A comfortable victory for the Nerazzurre in Attilio Sorbi's first game in charge


PINZOLO – Attilio Sorbi’s reign as Coach of the Nerazzurre got off to a winning start. At the La Pineta, Inter beat ACF Trento Clarentia 11-1 through braces from Bartonova, Goldoni and Tarenzi and further goals from Marinelli,Baresi, Costi, Fracaros and Van Kherkoven. It was a good performance by Inter in a match which saw many new arrivals take to the pitch. The Nerazzurre’s next fixture will be on 18 August against Espanyol at the Felice Chinetti in Solbiate Arno.

Inter took the lead in the ninth minute through Eva Bartonova, one of the new faces in the squad, as she diverted the ball into the back of the net following Regazzoli’s corner. It was a similar story a few minutes later, but this time it was Marinelli who controlled the ball and beat Valzolgher. In the middle part of the first half, Regina Baresi was heavily involved: after missing a penalty, Inter’s No.9 made it 3-0 after being picked out by Norton. In the 23rd minute, Trento Clarentia looked to threaten but Marchitelli was on hand to make two important stops. With 41 minutes on the clock, Varrone reduced the arrears with a shot that went in off the Inter backline. However, the Nerazzurre responded in the 45th minute through Bartonova, who grabbed her second of the game following another Nerazzurre corner.

Attilio Sorbi’s side began the second half excellently as Tarenzi made it five. Just before the hour mark, it was Goldoni’s turn to get on the scoresheet, with Valzolgher being unable to save her right-footed effort from the edge of the box. Not long after, Goldoni scored her second with a lovely back heel following Van Kherkoven’s assist. In the 67th minute, a great strike across the goalkeeper by Costi saw Inter make it 8-1. In the closing stages, Fracaros, Van Kherkoven and Tarenz added to the Nerazzurre’s tally as Sorbi’s team sealed an 11-1 win.

Goalscorers: 9' and 45' Bartonova, 14' Marinelli, 24' Baresi, 41' Varrone, 46' and 87' Tarenzi, 59' and 61' Goldoni, 67' Costi, 79' Fracaros, 83' Van Kherkoven

INTER: 31 Marchitelli (46’ Aprile 1); 13 Merlo (46’ Capucci 5), 3 D'Adda (46’ Auvinen 23), 17 Debever, 6 Bartonova (46’ Fracaros 21); 20 Norton (46’ Brustia 8), 10 Regazzoli (46’ Colombo 14), 19 Alborghetti (46’ Costi 11), 18 Pandini (46’ Goldoni 16); 9 Baresi (46’ Van Kherkoven 12), 7 Marinelli (46’ Tarenzi 27)
Substitutes: 99 Gilardi
Coach: Attilio Sorbi

ACF TRENTO CLARENTIA: 1 Valzolgher, 2 Varrone, 3 Ruaben, 14 Torresani, 19 Tonelli, 13 Bertamini, 18 Poli, 6 Maurina, 9 Pasqualini, 10 Rosa, 25 Brunello
Substitutes: 12 Callegari, 4 Boller, 7 Suppi, 8 Parisi, 21 Ampolini, 11 Tonetti, 5 Lucin
Coach: Libero Pauan

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