Moving around Hungary for opening ceremonies, training and anniversaries

A number of anniversaries at Inter Campus Hungary
A number of anniversaries at Inter Campus Hungary
A number of anniversaries at Inter Campus Hungary

Leaving from Debrecen, the Inter Campus staff moved to the new hub at Bakonszeg which from this year, will guarantee that 30 children from the village can regularly play sport. Without this, they’d be on the streets and involved in unsuitable activities for their age. 

Szendrolad was the location for the second stage of the journey. In the village with a Roma population, the two coaches Paola and Lorenzo ran training based on fun and positive character development for the children. By their side were the two local coaches Gabor and Joet who have passionately followed the children for ten years. In order to mark this significant milestone, they were presented Inter Campus certificates for their participation in recognition of their work and in the belief that their adventure alongside the Nerazzurri’s project is only just beginning. 

Finally, the delegation moved to Budapest where they were warmly greeted by the children from the Cpekko orphanage. It’s nice to see how every visit is welcomed by more kids, all of whom improve in terms of their education and technical skills. This time, it was the turn of Benzie and Veronica who have recently arrived after moving to the shelter on account of their parents being homeless and they’ve joined educational, sporting and school projects while waiting for a solution to their family solution to be found. Through play and the Nerazzurri shirt, they get to enjoy hours where they can have fun and forget about other problems alongside their friends.

The next visit will be in the spring when it will be time to celebrate ten years of Inter Campus Hungary! The project has also endured thanks to the support of Love Is The Answer, the partner who has supported the organisation for years to guarantee a better future for the children.

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