1. Each season ticket (a “Season Ticket”) identifies the ticket holder and shall not be transferred. The holder of the Season Ticket is the person in favor of whom the Season Ticket is issued, subject to his/her proper identification and to the execution of the season ticket agreement (the “Ticket Holder”). The issue of the Season Ticket is conditional upon the acknowledgment and acceptance of these general terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”), of the “code of conduct and rules” of access to football events (the “Code of Conduct”) of F.C. Internazionale Milano S.p.A. (“F.C. Inter”), as well as of the rules of use of the “Giuseppe Meazza” Stadium in Milan (the “Stadium”), whose current version is available on the website Compliance with the above rules of use of the Stadium is an essential condition for the access to and stay within the Stadium. The access to, and the stay within, the Stadium area also implies the acceptance of the rules and regulations issued by FIFA, UEFA, F.I.G.C., Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A (“Lega Calcio”) and the competent public safety authority. The issue of the Season Ticket is conditional upon the possession of the “Siamo Noi” card. The terms and conditions of agreement and use of the “Siamo Noi” card are available on the website

  2. Seasons Tickets can be purchased on the website as well as at the retailers authorized by F.C. Inter (as indicated on the website, in compliance with the procedures set out by F.C. Inter. Upon payment of the Season Tickets, Ticket Holders shall receive a proof of purchase, containing the details of their reserved seats. Seasons Tickets are strictly personal and shall not be transferred to third parties except as otherwise set out in these Terms and Conditions and/or without the prior authorization of F.C. Inter, without prejudice to the cases provided for by the applicable law. With reference to individual home matches, F.C. Inter (in its sole discretion) may authorize Ticket Holders to transfer tickets to third parties, in compliance with the user’s name change procedure available on the website (the “Ticket Transfer”), it being understood, in any event, that: A. Ticket Transfers shall be made solely in favor other supporters in possession of the “Siamo Noi” card and entitled to the same right as the original Ticket Holder. Tickets Transfers entailing a supplemental payment for the transition to a higher ticket class, from a reducedpriced to a full price ticket, or from one seat to another seat shall not be permitted; B. Ticket Transfers shall solely be made for the selected match and shall be subject to any restriction set out by the public safety authority, even for individual matches; and C. it is mandatory to comply with the instructions on the form of acknowledgment of the Ticket Transfer, which shall be printed at the end of the procedure and shall be presented when entering the Stadium, jointly with the “Siamo Noi” card. When accessing the Stadium, new ticket holders shall show, jointly with their “Siamo Noi” card, the receipt attesting the user’s name change, printable from the website Without prejudice to any of the foregoing, Ticket Holders hereby undertake: A. not to allow any person subject to a stadium ban (and/or prohibited to purchase tickets) to use their Season Tickets; B. not to use their Season Tickets for purposes of commerce, speculation and/or ticket scalping; and C. not to resell neither to transfer their tickets to third parties, not even through online sale platforms dedicated to secondary ticketing (including tickets offered in the framework of collateral service and/or product offers, not even where included in miscellaneous packages for individual events), except as expressly provided for and authorized by F.C. Inter.

  3. Where Ticket Holders are legal entities, the issuance of Season Tickets shall be subject to the prior submission of a copy of an excerpt from the relevant register of companies (where applicable) as well as of a copy of the valid ID of their legal representative or the person vested with the required powers. In any event, the requests shall include the name, surname and date of birth of the person who will use the Season Ticket. The conditions of issuance of Season Tickets in favor of natural persons and legal entities are available in the dedicated section of the website

  4. Season Tickets entitle their holders to attend only the official home matches played at the Stadium by the F.C. Inter male first team in the Serie A championship during the relevant sports season, in the assigned sector, row and seat, in accordance with the match schedule (date, time and place) set by the organizer of the competition and any change thereof, irrespective of the cause of any such change. In case of loss or theft of Season Tickets, Ticket Holders shall report the circumstance to the competent authorities without delay. Ticket Holders may request the issue of a new Season Ticket, subject to the exhibition, at one of the retailers authorized to issue tickets or via the website, of the Season Ticket’s loss or theft report as well as of the receipt of purchase of the original Season Ticket. Ticket Holders are hereby made aware that, in all cases provided for by law (including for public order requirements), they shall not be entitled to get a duplicate of the Season Ticket or of any equivalent admission ticket, nor they shall be entitled to a refund.

