Born Inter, the tutorial: how to relive your Nerazzurri history


A guide to our brand-new digital project for the Club’s 112th birthday

MILAN - 112 years of Inter, 112 years of emotions. It’s difficult to enclose them, define them or even limit them. Ours is a unique story, made up of big names and games, great players and goals, and even incredible coaches and trophies. That’s why we thought we’d find a present for Inter fans all over the world on the Club’s 112th birthday. BORN INTER, a digital project allowing all fans to look back over their own Nerazzurri history, from their birth date right up to today, through the videos, statistics and memorable names that define the life of every Inter fan. Here are a few simple steps on how to get the best experience from Born Inter. (Or check out the video tutorial at the bottom of this article!)

1. Go on and click the button to start your extraordinary journey. All fans must be registered on INTER.IT/EN in order to access the experience. Registration is free and only takes a moment, and fans who are already registered just need to enter their email address and their date of birth.

2. With just one click, your Nerazzurri journey begins. You will be asked to insert your name and date of birth, but you can also use a friend or relative’s to experience their history as an Inter fan. Having inserted these details, Born Inter will begin to prepare your Nerazzurri history from your birth date right up to today.

3. In the first tab you’ll find Your first Nerazzurri emotions: a video recounting everything that happened at Inter in the year you were born. Every year has an original and different video, so fans can also insert different dates of birth to watch them all!

4. The tab Your lifetime stats shows the statistics from every game Inter have played since the day you were born up: wins, goals, trophies and Derby wins.

5. Click on tab three to check out your Lifetime legends: these are the three most successful coaches to have led Inter during your lifetime, along with the three players with the most appearances from the same period. Your first victories, meanwhile, shows Inter’s first win after your birth and their first trophies as well.

6. In the Your affinities tab you can find players born on the same day or in the same year as you, while Your first team shows the first Inter of your lifetime, with the full Nerazzurri squad list the day you were born.

7. We’re not done yet: Your first historical events is a tab which shows the story from the season you were born. A short summary and a beautiful photo of that year’s Inter to go with it. The last two tabs show Your first chant and Your road to San Siro, the latter showing how many kilometres your city is from the home of the Nerazzurri.

8. Finished? All that’s left to do is start again: click on the top left corner to restart, putting in a new name and date of birth to look at anyone else’s Nerazzurri history.

9. Obviously you can share each tab on your social network profiles: let everyone know about your own Nerazzurri history with Born Inter, sharing the page on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo or WeChat.

10. Happy birthday, Inter fans!

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BORN INTER | THE TUTORIAL: how to relive your Nerazzurri history!

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