Reporting from Krakow: Olek’s thoughts


Caring for children in the most fragile situations: Inter Campus Poland is one of our historic projects that is continuously undergoing developments in light of the socio-political changes taking place in the country and Europe

Krakow – Our interview with Aleksander Kawiorski, known to everyone as Olek, is a really pleasant conversation that looks back at important and happy moments from an adventure that began many years ago. There have been many transformations that have reflected the changing face of Poland itself, developments which the project has looked to make the most out of in order to generate opportunities.

“Our first meeting was 28 July 2002 with Massimo Seregni, the then Project Manager,” Olek remembers. “We launched an Inter Campus training base in the suburb of Sant’Edwige, where we dedicated our energy and resources to the parish bearing the same name and the Jadwiga sports club. Today, we are incorporating new objectives when it comes to our activities: we’re helping children who are experiencing difficulties and doing so in such a way that they can play football together with the youngsters involved with Jadwiga.

“The greatest thing about this job is seeing the children from the orphanages and Special Schools playing together with the Jadwiga youngsters. All of them out on the same pitch, helping each other and holding hands.”

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the activities have come to a halt, with schools set to reopen only after the summer.

Particularly great to see is the development of the young girls from the orphanage in Sieborowice: they’ve really grown up and become independent, also thanks to the support provided by Inter Campus, which for them is a point of reference in their often difficult lives.”

Reporting from Krakow: Olek’s thoughts Reporting from Krakow: Olek’s thoughts

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