  5. Season Tickets shall be entitled to a refund of the unused portion of Season Ticket exclusively in the following circumstances: A. closure of the sector of the Stadium where the Ticket Holder’s seat is placed (unless F.C. Inter provides the Ticket Holder with a substitute ticket to attend the match in another sector of the Stadium); B. disqualification of the Stadium, with the match being played at another stadium (unless the Ticket Holder requested and obtained from F.C. Inter the issue of a substitute ticket to attend the match at the other stadium); C. match played at the Stadium behind closed doors; D. match that cannot be played or completed for reasons of public order, unforeseeable circumstances and/or force majeure, including as a result of unfavourable weather conditions or the enactment of provisions and/or orders by the competent authorities and bodies (unless the Ticket Holder requested and obtained from F.C. Inter the issue of a substitute ticket to attend the replay match, it being however understood that the Ticket Holder will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of the Season Ticket in the event that the circumstances listed above depend on a decision by the competent authorities due to actions of the Ticket Holder, including concurrent actions (such as, by way of example, acts of violence or racism, in any form or expression, use of explosive materials, weapons and other offensive and/or dangerous objects) that give rise to the strict liability of F.C. Inter (also pursuant to the Sports Justice Code of the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio). Compensation for other and further damages is in any case excluded, except in the case of a breach by F.C. Inter of its obligations.

  6. F.C. Inter shall be entitled to assign to Ticket Holders a seat different than the one shown on their respective Season Tickets in case of force majeure conditions, unforeseeable circumstances, public order or safety issues, works in progress, upon order of the Public Safety Authorities, Lega Calcio, Osservatorio Nazionale sulle Manifestazioni Sportive, CASMS or any other competent body, or for amendments to federal regulations. In such circumstances, the assigned seat shall have a value equal to, or higher than, the original seat (except in case such replacement seat is unavailable).

  7. Season Tickets shall be loaned to Ticket Holders free of charge, while F.C. Inter shall remain the full owner thereof. Ticket Holders shall be responsible to keep the Season Tickets they have each been assigned with and shall be held liable for all consequences possibly deriving from the use thereof by third parties.

  8. F.C. Inter may reduce Season Tickets prices for certain categories of persons and/or in certain areas of the Stadium. The specific categories of persons, the criteria for the price reduction and the implementation procedures shall be disclosed by F.C. Inter through any authorized communication mean as well as on the website

  9. At its sole discretion, F.C. Inter reserves the right to grant to former sports season’s ticket holders a right of pre-emption for the purchase of Season Tickets for the following sport season, thus determining the limits and conditions thereof. Should F.C. Inter grant such right of pre-emption, Ticket Holders shall exercise such rights according to the procedures and within the time limits prescribed by F.C. Inter on a season-by-season basis. In any event, rights of pre-emption shall not be granted to holders of free or promotional season tickets. Should such a right of pre-emption be granted, F.C. Inter will inform thereof the entitled persons.

  10. Due to force majeure conditions, unforeseeable circumstances, public order or safety issues, refurbishment works, orders from Lega Calcio and/or other competent entities or authorities, or as a consequence of amendments to the rules and regulation of F.I.G.C., certain areas of the Stadium may not be available for the purposes of Season Tickets.

  11. Season Tickets in sectors 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 216, 217, 218, 219, 220 do not include the attendance to the match F.C. Inter - A.C. Milan (and, therefore, will be valid only to attend the other official home matches, played in the Stadium during the Serie A championship of the relevant sport season by the F.C. Inter male first team, with the exclusion of the match F.C. Inter - A.C. Milan).

