Inter Campus and UEFA Foundation come together for youngsters in Cameroon


Retelling one's experiences as a moment of awareness: This is how to use football for inclusion and development of rural areas

Decorated with Inter Campus joy, the African Black’n Blue Project won’t stop. Angola and Congo have already spoken about their experiences of social football that has developed over the years in relation to the needs of children: Gender equality and health in Angola; integration and education in Congo. Tackling life issues on the pitch, learning by playing: This has always been the Inter philosophy.

The training process, developed along a common thread of resilience and conducted by Inter Campus technicians, aims to enhance local skills, placing the figure of the coach at the centre. Who knows their country’s problems better than them, in fact, having had to learn to face them by making a virtue of necessity? Today it's up to Cameroon to talk about ethnic inclusion and the development of rural areas, telling everyone how football, even in Douala and Yaounde, represents an instrument of redemption for younger generations. Finding solutions starting from needs, educating the youngest children according to sport’s values.

The project, in collaboration with the UEFA Foundation, takes place in Angola, Cameroon, Congo and Uganda and is spread over a period of 24 months.

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