have opportunities and new possibilities every year, I’ve grown on both a football and human level. I’m no longer 19, and so I’ve definitely improved.

"The impact Conte’s had? Every coach adds something new. He’s asking us to move in lots of ways – movements which we haven’t tried in the past. The new things we’re doing are fantastic and interesting. The Coach is very determined and transmits this determination to the whole group. He treats everyone the same way, from the youngest player to the oldest, and this makes you give that little bit more."

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