Gatorade confirmed as Inter’s Official Sports Drink partner


Nov 20th 2018

A partnership with the PepsiCo group has been agreed for the next two seasons

MILAN - Gatorade – the World’s No.1 Sports drink that is part of the PepsiCo group – has agreed a partnership with FC Internazionale Milano for the next two seasons, 2018-19 and 2019-20 respectively.

By adopting the role of ‘Technical Partner’ for some of the most important clubs in the world, strengthened by a partnership with the UEFA Champions League since 2015, Gatorade has now established a long-standing link with the world of football. This strong connection is also reflected on a local level thanks to the dedicated commitment for initiatives on education in sport for amateur sportsmen and women.

Thanks to their scientifically-tested formula, Gatorade provides the body with essential elements to ensure the most effective replenishment of liquids and electrolytes lost in sweat. Furthermore, it helps to maintain performance during prolonged endurance exercise by replacing fluids and replenishing electrolytes. 

Gatorade's scientific strength is supported by the brand's own research centre, the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI), which studies the effects of nutrition and hydration on the human body before, during and after physical activity. GSSI conducts research studies in laboratory facilities and on the playing field to examine the hydration and nutritional needs of athletes in order to help them bring their health and performance to optimum levels.

The partnership between Gatorade and Inter represents a natural next step for a brand which looks to support and contribute considerably towards sporting excellence.

“Gatorade's mission has always been to help nurture and improve the performance of every athlete. Becoming partners with Inter, a club which has clearly taken steps forward in recent years and has recently qualified for the UEFA Champions League, gives us great satisfaction. For us, this partnership represents the shared values we have in terms of determination and a desire to achieve increasingly ambitious goals, something which has always been closely associated with Gatorade,” says Marcello Pincelli, CEO of PepsiCo Italy.

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