De Vrij: "Let's build on last season. I love the new shirt"


The Nerazzurri centre-back chats to Inter TV: "This is a close-knit squad. The new shirt partnership with allows the fans to be our 12th man in a new way"

APPIANO GENTILEStefan de Vrij is back in Appiano Gentile ready for a new season with a new kit – and the same determination as always. The defender shared his thoughts with Inter TV two days after reporting back for pre-season, following a busy summer which saw him reach the last 16 of Euro 2020 with the Netherlands.  

What was it like to meet Simone Inzaghi again after so many years together at Lazio?
“It was great. I really enjoyed those years I spent at Lazio with him, so I’m very pleased that he’s now here.”

How does it feel to come back to La Pinetina as Italian champions?
“Of course it was a wonderful achievement and something we’ve all enjoyed, but there’s a new season kicking off soon and we want to build on last season's success. We’ll keep working hard to do so. “

You were involved in a demanding Euro 2020 and haven’t had much time to rest. How much do you want to defend this Scudetto?
“Very much! I'll try to keep improving and growing – as I’ve always done – and be successful.”

The boss has a similar philosophy to the one that led us to the title. Do you think that’s a good thing?
“Yes, I think so. It’s an advantage because the squad has remained close-knit. It's a good thing.”

You’re wearing the new jersey. Do you like it? 
“Yes, I love it. This new partnership allows us to be closer to the fans and interact with them. They'll be our 12th man in a new way.

You’re not just a star on the pitch, but also on the piano – as we've seen on social media. You even have a song out. How did you decide to try your hand at music? Do you think you might do something with your team-mates, given how passionate they are about music?
“I don’t know. We’ll see. The most important thing is football, of course. That’s the priority. Music and playing the piano is something on the side that helps me relax and I enjoy it.”

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