  12. At its sole discretion, F.C. Inter may reserve to Ticket Holders a period of dedicated sale, at the terms and conditions communicated by F.C. Inter from time to time, for the purchase of tickets for competitive matches not included in the Season Ticket (such as, for example: F.C Inter - A.C. Milan of the Serie A championship, matches for Coppa Italia, Champions League, Europa League, etc.). In accordance with the rules and regulation of U.E.F.A., with regard to both the Champions League and Europa League matches, tickets offered in sale in the areas reserved to U.E.F.A. may not be purchased. Such areas shall be communicated to the public on a case-by-case basis. With regard to the Coppa Italia matches, the period of dedicated sale shall be guaranteed compatibly with the provisions disclosed on a case-by-case basis by Lega Calcio, F.I.G.C. and the other competent entities or authorities. As a consequence of the foregoing, F.C. Inter may not be able to guarantee the availability of all Stadium areas. Should a dedicated sale be granted, F.C. Inter will inform thereof the entitled persons through their contact details provided by such entitled person upon purchase of the Season Ticket.

  13. At its sole discretion, F.C. Inter may grant to Ticket Holders a right of pre-emption to purchase tickets for individual home matches of the F.C. Inter male first team, according to the procedures and within the limits prescribed by F.C. Inter. Should such a right of pre-emption be granted, F.C. Inter will inform thereof the entitled persons through their contact details provided by such entitled person upon purchase of the Season Ticket.

  14. Any infringement in relation to, and/or misuse of, Season Tickets shall entail their immediate withdrawal and/or blocking. Season Tickets may be withdrawn, cancelled, blocked, or the use thereof may be restricted, either on a temporary or permanent basis, at any time in the cases provided for by law and by these general Terms and Conditions. By way of example, An infringement, as defined above, shall be deemed to have occurred in the following (but shall not be limited to the following) circumstances: A. failure to pay, in whole or in part, or fraudulent payment of the Season Ticket (e.g., payment by or in favor of an unauthorized person); B. use of Season Tickets for falsification purposes or for the issuance of unauthorized duplicates; C. access or attempted access to an area of the Stadium other than the area indicated on the Season Ticket, except as otherwise expressly authorized by F.C. Inter; D. use or attempted use of one Season Ticket for more than one person; E. untruthfulness or incompleteness of data provided upon the purchase of the Season Ticket; F. purchase of the Season Ticket (or any other ticket of admission to the Stadium) at retailers not authorized by F.C. Inter; and/or G. purchase of the Season Ticket (or any other ticket of admission to the Stadium) pending any sanction imposed by F.C. Inter that, at the moment of the purchase of the Season Ticket, prevents the Ticket Holder from purchasing a Season Ticket.

  15. F.C. Inter also reserves the unchallengeable right to withdraw and/or block Season Tickets in case of: (a) behaviors which are unlawful, contrary to the law, the public order or the generally accepted principles of morality; (b) acts of violence and/or racism, anyhow performed and/or displayed, against persons and/or things; (c) any administrative or judicial order providing for the ban and/or expulsion from stadiums of the Ticket Holder; (d) other restraining orders from any authority entailing the prohibition for the Ticket Holder to take part, in any manner whatsoever, to public events; (e) standing along the dispatching areas, the stairs and emergency exits, or any other behavior impeding the mobility of the spectators and safety officers, as well as the correct evacuation of the attendees; (f) introduction into the Stadium of explosive materials, weapons, or other harmful devices, bottles, cans and other sharp and/or dangerous objects; (g) each and every behavior which may be considered, as per the final decision of F.C. Inter, as being elusive or contrary to the safety regulations of the Stadium.

