Flags, smiles and Nerazzurri shirts on display in Pernambuco

Inter Campus Brazil Tournament
Inter Campus Brazil Tournament

OLINDA – The Brazilian national anthem rings out and the youngsters begin to parade. Every group has a captain who represents the training camp they belong to. Green and yellow colours are waved in addition to the flag of Pernambuco, the state we’re currently spending time in. But there’s also a lot of Black&Blue too thanks to the Inter shirts and shorts on display. The ceremony is formal, but there’s also a bit of irony involved: we’re here to have fun.

These are Inter Campus children, who take to the pitch representing the values of sport. It’s a unique opportunity to play and strike up friendships as they come face to face with teammates from training camps nearby. Despite these camps being in close vicinity to one another, it’s not easy for the youngsters to see each other. Today, they’ll be able to spend an entire day together.

It might seem like a small detail, but it’s not easy for these youngsters to get out of their neighbourhoods at the weekend. They don’t get to take part in tournaments very often and can’t move around easily. The run-down coaches that have brought them here were kindly provided by the municipality, the result of hard work by our local coaches and coordinator Augusto, a historic Inter Campus figure. The exceptional nature of the event can be seen in their eyes. They’re tired from the immense task of organising it all, but they’re happy that they’ve managed to make a small dream come true for many children.

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