“An Authentic Christmas”, Inter’s Christmas present to our fans


MILAN – After the success of InterPresents, Inter’s 2018 Christmas campaign which took fans through the Nerazzurri Christmas season with a series of imaginary gifts, this year Inter fans will be able to experience An Authentic Christmas, finding actual products from the Nerazzurri world under the tree on Christmas day.

The new Christmas campaign is completely innovative - something testament to the continuous growth of Inter Media House - and allows fans to make the most of all of Inter’s online channels at once.

The starting point is a real Christmas TV show broadcast on the Club’s YouTube and Facebook channels, presenting different Nerazzurri products in an ironic way and in the style of early ‘90s teleshopping. To make the experience even more immersive, a phone number will pop up on the screen throughout the show, with Inter Forever member Fabio Galante responding to calls for the first hour.

In addition to Facebook and YouTube, the campaign will also make use of all of the other Nerazzurri digital channels, with a series of spin-offs dedicated to different platforms.

An Authentic Christmas will see nine Nerazzurri players taking part, as well as Antonio Conte who will narrate a Christmas fairy tale. Raul Cremona will take up the role of presenter Ricky Rasola, with Astrid Ericsson by his side and cameos from singer Eddy Veerus and the DJs Merk & Kremont.

Once again, with the help of Inter Media House, the Club will be bringing Christmas to the homes of almost thirty millions fans across all of the Nerazzurri social channels in a more innovative way than ever before.

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