  16. Without prejudice to the provisions of Clauses 14 and 15 herein, Ticket Holders hereby expressly acknowledge and accept that F.C. Inter, in compliance with the Code of Conduct, may perform verifications and controls aimed at preventing and sanctioning certain behaviors proscribed under the Code of Conduct. Moreover, Ticket Holders hereby expressly acknowledge and accept that the sanctions provided for in the Code of Conduct may include (but may be not limited to) the exclusion of Ticket Holders from ongoing matches and/or a ban from buying admission tickets and season tickets or from using already purchased admission tickets or season tickets (without being entitled to any refund), for a duration of up to five sports seasons, at the terms and according to the procedures set out in the Code of Conduct. The current version of the Code of Conduct is available on the website

  17. The Ticket Holder agrees to comply with any legislative and/or regulatory provision, including any provision aimed at preventing and containing Covid-19 infection, as issued from time to time by the competent authorities (the “Covid Regulations”); furthermore, the Ticket Holder expressly acknowledges that such Covid Regulations may impose special requirements for access and stay in the Stadium area. The Ticket Holder further acknowledges and accepts that F.C. Inter, as the organizer of the event (or a party involved in the organization of the event), is obliged to comply with the Covid Regulations and may limit or exclude the Ticket Holder’s access to the Stadium if the Ticket Holder does not comply with the requirements of the Covid Regulations, or if the Ticket Holder does not comply with the instructions received from the F.C. Inter personnel responsible for supervising the compliance with the Covid Regulations. In this case, the Ticket Holder will not be entitled to obtain any refund of the Season Ticket (or any unused portion thereof).

  18. In the cases set out in Clauses 14, 15, 16 and 17, F.C. Inter shall be entitled to retain, as a penalty fee, the price of the Season Ticket relating to the unused matches.

  19. Upon issue of Season Tickets, Ticket Holders shall provide their personal data, thus displaying a valid ID, so that F.C. Inter and its subsidiaries and/or affiliates, pursuant to Section 2359 of the Italian civil code, may use such personal data for the following purposes: (a) requirements connected to Season Tickets; and (b) administrative-accounting purposes. If Ticket Holders fail to provide their personal data for the above-described purposes, Season Tickets may not be issued.

  20. Ticket Holders shall be fully liable for any damages that they may cause to any element of the Stadium, to the personnel as well as to the players on the pitch and on the side-line areas, and/or to third parties on the pitch or within the Stadium area. The admission to the Stadium shall be allowed exclusively upon display of a valid ID.

  21. As these Terms and Conditions refer to the provision of entertainment services under Article 59, paragraph 1, letter n), of Italian legislative decree no 206/2005 (“Consumer Code”), Ticket Holders shall not be entitled to any right of withdrawal pursuant to Article 52 et seq. of the Consumer Code.

  22. These general Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Italy and by the rules and regulation of F.I.G.C.. Any dispute pertaining to the formation, execution, interpretation, implementation and termination of these Terms and Conditions shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Milan or of the courts having jurisdiction where the Ticket Holder has its residence or elected domicile, whenever the Ticket Holder falls into the category of “consumer” under the Consumer Code.

In accordance with Sections 1341 and 1342 of the Italian civil code, the Ticket Holder hereby specifically approve the following clauses: 2 (non-transferability); 4 (use of Season Tickets, Season Ticket duplicates and exclusions); 5 (validity exclusions and non-refundability); 6 (assignment of different seats); 7 (ownership, loan and care of Season Tickets); 10 (available seating); 11 (match F.C. Inter - A.C. Milan); 14 (abuse and fraudulent use of Season Tickets); 15 (withdrawal and block of Season Tickets); 16 (Code of Conduct and penalties); 17 (Covid Regulations and sanctions); 18 (penalty); 21 (exclusion of the right of withdrawal); 22 (applicable law and competent jurisdiction).

This version of the terms and conditions in the English language is a courtesy translation prepared for merely informative purposes, and shall not be relied upon by the Ticket Holders. The binding terms and conditions applicable to the purchase of Season Tickets are set out solely in the version in the Italian language, available on the website

Italian version

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