4ever Inter: 4-million barrier broken on Instagram


A new achievement for the Club's official Instagram account

MILAN – An increasingly closer bond with the team and increasing numbers. Nerazzurri fans might be spread out all over the world, but they are increasingly connected and part of the Club thanks to a digital fanbase that is continuously growing.

On Instagram, the four-million barrier has now been broken, an acknowledgement of the quality of the content being produced. There’s been a growth of 71% in the past year, an increase of 1.6 million followers. In addition, there have been 128 million video views and 166 million interactions.

Among the content which has been appreciated the most by Nerazzurri fans were Sanchez and Lukaku’s greetings upon joining the Club, the Belgian striker’s celebration after netting the goal that sealed the win in the #DerbyMilano and also Barella’s outpouring of joy after scoring his first goal for Inter in Serie A with a wonderful strike.

The numerical increase on Instagram is another big achievement. It’s the result of a strategy which is aimed at transmitting the values of the Club and has also come about through the desire to be close to our fans and bring the Nerazzurri colours to every part of the world. The exponential growth on all our digital platforms is testament to this: from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn through to the Inter Official App, Inter.it and our platforms dedicated to the Asian market Weibo, WeChat, Toutiao, Dongqiudi and Douyin.

In addition to being creative and entertaining, Inter Media House aims to be innovative and look to the future, as was seen when Inter became the first Italian Club to launch its own Instagram filter. This was an enormous success with 10.6 million impressions and 51,414 shares. A second project with the “Not For Everyone” slogan will be following shortly.

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