Inter Campus Hungary: Dialogue and sharing ideas


The Nerazzurri delegation recently enjoyed an important and beneficial meeting with the teachers from an orphanage in Budapest

Our second trip of the season to Hungary meant, as always, a trip to both of the project’s centres. One in the village of Szendrolad, and the other in the capital, Budapest.

The first is a small village with a few thousands inhabitants. Almost all of them are Romani, which is the most widespread group of ethnic minorities in Hungary. Meanwhile in Budapest, which is now a global metropolis, is a hub of important of financial activity and attracts tourists from all around the world.

Even the problems facing each place are different. Together in Budapest, we work together with the Love is the Answer association, working to support the education and development of orphaned children. As for Szendrolad, the aim is to promote integration between Romani and Hungarian children.

A major update regarding this mission was the meeting held for the first time with the teachers from the Cseppko orphanage in Budapest. It was an important moment to share information on how to improve our impact on the children and also how to put our educational methods across better. The chat started with them encouraging us to act in an even more focused manner in the future, acting and always using football as an educational tool, while also following the direct instructions from the teachers themselves.

Inter Campus Hungary: Dialogue and sharing ideas Inter Campus Hungary: Dialogue and sharing ideas Inter Campus Hungary: Dialogue and sharing ideas

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