Inter's CEO Sport spoke to sky today: "We recognise that we're going through a difficult spell, but we're sure we can get out of this situation"

MILAN – Giuseppe Marotta, Inter’s Chief Executive Officer Sport, spoke to Sky Sport while in attendance at the Gianni Brera Award ceremony: "There was a discussion after the match against Bologna. But this is something we normally do after every match, irrespective of the result. We recognise that we’re going through a difficult spell, something which creates disappointment and unease, especially for our supporters. But Spalletti’s position is very secure.

"We are in a transitional period of the season: there are 16 matches left to play and we are in third place. It’s true, that our form has been in a downwards spiral, but we can count on a strong club, a competitive squad, a very capable Coach and a fanbase that has always provided us with support. Therefore, I’m sure that we’ll get out of this rut. The jeers? Jeers from fans are a show of love when things are not going well. All of us – and that includes the players – have to understand the mentality of those who come to the stadium to be close to the squad. Beyond the love they feel for our colours, it's normal that our fans want to see our team win. We can improve, and the improvement must be accompanied by a winning mentality. Our objective is to qualify for the Champions League. We should believe more in our qualities and find the right consistency. I’m convinced that Spalletti, who knows how to handle difficult situations like this, will be able to get us out of this situation."

Marotta then answered questions regarding Mauro Icardi and Radja Nainggolan: "I’ve been able to get to know our captain in the time I’ve been here. He’s a good lad and always gives his all. He’s obviously young, so it’s normal that there is room for improvement there. It doesn’t seem right to put the blame on him. When there are these crisis situations, if you want to talk about blame, everyone has to take their share of the responsibility. But I think it’s right to underline that there are 16 games left. We need to show composure and remain calm so as to go into the final part of the season in the best possible way and find the consistency that we’ve been missing recently. Nainggolan has had some difficulties settling in, and this has been accompanied by performances that are not in keeping with what he had shown before. Nevertheless, the player is the first to be aware of such a situation. He knows that he can and has to do more, and our staff are working to help him recover from his previous injuries. He’s not going through his best spell, but I’m sure that his professionalism will come to the fore and Radja will put in performances full of character."

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